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The Devils from the Four-Dimensional Space and the Origin of Humans

This novel is a fantasy literature. This is a work of fiction. ANY similarity to actual persons, living or dead, is PURELY coincidental.

The Devils from the Four-Dimensional Space and the Origin of Humans

Abstract: The novel is a fantasy literature. This is a work of fiction. It uncovers an unknown world through the origin of the universe and the origin of human beings. The paper describes higher dimensional spaces, and aliens. It also explores the purpose of life and the future of the world.

Disclaimer: The novel is a fantasy literature. This is a work of fiction. ANY similarity to actual persons, living or dead, is PURELY coincidental. The time described in the novel is based on the Earth time in the three-dimensional space. The dimension of the time is not added to any of the dimensions described in the text. Therefore, after adding the dimension of the time, the three-dimensional space described in the text can be called the four-dimensional space-time, the eight-dimensional space can be called the nine-dimensional space-time, and so on.

Table of Contents

1. The Origin of the Universe

2. The L-Solar System and the Origin of Humans

.......(1) The six, seven and eight-dimensional spaces

...... (2) The 5th-Dimension and the Garden of Eden

3. Human Beings in the 4-Dimensional Space

4. Civilizations in the 3-Dimensional Space

5. The Devils in the 4-Dimensional Space

Chapter 1: The Origin of the Universe

There are many galaxies in the universe that are as massive as the Milky Way. Scientists believe that there are more than 300 billion galaxies that are the size of the Milky Way galaxy in our observable universe. Among those "galaxies", there are many "solar systems". One day, an alien from Planet X discovered a galaxy, "L-Solar System", which is 25 million light years away from the planet X. The "L-Solar System" have a sun and eight planets. The discoverer thought that there might be aliens in the galaxy. With astronomical instruments, he found that there did have human beings on the third planet in the galaxy. The discovery led a new research project to study the L-solar system. The project was funded by the astronomical agency of the Planet X.

The X-aliens observed the L-solar system from the beginning of the universe with a unique time-tracking observer. At the beginning of the universe, the world was chaos, which means that there were only invisible subtle matters at the beginning of the universe. The invisible subtle matters are smaller than the elementary particles in the nucleus of an atom. Some scholars call the invisible matters 'dark matter and dark energy', or 'nothing', or 'Qi', etc. This kind of matters cannot be observed by scientific instruments, but it has its own laws of operation. When the "chaos" or "dark matter and dark energy" gathers at a very tiny point, it explodes into the entire visible universe. The tiny point is called a singularity. The invisible "chaos" or "dark matter and dark energy" is the source of everything in the universe. It exists in all the spaces of the universe and has been keeping the universe running. Scientists have found that 95% of the universe is invisible dark matter and dark energy, and only 5% of the universe is visible. The 5% visible matters make up the entire visible universe. Dark matter and dark energy are everywhere including in the vacuum, so the vacuum is not empty either.

Many people have the questions: Why is the speed of light constant in our world? Why is there nothing faster than the speed of light? That's because the first visible matter that came into existence at the beginning of the universe was elementary particles such as photons, neutrinos, and quarks. That means there were lights before there was a visible world of matter. According to electromagnetic theory, the rest mass of photon is zero. Therefore, the photons are the tipping point that the invisible energy world was transformed into the visible material world. Once the speed of light is exceeded, matter becomes a beam of light and then is transformed into a cloud of energy. So, nothing in the material world can go beyond the speed of light. Just like when water is heated to 100 degrees Celsius and then continue to heat it, it will become water vapor and be turned into another form of matter.

Dark matter and dark energy determine the origin, formation, and evolution of galaxies in the universe. In other words, the birth and growth of galaxies today are influenced by dark matter and dark energy. The X-aliens have found that there is the existence of consciousness and spirits in dark matter and dark energy before the birth of the universe. That means that the chaos before the birth of the universe was a huge mass of energy and consciousness. The whole universe was born out of the huge mass of energy and consciousness that is known as God. God is 'The All', the sum of all matters, energy, information, consciousness, spirits, and laws of the universe. God is eternal. God's consciousness dominates all the energy and matter before and after the birth of the universe.

