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Pain, It's Types and Mechanism of Controlling the Pain

It's the pain that keeps me updated about my body conditions.

Body pain , it's types and mechanism of controlling the pain.

Pain, it's types and mechanism of controlling the pain.


It's the detection and perception of noxious stimuli. The perception of pain is also called nociception.

Our body have different kinds of receptors and they are specialized for the specific kind of stimulus to be perfect be perceived.

For example:

Olfactory receptors are specialized for the sense of smell .

Taste buds are responsible for the perception of taste.

Mechanoreceptors are specialized for different kind of stimului such as pressure, stretch etc.

Thermal receptors are specialized for the detection heat and temperature.

In the same the nociceptors are specialized for the detection and perception of the pain.

Nociceptors are free nerve endings in the muscles, joints, viscera and the skin.

Actually the noxious stimuli of the pain keep us updated and threatened the some kind of destruction is going on in the body.


Actually when there is destruction or degenerative processes in the tissue,then there is the secretion of certain chemicals that stimulate the nerve endings and sensations of pain the pain occur. It's actually an alarm for us that there is some kind of destruction in the tissue. Nociception keep us aware about our body conditions.

Let's take an example when a person sit for a long time on a wooden bench the, blood vessels of that area got compressed and the blood flow to the tissue stopped as result of this ischemia occur.

The ischemic tissue release certain kind of chemicals which stimulate the nerve endings and the noxious sensations of pain occur so we change our position or move our body and the blood vessels regain it's normal diameter and the metabolic factor which were stimulating the nerve endings were drained and the noxious sensations vanish.

These tissues secret pain stimulutors such as substance p which continusly stimulate the nerve endings and pain is sensed.


There are two types of pain:

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Fast pain and slow pain.

1: Fast pain.

It's sensations carried by type III fibers.

It has a rapid onset and offset.

It's localized pain.

2:Slow pain.

It's sensations are carried by C- fibers.

It's characterized as throbbing, aching, burning pain.

It's not localized.

Referred pain:

It's also a type of pain which has a different origin and different site of sensations.

This kind of pain follow the dermatome rule . These sites are innervated by nerve fibers which are arised from the same segment of spinal cord.

For example:

Ischemic heart pain is referred to the chest, left shoulder and arm.

How to control the pain?

Mechanism of controlling the pain:

There are certain chemicals which are released by the body and these chemicals constitute a system called opioid system or analgesia system.

These chemicals are endorphins enkephalins, nicotine.

These chemicals inhibit the substance p to stimulate the nerve endings and as result of this effect the pain sensations stop for some time as longer as the effect of the opioids exist.


  1. Incase of different pains follow the following instructions. Apply warm towels.
  2. Do massaging of that area.
  3. Apply ointments
  4. Use analgesics and pain relievers.

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