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Medical Breakthrough in the Philippines in Curing Hepatitis B by Chelation Therapy

Dr. Arturo V. Estuita, MD, Internist and chelationist. He was a guest on a TV program in Japan


Dr. Estuita, MD interviewed at CSR TV Japan by Larry D. Brouhard


Small needle inserted in an artery thru which chelation solution gets into the body


A control of hepatitis B is now at hand

I can’t hold it anymore: this jubilation from learning that the conquest of Hepatitis B is now at hand!

I don’t intend to grab the glory due Dr. Arturo V. Estuita, MD, a Filipino internist and chelationist, who has come up with the clinical proof that the virus causing Hepatitis B can be controlled in the afflicted patient.

Take note, in a live person afflicted with Hepatitis B; not in the test tube or experimental mice.

In his chelation clinic at Pasay City, Philippines, Dr. Estuita showed me on March 8,2012 the raw data. From millions of virus in a Hepatitis B patient the population of virus was reduced to only thousands after treatment with infusion chelation therapy.

I will not show here the exact figures. Dr. Estuita intends to write and publish his findings in a medical journal soon. Let him hug the limelight.

New entries as of July 5,2012.

His first patient on the chelation of Hepatitis B virus has already been employed as a crew in a commercial ocean-going ship. That means the fellow had a test on Hepatitis B conducted by an accredited clinic of the shipping company and it was found out that he was clear of Hepatitis B virus, according to Dr. Estuita. This fellow was positive for Hepatitis B when Dr. Estuita started the infusion chelation therapy. His virus load was counted at 8 million. After 8 to 10 sessions of chelation therapy, his virus load went down dramatically to 425,000. After 35 sessions his virus load was down to less than 10,000. At this virus load, he was pronounced as cured and can no longer infect another person. A test conducted by the accredited clinic of the shipping company agreed with the certification issued by Dr. Estuita that he is cured and no longer communicable. There are now more patients coming to Dr. Estuita for the elimination of Hepatitis B virus, Dr. Estuita told me in a phone interview. A new gadget that has just hit the market makes the counting of virus load easier which gives the result of the test much faster, four to five days. End of new entries.


What is the significance of Dr. Estuita’s discovery?

Hepatitis is a disease of the liver caused by a variety of virus.

“Hepatitis A is caused by the hepatitis A virus, hepatitis B is caused by the hepatitis B virus, and hepatitis C by the hepatitis C virus…

“The patient may have a number of symptoms, including fatigue, loss of appetite, abdominal discomfort, jaundice (yellow color of the eyes or skin), and other abnormal liver blood tests” (Abou-Alfa, G. K, MD. and R. P. DeMatteo, MD. 100 Questions & Answers About Liver Cancer. 2009. 2nd edition:10)

The body eliminates hepatitis A virus after an inflection with it and the person’s risk for cirrhosis or liver cancer does not increase. However, persons infected with hepatitis B and C virus never completely get rid of the virus and they are at risk for developing cirrhosis and liver cancer.(Abou-Alfa and DeMatteo's book does not include hepatitis D.)

In cirrhosis, liver tissues are replaced with scarred hard tissues. Cirrhosis is a kind of embalming while the person is still alive (Cranton, E. MD and A. Brecher. Bypassing Bypass. 1984:205).

So far, the world of medicine knows that only the virus causing hepatitis A could be eliminated by the body. Now Dr. Estuita, MD has discovered that infusion chelation therapy kills hepatitis B virus while it is in the body of a person. It is probable that infusion chelation therapy can also kill hepatitis C and D virus, says Dr. Estuita. That is interesting to find out, according to him. He will have that opportunity when patients afflicted with these virus come to him for treatment. ('virus' is being used in the singular and plural forms.)

Vaccine is a means to prevent infection with a virus. The first such vaccine was invented by Dr. Thomas Francis, Jr. and Dr. Jonas Salk against N1H1 or the Spanish flu pandemic that killed 25 million people around the world in 1918, including 44,000 American soldiers deployed in the European theater in World War 1. The N1H1 vaccine was given to American soldiers deployed in the same theater in WWII against Hitler’s army.

Then the Salk killed-polio vaccine that Dr. Jonas Salk and his team invented was launched in1955 against the polio bug.

Next came the live attenuated polio vaccine invented by Dr. Albert Sabin in 1959 known as the oral polio vaccine. In the USA only the Salk vaccine is being administered since 2000.