After the Big Bang, which is after God created the material world, a portion of the consciousness corresponding to the energy of the material world separated from God's consciousness. Then the material world and a variety of living beings emerged. So, all matters carry consciousness. Every photon carries consciousness, and every piece of matter carries consciousness. Different levels of energy and substances carries different amount of consciousness. The consciousness goes along with living beings is called spirit or soul. The first visible form of living beings consists of light and consciousness, which are called creatures of light. Before the birth of galaxies, the universe was filled with a huge number of creatures of light. There are three kinds of creatures of light: animals of light, plants of light, and human beings of light. With the birth of nebulae, photons decay into electrons and plasma. As plasma and consciousness combined into a life-form, many plasma beings emerged in the universe. Some stars themselves are giant plasma lives. Many smaller plasma beings exist on these stars. There are more life-forms in the universe, such as creatures of dark matter. Creatures of dark matter are the combination of dark matters and consciousness/spirits. Most creatures of dark matter have much higher energy than that of any star system. The creatures of dark matter are supernatural beings, and they are considered as supernatural Gods by the X-aliens. Supernatural Gods take orders directly from God, The All. Note: God, The All, is called 'Hao-tian God' by the X-aliens.

The X-aliens also observed that there is no time and no space at the singularity, the beginning of the universe. After the Big Bang, many multidimensional spaces were created. These multidimensional spaces were superimposed and existed in the same place at the same time. Since different dimensional spaces do not operate at the same speed, it is difficult for the creatures in the lower dimensional spaces to observe and perceive the existence of the higher dimensional spaces. However, creatures in the higher dimensional spaces can easily observe lower dimensional spaces. Just like that in the view of ants, the movements of human beings are as erratically as phantoms. However, human beings can watch ants clearly. After the Big Bang, any dimensional space in the visible material world is a dissipative system, which follows the law of entropy and progressively increases in disorder. The higher dimensional space is, the higher energy the space has, and the slower dissipation of the energy the space has. In higher dimensional spaces, there are more high energy, matters, and essence. there are living beings in each dimensional space. The higher the dimensional space, the higher the spirituality of the creatures in the space, and the greater happiness and the longer lifespan of living beings in the dimensional space. The X-aliens observed that Hao-tian God resides in the highest dimensional space, and eternally exists.

Chapter 2 The L-Solar System and the Origin of Humans

The X-aliens found that the L-solar system was born from a nebula at 5 billion years ago. About 4.5 billion years ago, planets in the L-solar system gradually solidified and took shape. About 4 billion years ago, the atmospheres on the planets in the first to fourth positions in the L-Solar System cooled down and storms had occurred for tens of millions of years, creating primitive surface oceans. These four planets are located in the habitable zone of the L-Solar System and were all once inhabited by human beings. To facilitate research, the X-aliens named the four planets in the order of their distance from the Sun: Pearl-planet, White-planet, Blue-planet, and Candle-planet. The process by which life emerged on these four planets was similar. Only the Blue-planet was the most unusual. The appearance of human beings on the Blue-planet is the latest. To further understand the truth, the X-aliens used the Multidimensional Space-Time Observer and the Time Tracer to observe it again.

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The X-aliens discovered that in the nebula at the beginning of the L-Solar System, there existed a large number of creatures of light and plasma beings. The lifespan of a photon is at least one billion billion years in the 3-Dimensional Space. The lifespan of creatures of light is at least 1 trillion years in the 3-Dimensional Space. 11 different observable dimensional spaces were created after the birth of the L-solar system. The 11th dimension is the highest observable dimensional space. There are many higher dimensional spaces above the 11th dimension that are spaces of dark matter and dark energy and unobservable by the instruments of the X-aliens. The X-aliens live in the 5-dimensional space outside the L-Solar System. During the formation of the L-Solar System, as the nebula collapsed, collided, exploded and other violent reactions occur, different degrees of damages to the creatures of light in the nebula occurred. That formed 3 types of creatures of light in three dimensional spaces, which are the 11-dimensional space, 10-dimensional space, and 9-dimensional space in the L-solar system. The 3 types of creatures of light have different energy levels and different lifespans. Here, the higher the number is, the higher dimensional the space represented, and the higher the energy of the space has. The 9th, 10th, and 11th dimensions are the spaces of the creatures of light, which are known as Photon Heavens. There are photon people, photon animals, and photon plants in the Photon Heavens. Photon people are also called 'Photon Immortals', or 'Light and Sound Celestials' by Buddhism. All the creatures of light are supernatural beings. They can fly like light and travel through any space in and below the 11-dimensional space.

