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The Alien/UFO Presence On Earth: No Disclosure? What??


Why The WhiteHouse Are Lying

In November 2011 two petitions were responded to by the White House under their new 'We The People' initiative which offers responses to any petitions that receive over 5,000 signatures. One petition had been signed by over 5,300 people asking the government to formally announce any knowledge of communication with an extraterrestrial presence. The other petition, signed by over a massive 12,000 people called on the government to announce any knowledge of an extraterrestrial presence engaging humankind.

Phil Larson of the White House Office of Science and Technology policy, a fairly low-level staffer, made an official response on the website stating that there is no credible evidence to suggest any kind of extraterrestrial presence or that an extraterrestrial presence has been engaging the human race. Larson did explain that the likelihood of life existing outside of Earth is relatively high and also claimed that there is no credible evidence of any kind of cover-up regarding an extraterrestrial presence.

If there is no credible evidence then why do 80% of the American public believe that the US government are lying? (Wisdom of Crowds)

If there is no credible evidence then why does 50% of the American public believe that there is an extraterrestrial presence?

If there is no credible evidence then why does the Disclosure Project exist?

If there is no credible evidence then why all the whistle-blowers, contactees, abductees, pilots, astronauts, government officials, etc coming forward with information only to either be threatened or end up dead?

Maybe we should take a look at some of the following facts:

In August 2011 a UFO researcher stated nationally on BBC News UK television, after looking at official declassified UFO documents, that the only logical explanation for unexplained UFO's is that they are spacecraft of extraterrestrial origin.

The vatican have recently announced their will to accept the possibility of extraterrestrial life.

Thousands of government officials have come forward and said it's about time the public were told the truth about the extraterrestrial presence, many of them have taken part in Dr Steven Greer's Disclosure Project.

Astronauts Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, Gordon Cooper and Edgar Mitchell have all, at some time, admitted an extraterrestrial presence.

Countries such as Ecuador and Mexico have officiallly acknowledged an unknown presence in the form of UFO's.

Many declassified government documents refer to flying saucers and extraterrestrial bodies, most notably the declassified FBI documents.

A majestic-12 document that referred to a UFO crash in 1941, six years before Roswell, turned out to be genuine.

MoD (Ministry of Defense) announced that Majestic-12 was officially in existence but could get no further information on the subject.

A US Air Force investigation into UFOs stated that 200 reported UFO's could not be explained and appeared to be unconventional aircraft travelling at thousands of miles per hour.

Introductory Space Sciences, a US Air Force textbook, states that UFO's could originate from planets within our own solar system. The book also states that one of four observed groups of extraterrestrials appear to be essentially the same as Earth humans and that secret contact may have already taken place.

President Kennedy was assassinated just after making an inquiry into any UFO files concerning national security. Supposedly unedited footage of the incident available online shows the driver, William Greer (interesting name) shooting the president.

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NASA are now using hypersonic aircraft. This can be verified on their website.

Flying saucers and advanced holographic technology are present in religious paintings and ancient scriptures throughout thousands of years of history.

The cover-up of UFO crashes can be traced back to as early as 1897.

Bob Lazar, Boyd Bushman, Lt Colonel Corso, David Sereda and many others claim that flying saucers look goofy the way they fly because they are always chasing a little distortion where they are manipulating gravity. They fly straight but are always going downhill. Due to the gravity outside of the saucer being manipulated there is no inertia inside the craft allowing fast maneouvres at high speed without occupants being affected.

Lt Colonel Philip J Corso made many claims in his book, The Day After Roswell, most of which can be verified. Corso claims to have seen first-hand a dead alien body whilst he was Head of the Foreign Technology Desk at the Pentagon. Corso had above top secret clearance.

Whistleblowers from Lockheed Skunkworks, NASA, US Air Force, US Army and the Pentagon have all confirmed that there is an intelligent extraterrestrial presence and that we have been reverse-engineering their technology.