Cirrhosis has causes other than hepatitis virus, like alcohol. Liver cancer is caused by free radicals and reactive oxygen species that act like free radicals. This is discussed in my other Hub "Hepatitis B Puts You At Risk To Get Sick of Cancer and Cirrhosis."

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How hepatitis B and C can lead to cancer

Hepatitis B virus can be transmitted by sexual contact, blood transfusion, body fluid, recycled syringe used on infected person, manicure and pedicure when the tools had been used on infected person, tattoo, blood of an infected mother during giving birth.

The first dose of hepa B vaccine should be administered after birth or within 2 months. The second dose should be given in one to 2 months after the first dose; the third dose between 6 months and 18 months of age.

"If you have chronic viral infection, then you are at risk for developing cirrhosis and/or liver cancer....

"The goal of the treatment is to reduce the amount of virus in your body and thus lower the risk of getting cirrhosis or cancer...." (Abou-Alfa, G. K, MD. and R. P. DeMatteo, MD. page 11).

Before 1992 when screening for hepatitis C was not yet around, people who got blood transfusion may have got this virus. It's rare now to transmit it through blood transfusion. However, hepatitis C can be transmitted by intravenous drug users, health care givers, or people having tattoos. If you have an infection you have a 20% risk for developing cirrhosis and 5% risk for developing liver cancer, wrote Abou-Alfa and DeMatteo. The goal of treatment is to reduce these risks. The body cannot completely eliminate hepatitis B and C.

Hepatitis B and C cause cirrhosis then liver cancer. However, some people may have cirrhosis but not liver cancer, wrote Abou-Alfa and DeMatteo.

Infected persons should be treated to prevent the contamination of other persons who come into contact with them.

In fact, virus do not cause cancer; they only trigger it, as follows:

The macrophages, components of the immune system, shoot the infected cells and virus with free radicals used like bullets (Cranton, E. MD and A. Brecher. Bypassing Bypass. 1984). The macrophages use nitric oxide, a gas free radical, produced by the enzyme inducible nitric oxide synthase (iNOS). iNOS/NO kills the virus and induces inflammation in infected cells and healthy cells in the vicinity. iNOS/NO inflict damage on the DNA of hitherto healthy cells in the vicinity of infected cells resulting in mutation, in turn, resulting in tumor. A tumor that metastasize (break out of its confinement and spread) graduates into cancer. Tumor or cancer starts with one mitotic cell only.

Let's digress a little bit. Mitotic means dividing cell of the sibling or a person having 46 chromosomes in the nucleus, not in cells undergoing meiosis with 23 chromosomes. A mitotic cell actually has 37 chromosomes in its mitochondria and 46 chromosomes in its nucleus. Cell division is the means of growth; a cancer cell goes into cell division that is uncontrollable.

Editing as of March 11,2013

Another way cancer can develop is by copying error. Damaged liver cells attempt to repair themselves. This repair job involves copying of DNA and RNA. Sometimes copying error occurs. A wrong information code or a wrong message can result in tumor then cancer. End of editing.

Chelation therapy

Those who doubt the efficacy of infusion chelation therapy should search Internet with cv chelation therapy cranton frackelton and read an updated article of Dr. Elmer M. Cranton, MD and Dr. James P. Frackelton, MD entitled "Current Status of EDTA Chelation Therapy in Occlusive Arterial Disease."

Vaccine against hepatitis B cannot give a complete protection. That infusion chelation therapy can kill hepatitis B virus in the patient will eventually clear afflicted persons of hepatitis B virus. Hopefully, of hepatitis C and D virus as well.

New entries as of September 22,2012

Dr. Estuita told me today that he has already treated 10 victims of hepatitis B virus. These cases were authenticated as shown by the virus count obtained by means of a gadget that gives a virus count readout. This gadget is new. End of new entries.

New entries as of October 25,2012

What follows is a message for Dr. Estuita who forwarded it to me. I am taking the liberty inasmuch as it pertains to "mankind" to post it (with light editing) here:

Hello, Dr. Estuita, I am Dr. Patrick Adrani, a general practitioner from Uganda (East Africa), I am impressed by your cv chelation therapy in the treatment/cure of hepatitis. I would like to congratulate you for this great scientific innovation towards mankind. However, I would like to know how much it costs in terms of dollars and treatment duration for a full course of treatment especially for our poor patients from Africa. Thanks in advance. God bless you.