(1) Six, seven and eight-dimensional spaces

About 3.5 billion years ago, the lands and sea on the planets of the L-solar system were ecologically stable. Many hot springs appeared on the primitive continent that formed many lakes. The lake water was as dreamy as pale blue milk. The vast lake with the white calcified rocks on the shore was like a fairyland. Some photon people travel to here. Out of curiosity, they tried to drink the lake water. They found that the hot spring water in the lake was as smooth as silk and as sweet as honey. So, they were drinking more and more water before they realized it. Unexpectedly, after drinking too much of the water, the originally transparent light body began to gel and calcify, which formed a visible material body. It turned out that the light body was covered by the visible material.

The reason for the change is as follows. The lake water is as thick as milk. That is because the lake water is rich in calcified substances and many minerals such as calcium, iron, magnesium, zinc, selenium, phosphorus, sulphur, silicon, boron, iodine, sodium, potassium, copper, etc. The water is sweet because it contains high levels of sugar. Sugar can be converted to carbohydrates. There are hydrogen and oxygen in the water. All of these are the basic elements that make up the substance of the human body. From the time of birth, the photon people inherited the coded information of 'The All', God. The inherited information formed the Light Quantum DNA system. Under the influence of the Light Quantum DNA, the photon people are three-dimensional transparent human beings with complete human body structure and information at the time of birth. Due to the difference DNA information, the photon people have two genders: male and female. After drinking mineral-rich hot spring water, the light body of the photon people were rapidly covered with calcium and minerals in all parts, forming visible material bodies. Similar encounters occurred with the photon animals.

The visible material body cannot fly like light and could not return to the 9,10 and11-dimensional spaces. They can only inhabit in the spaces below the 9th dimension. Those who drink less spring water have lighter bodies and can stay in the 8-dimensional space for a long time. So they took up residence in the 8-dimensional space. Thereafter, they maintain their body functions by absorbing clouds and water vapors. Those who drank a lot of hot spring water had heavy bodies and could not stay in the 8-dimensional space for a long time, so they took up residence in the 7-dimensional space. Thereafter, they relied on drinking ordinary spring water every day to keep their bodies functioning. Those people in the 7 and 8-dimensional spaces were the first people who had bodies made of flesh and bones. So, they are called the real people. The real people in the 8-dimensional space who only inhale water vapors are called ‘Gushe Immortals' by X-aliens. The real people in the 7-dimensional space who do not need to eat anything but only drink water are called ‘Divine Immortals' by X-aliens.

The people in 7 and 8-dimensional spaces have innated powerful supernatural abilities. They know the existence of dark matter and dark energy. They can communicate with and use dark matter and dark energy. Just as scientists have discovered that photons are quanta with intelligence, dark matter is a high-energy subtle matter with intelligence. Only the spiritual powers can drive dark matter and dark energy to work, which manifests various supernatural abilities. Dark matter and dark energy are the source of the birth of all matter in the universe. Using dark matter and dark energy can give birth to all the visible matter desired. For the people in the 7th and 8th dimensions, everything they need, such as houses, clothes, tools, etc., is to get using their consciousness or spiritual powers. The nicer the consciousness and intention are, the nicer the things they get are. At their level, consciousness can determine matter. They can travel through any space below the 9th dimension and move anywhere instantly. Their mind is pure. They have no love, no hate, no worry, and no joy. That is a wonderful state of freedom and unconstraint, which is unimaginable to ordinary people. The people in the 7th and 8th dimensions are all called 'Divine Beings' by X-aliens.

