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Orang Bati: Indonesia's Flying Primate

Captured Orang Bati

Captured Orang Bati

Deep within the island jungle of Seram , which is located in Indonesia, is said to exist an enigmatic creature by the name of Orang Bati. This creature is supposedly a vicious primate that stands at least five feet tall and has a large wingspan equivalent to its height. Local folklore on the island of Seram suggests that the Orang Bati inhabits Mt. Kairatu where this evil oddity is said to devour frail adults, young children, and infants after being kidnapped.

Mt. Kairatu is an extinct volcano on the southwestern coast on the island of Seram where there is also rock clefts that form cave cavities. This is where this demonic creature, according to locals, rips its prey apart and devours its flesh. These terrifying tales have been told and recited for centuries by locals. Apparently, the first encounter and sighting was said to have occurred in the 16th century. Most of these tales are usually conveyed to Catholic and Evangelical Christian missionaries.

One missionary, in particular, by the name of Tyson Hughes was assisting locals in 1987 when he came face to face with an Orang Bati. Initially, Hughes admitted that he was skeptical and that the stories of the creature was nothing more than the product of a specific culture’s folklore, but after having his terrifying encounter, he said that he was able to empathize with the people and forge a deeper trust with the Moluccan tribes.

As recently as almost five years ago in late November of 2015, an Orang Bati was said to have been spotted on Java Island. Therefore, the creature seems to be indigenous to the islands of Indonesia, because they have not been witnessed in any other place. According to reports, a photograph was taken, but the image could really not be deciphered due to lack of visual clarity. One thing is certain though, and that is there was some kind of strange phenomena that was captured in the photo.

Creature from Jeepers Creepers

Creature from Jeepers Creepers

The creature seems to be reminiscent to the winged beast on the horror series Jeepers Creepers. In these movies, a winged demonic humanoid stalks and slaughters unsuspecting victims and takes their organs in order to perpetually rejuvenate itself. Whether this movie creature was inspired by the Orang Bati is unknown, but there seems to be many similarities. The mutant mammal could be an unidentified nocturnal species due to a lack of biological scholarship in the area, or it could be something much more sinister.

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Indonesian Folklore also seems to suggest that the creature carries a curse that when it comes into contact with an adult, the latter will succumb to illnesses or accidents that become fatalistic. In addition to having an ape or large monkey like body, the creature also is said to have red scarlet colored skin, a large tail, and thick leathery wings. They are also said to emit a blood curdling wail when they are approaching their victims in the night. There are some cryptozoologists in the minority that believe that the Orang Bati could be a demon of some sort much like the satyr of Greek Mythology.

Although there is no solid evidence of this creature, much like the Mothman of Point Pleasant, West Virginia, natives of Seram Island have sworn that it exists. In the summer of 2012 National Geographic led by a small team of cryptozoologists spotted the creature, but much to their dismay the creature managed to escape. Whether this is true or not, the story seems to smack of Sasquatch stories told by hundreds of eyewitnesses in rural America. Unfortunately, there is not much information concerning this specific creature like other cryptids, and that is what makes it that much more mysterious and fascinating.

Mystery of the Orang Bati

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