I have just posted a new Hub "

New entries as of April 22.2014

Indicators of hepatitis B for treatment

A study conducted by Taiwan for 15 years has established accurate indicators for the need of treatment for hepatitis B (Steven-Huv Han. Hepatitis B - Treatment and Consequences. Youtube. Internet. April 20.2014). These indicators are viral load and ALT (alanine amino transferase). The threshold levels are: viral load less than 20,000 international units/ml and ALT less than 1 x ILN. At these levels just monitor the disease; no treatment is needed.

ALT is enzyme that killed cells release owing to the struggling between the virus and T-Killers cells, a component of the immune system. ALT is like the enzyme released by killed heart muscles owing to heart attack. This enzyme is MB fraction creatine kinase or CK-MB. High amount of CK-MB persists in the blood even when heart attack had occurred one week earlier. So a person who suffered a heart attack can be diagnosed despite the fact that he was not immobilized or paralyzed by the attack.

At 20,000 IU/ml level of viral load, the virus do not replicate and the person is no longer communicable. Blood test shows only that surface protein that are not infectious exist in the body. Dr. Estuita is more cautious that is why he reduces viral load down to 10,000 IU/ml then stops treatment.

High amount of ALT persists especially during the acute stage of hepatitis B, three to four months after the infection.

I have a new Hub, "Accurate Indicators to go for Hepatitis B treatment."

Hepatitis B virus has developed resistance to drugs like interferon, lamivudine, fevoir and more, according to Dr. Steven-Huv Han.

Chelation safe and effective for heart disease and diabetes

USA Institutes of Health (National Institute of Heart, Lung and Blood) launched in 2002 a study called "Trials to Assess Chelation Therapy" (TACT. This is a double blind randomized with control study that has showed that chelation therapy is safe and effective for heart disease. TACT also found that chelation therapy is safe and effective for diabetes.

Results of the study were presented at a meeting of the American Heart Association held in Los Angeles, California on November 4,2012. The study costs $30 million. So, that chelation is safe and effective is proven by double blind study, not just by anecdotes.

In 2012, Dr. Estuita discovered that chelation therapy is also safe and effective for the treatment of hepatitis B. He has already treated 20 hepatitis B patients.

Hubs related to hepatitis B written by conradofontanilla

Attitudes toward hepatitis B

Life of virion (plural - virus)


tommy richard on February 16, 2016:


I am very full with joy of happiness ,last year I was living with fear and counting my days on earth ,because the last medical report was that ,the stage of hepatitis B infection in my body has rematch to liver transplanting .until this year that I came outcross with this clinic online called medication clinic .there are specialist when it comes to hepatitis b treatment. with the help of herbal solutions and to day I feel young again and wish life never end their email is

conradofontanilla (author) from Philippines on October 14, 2014:


With the Ebola epidemic threatening to become a pandemic, Dr. Estuita would like to try chelation therapy on Ebola. This is also caused by a virus like hepatitis B. I still have to come across an article what is the mode of action of ZMapp, the new drug being tried on Ebola. It looks like it is also designed against the DNA polymerase of the virus, responsible for replication. Chelation therapy appears not to be dealing with the DNA polymerase. It appears that its mode of action is physical, forming a ligand with the virus; the ligand and virus ejected from the body.

Richard from Hampshire - England on October 14, 2014:

I'm very glad they found such a fantastic breakthrough - hope they can continue to use the treatment with great success :)

conradofontanilla (author) from Philippines on August 03, 2014:


On the article for which you gave a link. JAMA is a staunch critic of chelation therapy right from the start. I am undergoing chelation therapy myself and I speak from experience. I am now through my 44th session and I am getting stronger. I have several articles at hubpages about chelation therapy. Each of the outcomes in the TACT study does not reach statistical significance but all of them when considered together reach statistical significance. There were withdrawals from the study because conventional medicine attempted to block it. Complaints against chelation therapy necessitated a congressional hearing that delayed the ongoing study for 3 months that prompted some participants to withdraw. Fortunately, Canadian volunteers came in to retain a population of participants that still merit statistical soundness. I have an article "USA (National Institutes of Health) has announced that chelation therapy is safe and effective for heart disease and diabetes" based on TACT and criticisms of TACT. I also have a Hub, "Why conventional medicine is antagonistic to chelation therapy." To have a balanced view of the results of TACT, Dr. Elmer Cranton, MD, a chelationist and author of books on chelation therapy, has a blog on it that anyone can access in the Internet. Critics had their day to debunk the TACT on November 4,2012 when the results of TACT were presented in a meeting of the American Heart Association in Los Angeles, California. They failed. A publication on the side of critics can only say something to the effect that: chelation therapy is moderately effective for heart disease....