Drinking hot spring water caused great changes in the bodies. So, the people in the 7th and 8th-dimensional spaces were afraid to drink the hot spring water again. However, some people craved the hot spring water. They thought that since their bodies had become this way, there was no harm in drinking a little bit more. So, they went to the lake to drink the water occasionally. Gradually, the bodies of these people grew coarser and heavier. Finally, it went from quantity to quality. The spring water deeply affected their bodies, causing their energy, spirituality, and supernatural powers decline. As a result, they could no longer stay in the 7-dimensional space for a long time. So they took up residence in the 6-dimensional space. Their lifespans are still extremely long. In terms of time in the 3-dimensional space, the lifespan of the people in the 6-dimensional space is at least 10 billion years. They do not fear the cold or hot weather, and they do not have any disease. Everyone in the 6-dimensional space is filled with love and spiritual joy. Since they have powerful supernatural abilities and keep the memories of the photon immortals, they are called 'Nature Arhat' by Buddhism.

Although people in the 6th dimension cannot permanently live in the 7th and 8th dimensions, they can enter the 7th and 8th dimensions at will. People in 6th, 7th and 8th dimensions can communicate with each other. Therefore, they often gather together to study how to gain in more energy and further promote themselves to higher dimensional spaces. Everyone in the 6th, 7th and 8th dimensions could be called the real person.

Many years later, the trees in the 6,7 and 8-dimensional spaces of the L-Solar System began to bear fruits. Since people in the 8th dimension do not eat anything, fruits have no temptation for them. The people in the 7th dimension could absorb the essence of the fruits by smelling it, so they had no desire to eat fruits either. The people in the 6-dimensional space found that the fruits were sweet, juicy, tasty, and more delicious than hot spring water. So, they stopped drinking hot spring water and began to eat fruits. They also found that the fruits grown in higher dimensional spaces were better than the fruits in the 6-dimensional spaces, which can help them to clear their bodies of impurities and improve their spirituality. In particular, one kind of fruit with the heart-like shape in the 7 and 8-dimensional spaces could not only help to improve their spirituality but could also greatly extend their lifespan. That made them even more delighted. The people in the 6th, 7th, and 8th dimensions live a heavenly life, without any worry or sorrow. They have no illness, no aging, no death. They have no need to earn money, no desire to have sex, no need to marry, no need to have children. Everyone is a happy single noble man or noble woman. The only thing they need to do is to gain more energy and promote themselves to higher dimensional spaces.

(2) The 5-Dimensional Space and the Garden of Eden

About 1.5 billion years ago, fruits also appeared in the 5-dimensional space of the L-solar system. There was a great variety of fruits, more varieties of fruits than that of the 6th, 7th, and 8th dimensions. Many kinds of fruits were never seen by the people of the 6-dimensional space. They wanted to try these unknown fruits. Some fruits would make the body produce hormones that would give people an appetite. It was like an addiction. After eating some fruits, people wanted to eat more fruits again. Originally, the people in the 6th dimension only ate fruits occasionally, not every day. These fruits in the 5-dimensional space made them want to eat every day. The more they ate, the more hormones their body secreted, the stronger the appetite became. The more they ate, the more desire to eat they had. Gradually, they could not leave the 5-dimensional space and have to live in the 5-dimensional space. The 5-dimensional space is the legendary Garden of Eden, the place where the original human ancestors, Adam, Eve, Fuxi and Nuwa lived. From the beginning, the Garden of Eden was filled with many people from the 6-dimensional space, neither just one couple of Adam and Eve, nor just one couple of Fuxi and Nuwa. The fruits existed in the tropical and subtropical areas in the 5-dimensional space, all year round. The people in 5-dimensional space had no shortage of fruits. They had an abundance of fruits all year round. So, their lives were still carefree.

