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Out of Africa?


While discussing on Indo-European migration theories, we had raised a vital question that the very concept that the certain race, language and culture emerged at some place and then spread elsewhere with their migrations, is fundamentally wrong. Even for the creation of the universe theories scientists have assumed that the universe was collapsed in a single point with all matter and forces together which exploded for some unknown reason some 16 billion years ago, hence the ever expanding universe came into an existence. Indo-European language theorists too believe similarly that at some point in the history PIE language speaking people were resided together somewhere in south of Ural or in the vicinity of Caspian Sea from where they migrated to different directions in the batches hence the PIE languages spread in Europe and India evolving to present forms.

PIE language Theory too is based on single location hypothesis. The scientists do not try to find reasons of the peculiar similarities in languages in geological and environmental patterns and interactions in different groups wherever such similarities are traced. Single location theories are misleading and hence we cannot find our unbiased history of origin of anything!

Similarly till recently “Out of Africa” theory was considered to be a base of human migrations all over the world some 1,30,000 years ago. The assumption was based on the finding of fragmented remains of earliest Hominid in Africa. It was believed about 60,000 years ago our ancestors began dispersing in other continents from Africa taking different roots.

The hypothesis had turned to theory based on which the human distribution maps were drawn. But in 2012 in Myanmar teeth fossil of the pre-human ancestor “Afrasia djijidae” which is said to be missing link between Africa and Asia. This new finding shows that the Asia was the first place where our pre-human ancestor appeared for first. The findings of four teeth fossils are dated 37 million years old. They are similar to which found in Libya approximately of same age. This find has led to think the early Human species lived in Asia from where they moved to Africa fairly late in the process of evolution. Readers may like to read more on this on


The story doesn’t end here. We have another claimant from China as well! Peter Spinks, Fairfax Science columnist have reported the findings of fragmented human teeth that is 1,30,000 old in China and part of south-east Asia. The original theory that the human species dispersed from Africa about 60,000 years ago is now questioned. Though the scientists still believe that the homo-sapiens appeared first in Africa and they might have taken different paths in very early age than was thought before.

However it raises serious question because it also was believed that the hominids or human like animals had appeared first in Africa about 25 million years ago. The finds of Myanmar and Libya are as old as 37 million years. This shatters the foundation of Out of Africa Theory.

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Jumping on the one location origin from the old and older findings is not going to solve our problem of origin. The assumption that the any species appearing at some single location and then its global dispersal is incorrect. The origin of any species can be attributed to certain bio-chemical formations and specific environmental conditions that can occur on different locations all over the globe thus forming the early similar species. Why a single location to have such certain conditions prone for early creations? It is not logical.

The proofs those are surfacing shows clearly that the either out of Africa or out of Asia or may be in future if some specimen found in Australia or America, is going to force change the previous theories. Rather the present proofs indicates to the fact that giving credit to some certain location where early proof has surfaced it is better to adopt to multiple location theory that can help solve the very problem of our origin…and other species as well!

There can not be some unique location where raw material for the early formations was made available by some unknown forces...i.e. God. Singularities while developing some theories, such as Big Bang, should be avoided or we shall remain as ignorant as today, no matter how superficial advances we make in finding the ancient remains.

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