conradofontanilla (author) from Philippines on August 02, 2014:

In our country we are used to taking medicinal plants without any publication. Besides, a publication can be manufactured or paid for like what some big pharmaceutical companies are doing. The proof that the treatment is safe and effective is the people who get well after taking the treatment. It is like chelation therapy. For a long time conventional medicine snubbed this treatment. USA, National Institutes of Health (NIH), conducted a double blind randomized and controlled study launched in 20o2 the results were announced in 2012. It is found that chelation therapy is safe and effective for heart disease and diabetes.

I noticed that mistake of hepatitis B virus being RNA in one of my comments. However, that is not found in the article itself. The correct statement is: hepatitis B virus is a DNA virus.

I have a book supposed to expose quackery, one of which is chelation therapy. The claim of this book that chelation therapy is quackery is now proven false. But the book will still be around for a long time victimizing people who may not read about the study "Trials to assess chelation therapy" by NIH referred to above.

conradofontanilla (author) from Philippines on May 23, 2014:


If your kidneys are healthy, you can have two sessions per day. Kidney health can be determined by creatinine clearance, that should be around 2.0. You can have creatinine clearance in your local hospital. Number of sessions depends on your viral load. Clinic of Dr. Estuita is open Sundays to Fridays, closed on Saturdays; 8 am to 3 pm. Your questions are welcome, you can contact me by my cellphone or email.

francis on May 23, 2014:

im from cebu city and a seafarer, i want to know how many sessions in a month?

conradofontanilla (author) from Philippines on March 13, 2014:

Dear Joel,

I just read your message now. It is good we had a talk over the phone. The number of sessions depends on your viral load. A patient who had 8 to 10 million copies had 35 sessions. Another patient who had 110 million had more. It is better to start the treatment as soon as possible because virus doubles its population every 20 minutes. Your viral load can be obtained by means of a blood test that also shows whether you are positive for hep B or not. You can be false positive, that is, you may have hep B but you are non-communicable.

Hoping the best for you.

Warmest regards

joey limbago on March 13, 2014:

How many session?

conradofontanilla (author) from Philippines on December 19, 2013:


One session costs 5300 pesos, 40 to 44 pesos to the US dollar.

albert on December 19, 2013:

Can I know how much would be it per session?

conradofontanilla (author) from Philippines on October 15, 2013:

Dear Sammy,

At least 14 people had been treated of hepa B by chelation therapy. One woman is from Kenya who is now residing in UK. She came over for chelation in middle of May this year. She emailed me recently saying that she is fine. She says she wants to come again for a vacation.

Dr. Estuita, MD and I have talking about the possibility of franchising this technology so that other doctors in other countries can avail of this technology and treat their peoples. However, franchising may take time.

One doctor in Uganda said he has a group who are considering to come over to the Philippines for hepa B treatment. I know from literature research the damage that hepa B is inflicting on the health and lives of peoples. You may see my concern by reading through several articles of mine on hugpages dealing on hepatitis.

Thanks for the kind words.

Sammy on October 14, 2013:

This is a great news if it is not a scam or a deceptive way of extorting money from us(carriers of Hep.B). Am in Ghana and a carrier of hep. B. I want to plead on behalf of my poor folks and myself down here who can't make it Philippines for the chelation therapy. Kindly come down to us or make your technology available so doctors here can treat us. May God help you.

conradofontanilla (author) from Philippines on April 18, 2013:


Sorry, the phone company I am using conked out yesterday up until late afternoon , which could be why you could not connect. It is operational now so you can call me again. my number is +639276846078. Also I have posted above my email: I can arrange a meeting between you and Dr. Estuita. Are you in the Philippines right now?

I have already posted my Hub 'Treat hepatitis B to prevent hepatitis D."

conradofontanilla (author) from Philippines on April 18, 2013:


Sorry, the phone company I am using conked out yesterday up until late afternoon , which could be why you could not connect. It is operational now so you can call me again. my number is +639276846078. Also I have posted above my email: I can arrange a meeting between you and Dr. Estuita. Are you in the Philippines right now?