The people in the 5-dimensional space can enter the 6-dimensional space. They can interchange information with the people in the 6-dimensional space. They know the origin of life and have innate supernatural abilities. So, the people in the 5-dimensional space are called 'knowers' or 'lofty men' by X-aliens. Like the people in the 6th, 7th and 8th dimensions, the people in the 5-dimensional space do not need to marry, do not desire to have sex. They are all equal. And there is no difference between the rich and the poor. The people in the Garden of Eden (the people in the 5th dimensions) all have telepathic abilities including Telepathic Communication and Telepathic Perception. Telepathic Communication is the ability to transmit information from one mind to another. Telepathic Perception is the ability to receive information from another mind, knowing the other's idea, thought and plan. By this way, they can communicate and live in peace with animals. In the Garden of Eden, both men and women look like in their twenties. Everyone is dressed in gorgeous clothes. These clothes did not need to be handmade by themself. After pulling down a few hairs from their bodies, they use spiritual powers to turn their hairs into all kinds of colorful clothes. Such clothes were called 'heavenly clothes' or 'celestial clothes' by the X-aliens. The houses they live in are spacious and bright, which are transformed from small stones by their supernatural powers. All the furniture and tools in the houses are exquisite. In fact, they are also transformed from branches and leaves by their supernatural powers. In the Garden of Eden, everyone has telepathic abilities. So, there was no deception or lies among each other. They had not need to work, earn money, or have children. Life in the Garden of Eden was pure, happy, and easy, as carefree as young boys and girls. They don't need transportation vehicles to travel. Even if they go thousands of miles away to collect fruits, they can go back and forth quickly because they all have a supernatural ability, 'Road-shorten Technique'. Traveling a thousand miles away was as quick as walking one or two miles. Besides the Road-shorten Technique, they are also capable of teleportation, which allows them to move instantly to anywhere in the 5-dimensional space. They can also travel through time and space, in and out of the 6-dimensional space and any space below the 6-dimensional space. Because their energy isn't high enough, they can't enter the spaces above the 6th dimension.

The difference between the people in the 5-dimensional space and the people in the 6-dimensional space is that there is hunger in the former. The people in the 5-dimensional space have to eat fruit every day, which leads to having food in the stomach to digest and to defecate. The process of digestion and absorption in the gut not only consumes energy from the body, but also prevents the body from absorbing high-energy subtle substances from outside. The people in the 6th, 7th and 8th dimensions can survive without eating anything because their bodies are naturally equipped to absorb invisible high-energy subtle substances from outside. After eating something, the body's ability to absorb invisible high-energy subtle substances is gradually weakened, resulting in a decline in their supernatural powers. The people in the 5th dimension lost their ability to use dark matter and dark energy to 'create something out of nothing' because their supernatural powers had declined. But they can still use their spiritual powers to drive dark matter and dark energy to work, such as changing the parameters of matters, and turning one tangible substance into another tangible substance, which is one of the supernatural abilities, the technique of transformation. However, the feces in their bodies caused their lifespan to be greatly shortened. The lifespan of the people in the 5-dimensional space is about 84,000 years, which is equivalent to 3 billion years in the 3-dimensional space. Note: one day in the 5-dimensional space is equivalent to 100 years in the 3-dimensional space. The disadvantage of the shortened lifespan is that the people in the 5-dimensional space will be reincarnated at the end of their lifespans and are caught in the cycle of reincarnation. While the people in the 6th, 7th, and 8th dimensions are not involved in reincarnation because their lifespans are extremely long, which are at least as long as that of the sun and the earth. The photon immortals are not involved in reincarnation at all.

A note of clarification: the terms of Eden, Adam, Eve, Fuxi, and Nuwa used here are to help the readers to understand the origin of humans in the L-solar system and the state of the 5-dimensional space. The names of Adam and Eve is given to them by the people on the Earth, that are not the names they were called in the Garden of Eden. Adam is the Hebrew word, which means Ada, Daddy, a title for the earliest ancestor. At the present time, in the dialect of Qinghai, China, Ada still means dad. The truth of Eve and Nuwa is the same. Eve and Nuwa mean a woman or a female. At the present time, in the dialects of the Sichuan and Shanxi of China, the people still call an unmarried woman 'Nuwa'. The name of Fuxi is profound and cultured. In Chinese legends, Fuxi created the eight trigrams and drew the figure of the trigrams. In ancient China, the Taoists called the signs or pictures that celestial beings drew on paper ‘Fu'. The word 'xi' in the name of Fuxi also has an origin. It is the name of ancient officials in charge of astronomy and calendars. Fuxi created the eight trigrams by looking up at the sky and down at the earth. So, Fuxi himself oversaw astronomy and calendars. The name of 'Fuxi' is a name that describes the contribution of his work. Like the birth of human beings in the L-solar system, the Fuxi and Nuwa on the Earth were two-legged people from the beginning, not human-headed and snake-bodied animals. Human beings were not made of clay by God, nor did they evolve from apes, nor were they the product of genetic modification by aliens. Human beings were born as the highest species in the universe.

