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Orgone Energy, Wilhelm Reich And The Threat To The Men In Power

Having researched disinformation tactics for the last five years, I am now publishing a series of articles on the subject.

Orgone Accumulator

The Orgone Accumulator have been used by thousands of people to improve their health.

The Orgone Accumulator have been used by thousands of people to improve their health.

Wilhelm Reich

Orgone Energy

Orgone Energy is the universal life force that exist in all things from the smallest microscopic units called bions to the glue that holds the entire universe together. This force or massless, omnipresent substance is the living energy that encompasses all matter inorganic and organic. This article Orgone Energy, Wilhelm Reich And The Threat To The Men In Power will describe how this little known scientist, psychoanalyst and inventor was on the cusp of taking mankind to the next level of social, economic and spiritual evolution only to be silence by The Powers That Be.

This concept, created by Wilhelm Reich and developed by his student Charles Kelly after Reich's death in 1957, describes how Orgone Energy will organize matter on every scale from the micro to the macro. Orgone Energy exist everywhere in everything, much like the 'Force' in the famous Star Wars movies, used by the Jedi Knights.

Reich contended that Orgone Energy deficits or constrictions in the human body were the root of all diseases and this lead to his now infamous invention known as the Orgone Accumulator. These accumulators were able to harness Orgone Energy from the atmosphere and return it to the human body. He also invented another device that allowed him to control the weather from the accumulation of Orgone Energy from the atmosphere.

This seemingly harmless idea of using the life force of the universe to restore health to humanity, caused those in power to react in a most negative manner. Of course, historians, critics and the Fake Stream Media contend that his book The Function of the Orgasm, (1927) is what lead to his character assassination and other legal troubles.

However this scenario is eerily reminiscent of another contemporary author and scientist trying to educate the masses in a similar manner, L. Ron Hubbard and his infamous Church of Scientology which was based on the book, Dianetics, The Modern Science Of Mental Health, (1950).

One wonders, what it is about those in our society that offer alternative (inexpensive) therapies designed to improve the mental and physiological health of humanity that is such a Threat To The Men In Power?

Wilhelm Reich's, ideas influenced generations of intellectuals which lead to such innovations in human therapy as psychotherapy, gestalt therapy, bioenergetic analysis and primal therapy. His term 'the sexual revolution' is still used today and his ideas and concepts have been promoted by such authors as William S. Burroughs, Naked Lunch, Jack Kerouac, On The Road, J. D. Salinger, Catcher In the Rye, in Woody Allen's movie Sleeper and many musicians such as Devo, Kate Bush and Hawkwind.

The man is one of the less known geniuses of the 20 Century, up there with Albert Einstein, Nikola Tesla, T. Thompson Brown.

His theory of Orgone Energy was that 'dead' (or negative) Orgone Energy (DOR) lead to diseases in the human body and spirit, which affected everything from a persons mood and health to their ego. A build up of live Orgone energy in the human body lead to positive mental and spiritual health and maintained a good physical body.


Why would a concept created by William Reich that uses the life force of the universe to restore health become such a threat to those in power?

Why would a concept created by William Reich that uses the life force of the universe to restore health become such a threat to those in power?

Peter Reich

Lyrics to Cloudbustting by Kate Bush

I still dream of Orgonon
I wake up crying you're making rain
And you're just in reach
When you and sleep escape me

You're like my yo-yo that glowed in the dark
What made it special made it dangerous
So I bury it and forget

But every time it rains
You're here in my head
Like the sun coming out

Ooh, I just know that
Something good is going to happen
And I don't know when
But just saying it could even make it happen

On top of the world looking over the edge
You could see them coming
You looked too small in their big, black car
To be a threat to the men in power

I hid my yo-yo in the garden
I can't hide you from the government
Oh, God, daddy, I won't forget

'Cause every time it rains
You're here in my head
Like the sun coming out

Ooh, I just know that
Something good is going to happen
I don't know when
But just saying it could even make it happen

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And every time it rains
You're here in my head
Like the sun coming out
Like your son's coming out

Ooh, I just know that
Something good is going to happen
I don't know when
But just saying it could even make it happen

Just saying it could even make it happen
We're cloudbusting, daddy

The sun's coming out
Your son's coming out

Weather Manipulation

Wilhelm Reich invented a weather manipulation device in the 1940s, based on his Orgone theories and experiments. He found that 'dead' orgone energy existed in storms and the more dead orgone energy or what he labelled DOR, the more violent the storm. He set about inventing a device that would affectively neutralize this energy. His testing of this device convinced him that he could dissipate storm clouds (cloudbusting) by neutralizing DOR energy.