I have already posted my Hub 'Treat hepatitis B to prevent hepatitis D."

John on April 18, 2013:

Hi I want to contact you but the when I have tried to call the number you left in earlier posts I couldn't get through. How may I contact you ?

I really would like to speak with or meet Dr. Arturo V. Estuita.

Please can you assist me?

Warmest Regards :)

conradofontanilla (author) from Philippines on March 14, 2013:

I have already posted my Hub "Treat Hepatitis B to Prevent Hepatitis D."

The list of hepatitis is getting longer. Hepa G and TTV are now added. Fortunately, we can use one bullet for both hepa B and hepa D, so to speak. Hepa B ranks next to cigarette smoking as the cause of cancer, specifically liver cancer (Offit, P. A. MD and L. M. Bell, MD. Vaccines: What Every Parent Should Know).

Olive Mihiuko Gitu from Kenya on March 14, 2013:

This is amazing

conradofontanilla (author) from Philippines on March 06, 2013:

I should elaborate more on qualitative test and quantitative test. Qualitative test shows that a person has virus. Quantitative test is needed to show virus load and is used to predict if treatment will lead to cure. Quantitative test is done as the treatment is in progress to see how the virus load is decreasing. After the treatment, another qualitative test is done to see if the virus had been eliminated.

Confidentiality for hepatitis B is the same as for HIV. that is, the doctor cannot divulge if someone is infected with hepa B virus or not to just anybody, except of course to the patient or proxy.

I will write a Hub to show that treatment for hepa B prevents infections by hepa D. Hepa virus are now found to cause hepatitis A, B, C, D and E.

conradofontanilla on February 10, 2013:


There is already talk about franchising the technology, especially for countries of the developing world that could afford our exchange rate. There are already a lot of chelation clinics in the US. I doubt though if some had tried chelation on hepa B.

Nobel Prize would be nice. But if there is someone who deserves it for chelation therapy it should be Dr. Denham Harman who made the breakthrough interpretation that free radicals cause disease.

Some Americans have been going to Thailand or China for stem cell therapy. Some people in Guam and Australia who are coming over to the Philippines for chelation therapy. It is expensive to set up clinics. Besides, there are only a few Filipinos yet who are experts in chelation therapy. Thanks for the suggestion.

Miky on February 10, 2013:

this is outbreak news those who suffer in hep B specially. Hope this will administer all over the world and we will see this Dr in Nobel prize very soon.

My point why the Dr limit the office only in Philippines? Means would rather have another office in another nation like US.

felicitytown on February 01, 2013:

Great news

conradofontanilla (author) from Philippines on January 23, 2013:

My email address is: My cellphone number is o927 684 6078. You may review my earlier replies to questions from readers of this Hub. Thanks.

Sean on January 23, 2013:

Thank you very much for the insight, Sir. I am working abroad now so daytime here is night time back home. Can you give me a referral to Dr. Estuita for my friend who needs the therapy? He is in Philippines and if you could give me your email address, I will forward it to him so he can contact you..

conradofontanilla (author) from Philippines on January 23, 2013:


I just got up from a night sleep and read your comments.

Chelation is good for the kidneys. In fact, it can restore damaged kidneys, say, one afflicted with atrophy or deterioration. Dr. Estuita, MD, the chelationist I mentioned in this Hub, says he has a patient who had had kidney transplant where the two original kidneys had been damaged, had not been removed but left to stay in place. The kidney transplant was suffused, as it were, so that there are three kidneys now of the patient. Dr. Estuita is administering infusion chelation therapy because theory says that chelation therapy can revive organs like kidney, liver, pancreas. If the two original kidneys will have been revived, the patient will have three working kidneys.

The better for your friend who has a kidney that is still doing well as shown by creatinine level that is ok, as you say, to have chelation therapy.

I had partial nephrectomy myself in 1983, where about one-third of my right kidney was excised because of stones. This kidney is working well; my surgeon told me this right kidney can sustain me even if my left kidney went off. I am undergoing infusion chelation therapy for my heart.

For your second question. Infusion chelation therapy is beneficial for hepa B carriers whatever duration they have had hepa B virus. The sooner the virus are eliminated the better for himself/herself and members of his households who could be contaminated.