Chapter 3: Human Beings in the 4-Dimensional Space

About 500 million years ago, a kind of fruit with the shape of sexual organs of human beings appeared in the 4-dimensional space of the L-solar system. Some people in the Garden of Eden travel to the 4-dimensional space and ate these fruits out of curiosity. The fruits could stimulate the endocrine secretion of the human body and make people sexually aroused. Those who ate the fruits began to have sex between men and women, resulting in a massive leakage of the body's essence and a drastic drop in energy. After only a few times of sex, their supernatural abilities (or divine powers) were greatly affected. The heavenly clothes they wear, which were maintained by their supernatural powers, disappeared. The naked Adam and Eve were ridiculed and disgusted by the people of the 5th dimension. Because of their reduced supernatural powers, they could not come back to the 5th dimension and had to reside in the 4-dimensional space. These people are the real ancestors of humans, Adam, Eve, Fuxi and Nuwa. They were not expelled from the Garden of Eden but were unable to return to the Garden of Eden because of their reduced supernatural powers. The pleasure of sexual intercourse led them eat the fruits from time to time. With eating too much of the fruits, it kept stimulating the endocrine secretion of the body, causing menstruation to appear in the female body and semen in the male body. From then on, women began to give birth to children. The appearance of menstruation and semen caused the bodies of Adam and Eve to begin to fear the cold and hot weather. Humans began to experience pains. Their supernatural powers became weaker and weaker. Gradually, it became difficult for them to communicate with the people in the 5th dimension. Their lifespans were also greatly shortened. The lifespan of the people in the 4-dimensional space is only 60,000 years, which is equivalent to 20 million years in the 3-dimensional space. Note: One day in the 4-dimensional space is equivalent to one year in the 3-dimensional space.

The state of life in the 4-dimensional space is qualitatively different than that of the 5-dimensional space. The energy level in the 4th dimension is not as high as in the 5th dimension, the environment is not as wonderful as in the 5th dimension, and the quality and nutrition of fruits are not as good as that of the 5th dimension. Since a large amount of body's innate essence leaks out after sexual intercourse, they need to eat more food to replenish the body's energy. Because of the appearance of menstruation and semen, they begin to fear the cold weather. They need to make clothes and build houses to escape the cold. It brought all kinds of hardships to raise their children. The people the 4-dimensional space felt like they were being punished in a huge way, losing their former happy homes. The fruits with the shape of the human sexual organ were called the fruits of evil by the people. They saw sex as the source of sin. It was believed that all of the pain and suffering were brought about by the first sex. From then on, they forbade people from eating the evil fruits.

When the people began to live in the 4-dimensional space, they had not completely lost their supernatural powers. Some of them were able to carry large blocks of stone with their supernatural powers. Some of them were able to make stones as soft as dough by their supernatural powers. And then the stones could be shaped and cut at will. By this way, they built many houses for the people to live in. Since they lost their heavenly clothes, they use their supernatural powers to turn leaves into silky clothes to wear. The heavenly clothes were transformed from their own hairs, which were part of their body and could not wear out. The clothes transformed from leaves would wear out and could no longer be worn after a period of use. Performing the technique of transformation would consume high energy in their body. So, they invented weaving techniques to make clothes. That would reduce the energy consumption in their bodies. They did not lose the ability of teleportation and could instantly move anywhere in the 4-dimensional space, including moving to a different planet in the 4-dimensional space. However, performing the technique of teleportation would consume much high energy in their bodies. To save their energy, they only used the technique of teleportation when it was urgently needed.