Because of his success with this Cloudbuster and his philosophy that 'science' should benefit all mankind, he gave his invention to the United States Government naively believing they would put his invention to good use. His Cloudbusting invention inspired the U.S. Government to modify its use into an invention called a radiosonde that they put into use in the 50s, 60s and 70s but also inspired Wilhelm's son Peter to write an autobiography called A Book Of Dreams, which inspired Kate Bush to write the song Cloudbusting.

I first began listening to Kate Bush songs in the early 80s when a friend gave me one of her albums and although at the time I didn't understand the significance of the song Cloudbusting, it resonated in my heart as important. Many musicians seem to attain a degree of spiritualism that most of us require a lifetime to achieve.

After reading The Infinite Harmony by Michael Hayes (1994), in which he describes how the relationship and rules (laws) of musical theory are so closely related to the same laws and rules that govern our human DNA and procreation, they seem as one, I began to recognize why musicians seem to realize a conscious connection to the Creator of All more easily than the rest of us.

By the way The Infinite Harmony was immediately banned in the United States and it has only been published once. A used copy of this book sells for $200.00 minimum but is a must read for anyone interested in the Source Field or God Consciousness.

However I digress, the main point I'm trying to make is that Wilhelm Reich's research and invention was used to create a balloon type device known as a radiosonde, which was used ostensibly, in the 40s and 50s to collect weather data by transmitting it directly to a receiving station. However Preston Nichols of Montauk Project fame was able to purchase some of these devices and run experiments on them. On the outside they seem to look the part of radio transmitting weather devices born aloft by balloons but once they were taken apart he found something else entirely.

His controlled experiments of 'radiosondes' showed him that they in fact transmitted Orgone energy as well as temperature and humidity data. He was able to determine that both live and dead Orgone energy could be transmitted by these radiosonde devices, directly into the atmosphere. This allowed the U.S. Government to directly affect the weather as well as practice a primitive form of mind control by manipulating the levels of Orgone energy in the atmosphere.

It is important to note that radiosonde technology was abandoned in the early 80s when the MontauK Project began and HAARP technology became a more practical and effective tool for weather manipulation. Although weather control is a relatively unknown subject by the American public, many newspapers and Government Agencies routinely documented weather manipulation events in the 50s and 60s. This article Orgone Energy, Wilhelm Reich And The Threat To The Men In Power will show how weather control played a small part in the conspiracy to silence Orgone Energy.

Cloud Busting Video


Wilhelm Reich

Born in Dobzau, Galicia (Austria-Hungary) on March 24, 1897 the first of two sons to farmer parents, his early childhood was rife with sexual misconduct by both parents and lead to early sexual promiscuity of his own. Wilhelm was home schooled until the age of twelve but was sent to an all-male boarding school after his Mother's death in 1910. He blamed himself for his Mother's suicide after revealing to his Father that she was having an affair with his tutor.

His Father died in 1914 from tuberculosis, leaving him and his brother destitute but Wilhelm was still able to graduate in 1915. When the Russians invaded Bukovina, where the farm was located, Wilhelm and his brother fled. Wilhelm eventually joined the Austro-Hungarian Army in 1915, reaching the rank of lieutenant during the First World War. When the war ended he enrolled in law at the University of Vienna but switched to medicine after only one semester.

It was during his time in Veinna that he met Sigmund Freud in 1919 and eventually went to work for him in his clinic, the Vienna Psychoanalytic Association. This lead to a close friendship and working relationship and he even moved to an apartment on the same street as Freud. Wilhelm was able to graduate in 1922 with a Bachelor's and M.D. degree, that same year he married his first wife Annie, whom went on to a distinguished career as a psychoanalyst and psychiatrist.

Wilhelm began his career as a psychoanalyst working for the Freud directed Vienna Ambulatorium, basically an out patient clinic for poverty stricken men and woman suffering from shell shock and the horrors of World War I. This clinic offered free psychoanalysis to thousands of men and women. Reich became the assistant director by 1924 until its relocation to Berlin in 1930.

This experience lead Wilhelm to observe how the society of post World War I Vienna lead to neurotic symptoms and anti-social personalities from the chaotic lifestyles of his patients. He formulated the theory that obsessive-compulsive disorder was an unconscious effort to gain control of a hostile environment, including such factors as poverty and childhood abuse. This observable neurosis lead to what he would eventually describe as 'character or muscular armor', which he related to how the body moved based on the condition of the patient's mental health.