Sean on January 23, 2013:

Good Day, Sir..

Thank you for sharing this very valuable information.

(1)Is chelation therapy harmful to the kidneys? I hope it still possible for hepa B affected people and with proteinuria? I have a friend who needs this badly and he has proteinuria but creatinine levels are ok.

(2)Is the therapy possible for hepa B carriers of 15 years?

He is very hopeful on this discovery.

conradofontanilla on January 09, 2013:

Hi, Hisham,

I just sent you email. Dr. Estuita writes and speaks good English. He was educated in the Philippines for his basic medical course and had advanced schooling in the United States, and training in chelation therapy. In the Philippines, the medium of instruction is English. Our textbooks are in English mostly written by Americans. We write our graduation thesis or doctoral dissertations in English.

hisham on January 08, 2013:

Good Morning

I would like to thank you for all the information you have provided online this is great and hopefully there will be a cure for this virus for everyone to benefit.

I would like to get in touch with you or the Dr to find out more about the treatment as i would like to visit you and the Dr. thank you once again for your time and support.

conradofontanilla (author) from Philippines on November 07, 2012:

Wendell Paulus emailed me in August 17 this year. What follows is my reply that may benefit others with similar inquiries.


It is easy for you to come to the Philippines. I can make an arrangement for you with Dr. Estuita as I know him personally. However, you have to prepare things like visa, and some finances for the chelation sessions and personal expenses during your stay in the Philippines.

We have plenty of hotels to choose from, you can consult with a travel agency in Beijing. You can choose to stay in the Philippines for the duration of the treatment which depends on, first, the ability of your kidneys to eject the chelation solution. There should be no problem if your kidneys are healthy. You can have two sessions of chelation per day, or an average of two sessions in one week. Your treatment for hepatitis B may involve 8 to 10 sessions, depending on your virus load. It might be more economical to stay in the Philippines for the duration than to travel between Beijing and the Philippines for 4 times, in case you need only 8 sessions. Cost of living in the Philippines is low as our exchange rate is around 42 pesos to the American dollar. The cost of one session can be 5,300 pesos, plus preparatory diagnosis and preparations that may cost around 5,000 pesos.

You can stay in a hotel near Dr. Estuita's clinic and between session days you can visit tourist spots nearby. We can provide you a personal guide from the time you land at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (which is near Dr. Estuita's clinic) to the time you leave for Beijing. My cell phone number is +639276846078.

There are outpatients of Dr. Estuita from Guam who travel back and forth for their chelation sessions.



conradofontanilla (author) from Philippines on November 07, 2012:

There are two needed tests before a chelation session. First, creatinine clearance to determine the capability of the kidney to clear the chelation solution; second, liver test and virus count. So far, the common count is 8 million to 10 million virus in an infected person. One chelation session costs around 5,300 pesos (about 42 pesos to the US dollar). Number of sessions depends on the virus count. A person with 8 million virus count may need 9 to 10 sessions. Upon diagnosis, Dr. Estuita gives an estimate of number of sessions. Two sessions may be given per week depending on the capability of the kidney. The chelation solution drips from a bottle; solution gets into the body through a pediatric needle (see picture, only part of the bottle was caught by the camera). A session may last 1.5 to 2 hours. There is no side effect. If you can drive going to the clinic for a session, you can also drive going home.

Dr. Estuita's clinic is located at 1986 Taft Avenue, near Buendia light railway transit station, Pasay City, Metro Manila. For foreign nationals, there are plenty of hotels in Metro Manila. Cost of living is low.

conradofontanilla (author) from Philippines on October 18, 2012:


I can help you. Please give me a call, or post message on my email.

marry on October 18, 2012:

i from pak...i waant this therapy..may u help me...i m really worry about my hep B

Liza on September 21, 2012:

May I know the address of Dr. Arturo V. Estuita, MD clinic. I am around in Manila. Thanks

Liza on September 21, 2012:

Good morning.. Where this place?? Thanks

conradofontanilla (author) from Philippines on August 18, 2012:

I know Dr. Arturo V. Estuita, MD personally. This is my number: +639276846078.

TheBEstisYet2Come on August 17, 2012:

Great news.

Anyone here with contact of Dr. Arturo V. Estuita, MD?

I'm in China Beijing and would like to visit the Philippines, for this therapy. Please share the info.


conradofontanilla (author) from Philippines on May 16, 2012:

I have mentioned possible contact number of Dr,Estuita but one fellow said he could not get through. You may contact me, cellphone 09276846078, and I will make arrangements for you.