In addition to gathering fruits and raising children, they began to study how to obtain more energy and promote themselves to higher dimensional spaces. They found methods to absorb invisible external high-energy substances to replenish the body's essence, which can create a series of chemical reactions within the human body to improve health and supernatural powers, or even create high-energy physical reactions within the body to achieve dimensional elevation. They call these methods 'the Practice of Vital Energy', which can be abbreviated as PVED. PVED means the Practice of Vital Energy with De (Virtue), which is 修炼 in Chinese. De means to gain merits and blessings by virtue of good behavior and character. Although the people in the 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th dimensions have many methods to obtain more energy and promote themselves to higher dimensional spaces, their body condition are better than that of the people in 4th dimension since the people in 4th dimension have semen and menstrual blood leaking. So, the people in 4th dimension have to invent many new methods and techniques to suit their own body conditions.

Since the people in the 4th dimension adhered to the Practice of Vital Energy to improve their health and energy level, they all had a long-lasting young appearance. Everyone was about 20 to 40 years old, full of energy, basically free of disease. And the people did not age in their whole lives. They had a calm mind and no mood swings. They did not get angry when things don't go their way. After their loved ones passed away, they will not get sad or cry. Because they can communicate with the souls and know the state of their loved ones. The people in the 4th dimension are also able to know where they will be reincarnated in the next life. For them, death is to get a new body, just like changing the clothes. So, they are not afraid of death. Since they only eat fruits and don't eat anything else, they have less desire to sex. They have sex no more than 7 times in their whole lives. Some of them even never have sex in their whole lives. With the help of the special practices, women in the 4th dimension give birth to children smoothly and mostly painlessly. However, the ancient women in the 3-dimensional space take risks of great pains and life-threatening when giving birth to children.

The high-energy subtle matter ingested into the body from the outside would serve two purposes. The first is to improve health and prolong life. The second is to strengthen one's spiritual powers. The more high-energy matter in your body, the stronger your spiritual powers and the stronger your supernatural powers will be. On the other hand, the more to use supernatural powers, the more to lose the high-energy matter in the body, which will damage one's health and lifespan. The 5-dimensional space and the higher dimensional spaces are high-energy spaces. These spaces are filled with enough high-energy subtle matter that allows people in the spaces to perform all kinds of supernatural abilities at any time without harming their health. However, the energy state of the 4-dimensional space is not as high as the 5-dimensional space. To reduce the consumption of high-energy matter in the body, the people in the 4-dimensional space would need to reduce the use of superpowers. The houses and clothes that people in the 5th dimension and higher dimensional spaces need are produced by supernatural powers. The people in the 4th dimension need to produce and create with outside matter. They could not use their supernatural powers without restraint. In the circumstances, the people in the 4th dimension develop their intelligence by PVED and many inventions emerged. One after another, experts in various fields emerged, such as masters of architecture, astronomy and calendars, weaving, medicine, art, music,PVED, and so on. They discovered veins and ores, invented metal smelting, made many kinds of tools, built better houses, and invented the art of spinning and weaving. Soon, the people had clothes made of silk and cloth. The people also developed oral language. Human beings began to use language to communicate and express themselves. The people in the 4th dimension grew in population and had many different tribes since they can give birth to children. The people who can guide others to do PVED or who can improve people's quality of life were elected as the head of the tribe. For example, Fuxi became a famous tribal leader because of his outstanding contribution to astronomy and calendars.

The people in the 4th dimension lived a gathering life, which did not require men to farm and hunt. It was a matriarchal society with a higher status for women. There were many female tribal leaders such as Nuwa. Women contributed more to their society because they were able to gather fruits, make clothes, and give birth to children. Men were responsible for caring for and educating children at home. Since all family members were of the same maternal bloodline, there was harmony and affection within the family. They were courtesy, had a remarkable sense of morality, and respected for the elderly and children. The people were well behaved, gentle, and warm-hearted. And their community was united and harmonious. Every year, the different tribes held a joint matchmaking gathering in which young, marriageable women and men were sent by families wishing to increase their population. After getting married, the couples did not live together, women and men lived in their own tribes respectively. And the people had no concept of love between man and woman. When they had time, the couples would date and enjoy the time as a couple. After the wife became pregnant and give birth to a child, the marriage was considered to be over. The children born were raised by the woman's family. A family might have a dozen to dozens of family members. There was democracy and freedom within the family and a high level of happiness. There were also democratic consultations among the tribes. There was always an atmosphere of peace and harmony within and outside the tribes. After one or two generations, the people gradually adapted to the life in the 4-dimensional space. After another dozen generations, the people gradually forgot about the life in the 5th dimension. The Garden of Eden in the 5th dimension gradually became a legend.