His first of many books was published in 1925 entitled The Impulsive Character: A Psychoanalytical Study of the Pathology of the Self and won him many professional accolades and praise, including Freud. He published a series of papers around this time that proposed the idea that sexual frustration and societies narrow perception of sexual matters had a direct relationship to the neurotic behavior in adults as well as children. He argued that denying ones self of a good sex life was the underlying factor behind many men and women's criminal behavior and psychotic episodes.

The research and philosophy he developed from his experiences with patients suffering from the chaotic influence of post World War I Vienna lead him to recognize and understand how the sexual, physical and emotional needs of his patients and society as a whole had lead to a whole host of psychological symptoms and mental aberrations. These realizations would be the cornerstone of many new ideas and would eventually lead to the recognition of Orgone Energy, derived from the words orgasm and organic.

From Vienna he moved to Berlin when the clinic relocated to that city in 1930, where he established new clinics in working-class areas of the city. He joined the Communist Party of Germany but became frustrated with this organization when they refused to publish his pamphlets on sex-education. He set up his own publishing company and released the pamphlet The Sexual Struggle of Youth in 1932.

His revolutionary ideas and writings on the sexual nature of humanity, in particular in the working class and adolescents, lead the Communist Party of Germany to denounce his ideas and the International Psychoanalytical Publishers House from dropping his material. His numerous affairs with patients and his disagreements inside the psychiatric profession lead to the end of his first marriage, in 1933.

When Hitler came into power in Germany in 1933, he moved to Denmark, which although was known for its liberal views and practices concerning sexual freedom, still would not renew his visa. From there he relocated to Sweden an even more liberal country when it came to sexual views and ideas and yet he still ran into trouble when rumors began that his clinics were nothing short of a brothel for misguided teenage patients.

In 1934 Reich again moved to Oslo, Norway where he lived for five years. The stable environment and steady income of lecturing, teaching and clinical work allowed him to expand on his ideas, publish many articles and research his theory of Orgone Energy in depth. In 1938 he published his book The Bion Experiments on the Origin of Life which described his attempts to isolate and identify Orgone Energy in a labroratory.

Many believe that his research into the cause of cancer through the identification of how DOR (Dead Orgone Energy) was related to this disease is what ultimately lead to a smear campaign lead by conservative scientists on his research in Norway. When Reich requested a detailed controlled study of his work to refute this smear campaign the scientific community responded that his work did not merit such a study, the hand writing was on the wall.

In 1938, Theodore P. Wolfe, a professor of psychiatry at Columbia University, travelled to Norway to study under Reich and offered to help him relocate to the United States. He was offered a chance to teach a class named the Biological Aspect of Character Formation at Columbia and left Norway just weeks before the Second World War began in 1939.

It was during this time in the United States that he made significant progress in identifying and isolating the elements and study of Orgone Energy, what he termed Orgonomy. Soon after he began to build Faraday Cages or what he called Orgone Accumulators and began testing them on plants and cancerous mice.

By 1941 he wrote to his supporters that "Orgone is definitely able to destroy cancerous growth. This is proved by the fact that tumors in all parts of the body are disappearing or diminishing. No other remedy in the world can claim such a thing."

Soon after making this claim his troubles in the United States began, specifically with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the American Medical Association (AMA). This, can by no means be considered a mere coincidence, as anyone claiming to have found a cure or significant treatment for cancer, is 'run out of town' in America, this shown in my article The Disinformation Of Cancer.

Wilhelm Reich


Psychoanalytic Philosophy

Reich's experience and psychiatric research lead him to conclude that the social authoritative structure, economic environment and emotional needs of any society lead directly to the mental health of its members. He recognized that those members of society suffering from mental disorders and psychosis was a direct reflection of not only the family structure they grew up in but the social economic environment as well.

Like Freud, he argued that any social environment that put a low appreciation on sexual values and needs, such as premarital sex, homosexual behavior and masturbation (essentially a crime in Vienna), is what lead most people to develop neurotic mental psychosis. During the time he lived and worked in Vienna contraception, abortion, divorce and adultery were crimes punishable by a prison sentence and yet men were allowed to visit prostitutes and extra marital affairs was a socially acceptable behavior.

According to Reich this repressive patriarchal authoritarian system, which still exist today to some degree, with a violent and brutal family structure prevents children from forming the healthy emotional habits necessary to develop strong loving relationships that they will take into adulthood. Reich was able to examine the common man's emotional needs and mental health through his clinic but also because he started a program that allowed him to make house calls, as well. This enabled him to examine the complex social issues that plagued poverty stricken households in their natural setting.

This early work helped him to recognize how the family structure was the foundation upon which the state-structure was formed "and that the two composed a self-reinforcing functional unit." Exploring this foundation of belief is what lead him to write many books on the subject of the family dynamic as a direct reflection of mental health in our modern society. These books would be the basis for the major influence Wilhelm Reich had on modern psychiatry.