Boyd Bushman, Senior Research Scientist at Lockheed Skunkworks confirmed that the US government had their first flying saucer by 1969. The genuine Majestic-12 document referred to a flying saucer crash as early as 1941.

Lt Colonel Corso claimed that integrated circuit boards and fiber optics were reverse engineered from the Roswell crash. Given the fact that we couldn't determine how microchips actually worked but we knew they functioned for decades after computers were publicly released this claim seems highly credible.

President Jimmy Carter admitted to having a UFO experience, President Dwight Eisenhower was invited to a briefing with extraterrestrials but was prevented by the military-industrial-complex that he referred to in his 1961 speech. President Ronald Reagan made at least four speeches where he mentioned the possibility of an extraterrestrial presence. President Harry Truman confirmed flying saucers as a reality in 1952.

Roswell witnesses, locals and members of authority and government have all admitted the truth regarding what really happened. The list of testimonies is overwhelming.

Ex-Defense Minister of Canada, Paul Hellyer, told the US government it was about time they told the public the truth and chastised them for taking a 'shoot-first-ask-questions-later' attitude towards extraterrestrial craft.

Former CEO of Lockheed Skunkworks, Ben Rich, admitted on his deathbed that they had been reversing extraterrestrial technology and that the extraterrestrial presence was real. Ben Rich was the man who originally said that the public should not be told... ever! He also said that the technology was so wrapped up in black projects that it would take an act of God to ever get them out.

Many abductees, contactees, witnesses and government officials have passed polygraph tests (lie detector) with flying colours. Although some people, such as psychopaths, can pass polygraph testing when a large group of people make similar claims and all pass you know that they genuinely believe what they are saying.

A 1953 CIA memo indicates a deal with a movie production company to incorporate flying saucers and little green men into their cartoons in order to ridicule the subject.

FBI documents show how the FBI were concerned about information being leaked into the public and possibly causing mass panic.

The infamous cattle mutilations that occurred between 1976-1978 and again in the nineties remain unexplained, as does the severe human mutilation that happened in 1994 (and many more).

USO's (Unidentied Submerged Objects) have been seen as early as 1845 in Malta but have never been officially documented by governments.

The Disclosure Project has been going since the nineties which has collected testimony from over 400 military and government officials who testify to the existence of extraterrestrial intelligence and technology.

George Adamski had several witnesses and claimed to have met the space people. Adamski had accurate close-up photographs of the moon as early as the 1950s before there was a space program. The pictures show evidence of an atmosphere. It is believed by many that the moon has 64% the atmosphere of Earth. Adamski also had many photographs of UFO's and could never be debunked. Many of the locals in his area had similar experiences during the same time.

62 School children in Ruwa, Zimbabwe witnessed extraterrestrials land and leave their spacecraft in the nineties. All the children testified to what they saw and drew illustrations that all coincided with each other. The incident was investigated by psychiatrist John E. Mack who also spent ten years studying the abduction phenomena.

Title 14, Section 1211 of the Code of Federal Regulations, implemented on July 16, 1969, states that it is "illegal for any US citizen to have any contact with extraterrestrials on their vehicles".

Brazil have declassified all UFO files and formally acknowledge an 'external' presence. Past, present and future documents are all to be publicly released.

So are the WhiteHouse really telling us the whole truth? Do I really need to ask??

People Worth Researching

Lt Colonel Philip J Corso, Majestic-12, Clifford Stone, Philip Schneider, John Lear, Steven Greer, Disclosure Project, Robert Lazar, Boyd Bushman, Ben Rich, William Pawelec, Roger Leir, Whitley Streiber, Travis Walton, Betty & Barney Hill, William Cooper, Gary McKinnon, Budd Hopkins, John E. Mack, Nick Pope, Paul Hellyer, President Carter, President Eisenhower, President Kennedy, President Reagan, Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, Edgar Mitchell, Gordon Cooper, David Sereda, Charles Halt and more names coming soon!


jacenX420 on November 30, 2012:

good article, keep'em coming. awareness of the truth is our most powerful weapon!

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