Later, as the population increased, some tribes began to migrate. About 300 million years ago, they moved to different planets in the L-solar system in the 4-dimensional space using the method of teleportation. That is the four planets: Pearl-planet, White-planet, Blue-planet, and Candle-planet. Later, one group of people went to live on the moon of the White-planet. They called the moon Jooya. At that time, the whole L-solar system was filled with dark-haired, dark-eyed, yellow-skinned people in the 4-dimensional space. Since they originally were creatures of light in the original nebula of the L-Solar System, they all carried the same life information of the L-Solar System. After moving to different planets, they gradually had changes in facial features due to different environments. But their features of black hair, black eyes and yellow skin are not changed. Many environmental conditions of the 4-dimensional space are affected by the 3-dimensional space since the two spaces are close to each other. Just like the people in the 3-dimensional space, the people in the 4-dimensional space need to eat, drink, dress, and wash, and need to marry and give birth to children, but they live easier, longer, happier, and have more superpowers. So, the people in the 4-dimensional space are called 'Celestial Beings' by the X-aliens. Some of the X-aliens refer to all those with human bodies in the 4th to 11th dimensions as 'Celestials'. However, this classification is too broad to distinguish between fetus-born humans and innate Immortals, which is not accepted by most X-aliens.

After moving to different planets in the 4-dimensional spaces, people on the different planets gradually developed different civilizations. Among them, the environment on the White-planet was more conducive for people to practice the vital energy. The superpowers of the people on the White-planet become stronger. And the life of the people more focused on the practice of vital energy. Many people returned to the 5-dimensional space after their energy successfully boosted. Some people returned to the 6th and 7th dimensions, who were called "The immortalized" by later generations. They left behind a lot of books that recorded their experiences and methods to do PVED. The people who moved to the Pearl-planet focused more on improving the quality of life. They investigated the principles of things, and gradually developed science and technology similar to that of the Planet X. The people who moved to the Candle-planet were somewhere in between. Their development is more balanced. They focused on both PVED and on the study of science and technology. The people who moved to the Blue-planet focused more on the development of medicine, literature, and art.

About 200 million years ago, as the population increased, the people in the 4th dimension on the different planets began to grow fruit on a large scale. Cities and modern technology began to be developed. About 100 million years ago, a similar situation gradually emerged on the different planets: technology developed, population increased, and gradually there were not enough fruits in 4th dimension to eat. The people began to gather and grow fruits in the 3-dimensional space. Some people also began to try more types of fruits and plants. Some people started eating green leafy and nutty foods. After some time, the people began to eat root foods. Fruits are antioxidant foods that are good for health. Plant-based foods give the body more oxidative radicals than fruits. Oxidative radicals attack the biological molecules in the body, which is the root cause of aging. At that time, the people in the 4-dimensional space were consuming fruits in large quantities. The antioxidant effect of fruits largely counteracted the oxidative radicals produced by eating these plants. After eating green leafy and root foods, the people in the 4-dimensional space tasted a variety of libido-enhancing plants. The sexual libido of the people began to get increased, which leaded to a decrease of their energy level. Gradually, some people's energy decreased to the point that they could not travel smoothly between the 3rd and 4th dimensions. Eventually, they had to reside in the 3-dimensional space. In this way, human beings emerged in the 3-dimensional space in the L-solar system. Some ancient literatures record that emergence of human beings in the 3-dimensional space is that 'Nuwa suddenly appeared on the earth'. That is because the ancient people could not understand the existence of the 4-dimensional space and higher dimensional spaces, and only recorded the superficial phenomenon.

Devils from the 4-Dimensional Space and the Origin of Humans

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