Working with the poor farmers, laborers and student class of Vienna at their houses and in the clinic lead him to recognize how that societies suppression of sexual freedoms, lead to the emotional functionality of not only its members but families and society as a whole.

He began what is now known as the Sex-Pol Movement, offering free sex-counseling in his clinic, in 1927. The term was derived from the German Society of Proletarian Sexual Politics offering psychoanalytical sexual counseling and contraceptives and encouraging sexual permissiveness for young adults and the unmarried members of the society. He also started a mobile clinic and distributed sex-education material door to door.

His next book The Function of the Orgasm (1927), argued that the orgasm was a natural spiritual tool designed to bring one closer to understanding the true nature of the Universe, through pro-creation. After all, The Creator Of All, what some people refer to as God is the ultimate creator, so what better way to make a conscious connection to God that to lose one's ego in uninhibited sexual release, or orgasm?

This avenue of research is what propelled Reich to develop the idea of Orgone Energy as a 'force' that stabilized the organization of the entire Universe from the micro to the macro, the ultimate creative element.

Reich began to develop the idea that sexual release and gratification were directly related to the ability a person had in achieving an uninhibited orgasm. He soon formed the concept that the emotional experience of sexual release (orgasm) was designed specifically to encourage a spiritual experience by releasing the control factors the ego had on ones true self. He tried to show how societies views of sexual conduct actually inhibited a person from experiencing the spiritual connection derived from the act of making love.

UFOs and Orgone Energy

in the early 50s Reich came to believe that after World War II, Alien's in the form of UFOs were infiltrating the Earth's Atmosphere to prevent humans from developing technology in the form of Orgone Energy that could potentially make their weapons and technology obsolete.

Reich began a campaign or "full-scale interplanetary battle" to locate and 'shoot-down' said UFOs using his cloud-busting technology. Because the United States had recently acquired Alien technology from the recent Roswell Incident (1947), they stepped up their campaign to remove Reich and his discovery of Orgone Energy form the public eye.

Reich published a book in 1956, right before he went to prison, called Contact with Space, outlining his ideas about extraterrestrial contact, agendas and technology.

Many of Reich's critics argue that his ideas and theories on sex is what lead to his legal troubles in the United States however it is not a coincidence that they began when he started promoting that, his newly invented Orgone Accumulator, could prevent most diseases, including cancer.

Yes, his idea that one's psychic health was due to the ability of each human to achieve release through sexual orgasm, was revolutionary for the times in which he lived and that sexual freedom during those times were linked to the counter culture of America, these ideas have been expressed in ancient literature such as the Kama Sutra written in the 3rd century A.D. and cannot be considered new ideas.

"Sexual release in the sex act must correspond to the excitement which leads up to it." He wrote: "It is not just to f___ ... not the embrace in itself, not the intercourse. It is the real emotional experience of the loss of your ego, of your whole spiritual self."

Conservative America cringed at his ideas that argued sexual libido lead to better physical and mental health and the term he made popular 'sexual revolution' didn't become popular until a decade after his mysterious death in 1957, one week before he would have been released from prison.

The reasons for his imprisonment to begin with are frivolous at best and smack of Government Conspiracy at worst.

His discovery of Orgone Energy in 1939 and his research, which he termed Orgonomy, lead him to conclude that a highly organized energy existed in the aether that encompassed all matter organic and inorganic. He began corresponding with Albert Einstein around the same time that Einstein was encouraging the United States to begin developing the Atomic Bomb.

Reich expressed his idea to Einstein that this new found energy source could be used to help mankind in their fight against diseases such as cancer or be made into a weapon of mass destruction. It is interesting to note that Einstein went on to work on the Manhattan Project soon after corresponding with Reich and that Wilhelm's legal troubles soon began.

He began experimenting on plants and animals injected with cancer using his Orgone Accumulator and once he became satisfied they would eliminate the disease he began to use human subjects.

Reich lost his job at Columbia in May of 1941, after writing a letter to the President of the University, Alvin Johnson, describing how he had saved many peoples lives with terminal cancer in secret experiments using his Orgone Accumulator. Reich was arrested five days after Pearl Harbor, December 12, 1941 by the FBI in a case of 'mistaken identity', how convenient.

He purchased a farm in Maine in November of 1942 for $4,000 dollars, which he called Orgonon, so he was not without money or financial support, where he created a center for the research of Orgone Energy. For five years his work was highly regarded in psychiatric circles and regularly published in the Journal of the American Medical Association.