Arjay on May 16, 2012:

Do you have Dr. Arturo V. Estuita, MD. website or contact numbers so we can reached him? Thanks!

conradofontanilla (author) from Philippines on March 09, 2012:

It appears to me that Dr. Estuita will be generous with his discovery of using cardiovascular chelation therapy in treating hepatitis B. He did not talk of patenting his protocol. The patent of EDTA had expired. However, Dr. Estuita's protocol may be patentable. For example, knowledge of and isolation of the properties of olive oil (calcium elonolate) for treatment had been lying in the shelves of Upjhon company for 100 years but could not develop it into a drug because it could not device a delivery system. Calcium elonolate stuck with the protein carrier and failed to get to the target tissue. After 100 years Upjhon came up with a delivery system which it patented; not the calcium elonolate which is natural.

Dr. Estuita's hepatitis B treatment protocol is a boon for those seeking alternative modes of treatment but an anathema to conventional medicine. Dr. Estuita stands to reap praise and denunciations alike.

jhunpaler from Philippines on March 09, 2012:

This is great news in the battle against hepatitis B, being a leading cause of liver cirrhosis worldwide. As a Filpino physician, this is wonderful news as a Filipino has come with this strategy against Hep B Virus. Thanks for the hub

conradofontanilla (author) from Philippines on March 09, 2012:

Daughter of Maat and My Nurse Says,

I typed estuita cv chelation therapy again and the screen opened Yahoo, facebook. You can navigate to several things here.

Dr. Estuita should be given support to pursue research with the proper statistical design, treatment and control.

It is not necessary that Dr. Estuita conducts the research himself but someone who shares the framework (free radical theories of disease) and passion for the well being of people.

Dr. Estuita will apply the principles of his clinical discovery; however, it will be limited to those who will come to him for treatment of hepatitis B. Other members of the medical profession can label that as anecdotal. That will not bode well for several victims of hepatitis B in the Philippines and other parts of the world.

Sharing of the results of Dr. Estuita's discovery will come very slow if through only his fellows in the chelation society in the Philippines. Still their testimonies or results will be labeled anecdotal. Dr. Salk, inventor of the polio vaccine, was lucky because he had the support of the March of Dimes or National Institute for Infantile Paralysis, a foundation established by Basil O'Connor and Pres. Franklin D. Roosevelt.

We cannot expect support from the government of the Philippines because the medical advisers are schooled in conventional medicine who ignore or scorn the free radical theories of disease.

It is funny that chelation therapy cannot get Federal support in the USA for a double blind study or some other acceptable statistical design as the one employed by Dr. Salk. He rejected the double blind design in the development of killed-polio vaccine on ethical grounds. Salk did not want that his volunteers in the trials would go home with just a lollipop. He wanted those in the treatment and control protected although he made sure that his vaccine was safe (Klugger, J. Splendid Solution, Dr. Jonas Salk and the Conquest of Polio. 2009). Well, the space program had been scuttled. Could any savings in the budget go for some research in the medical field? Of course, people are getting the benefit from magnetic resonance imaging which was developed by the space program.

What might be the basis of chelation therapy's capability to control hepatitis B virus? Let us draw a parallel from Pauling's research on hemoglobin (Pauling was a two-time Nobel Prize winner). He found that hemoglobin had an electrical charge. The virus being an RNA (ribonucleic acid) also has an electrical charge, most likely positive. EDTA, the main ingredient of chelation therapy, has a negative charge. So the RNA/ virus and EDTA form a compound ligand that the body disposes off through the liver then urine. This is a postulate that can be easily verified with the proper methods and instruments.

One should not apply for a grant from a philanthropist and make follow ups. A philanthropist is one who guards his own sweet time.

My Nurse Says from Philippines on March 09, 2012:

I am really hopeful that with this big news... it will pave way for a new ray of hope for those suffering Hepatitis, in particular, the B or C type. I do agree that it is not an easy disease to handle and patients not only suffer from its symptoms, but also bear the stigma of it. I am hoping that with further study and further back up, it can help make the lives of the afflicted better.

Mel Flagg COA OSC from Rural Central Florida on March 09, 2012:

I typed estuita cv chelation therapy into bing and got nothing, but I'm very interested in his findings.

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