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Pakistan's List of Endangered Animals

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Pakistan is known for its native beauty all over the world. From all over the globe, tourists are mesmerized by its uniqueness. A wide range of natural wonders is present in the country, both in the north and along the coast. The whole country is a miracle of God's divine creation, although millions of tourists visit Pakistan every year. But unfortunately, it is still perceived as unsafe to visit. It is also a known fact that many birds and mammals are prime attractions for locals and visitors. Deplorably, however, dozens of animal and bird species are threatened with extinction in the upcoming years unless safety steps are taken.

Some of these endangered animals are here:

  • Markhor
  • Baluchistan Black Bear
  • Forest Dormouse
  • Mountain Weasel
  • Marco Polo Sheep
  • Fishing Cat
  • European Otter
  • Leopards
  • Indus River Dolphin
  • Marbled Polecat


Pakistan's national animal is the Markhor. They lived in the mountain range of Pakistan, Kashmir, Uzbekistan, southern Tajikistan, and Afghanistan. International Union for the Conservation of Nature 2015 declared this animal an endangered species. This animal is at an elevated risk of extinction. 2500 Markhors are estimated to be in Pakistan at present.

Asian Black Bear

The Baluchistan Black bear is a subspecies of Asian Black Bear found in the Himalayan Range. There are only 1000 Asian Black bears present in Pakistan right now. Their number must decrease rapidly if immediate measures are not made immediately. These species are included in the endangered species list for Pakistan by related authorities.

Baluchistan Forest Dormouse

Baluchistan forest dormouse is a rodent species and belongs to the Gliridae family. This dormouse species is only found in the Ziarat area of Baluchistan and is considered endemic to Pakistan. In China this tiny creature is employed in the preparation of medicine. The most obvious fact about the dormouse is that a crescent sign is present on its chest. The dormouse is a significant part of the habitat and its cycle. Research-based efforts are needed to preserve this species to meet its conservation needs.

Mountain weasel

Mountain weasels are found primarily in high-altitude areas of Kashmir in Pakistan. Mountain weasels are also called Pale Weasels. By the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species, they are also considered endangered.

Marco Polo Sheep

Marco Polo sheep are in Pakistan, Afghanistan, and China. Marco Polo sheep have been named in honor of Marco Polo and are typically known for their coiled horns and enormous size. This sheep is a subclass of argali sheep. They like living in steep valleys, mountains, and gentle slopes. This animal declared an endangered animal in 2008 by the IUCN because of overhunting or shooting, loss of habitat, and limited resources.

Fishing Cat

The fishing cat is a native animal of South Asia. A fishing cat is a medium-sized cat that mainly feeds on wild pigs, young deer, frogs, snakes, fish, and rodents. Fishing cats lived in dense vegetation and tropical forests near streams and rivers. Fishing cats in Pakistan are at a high risk of extinction due to poor drainage, over-farming, and cultivation, over-fishing, and the excessive use of chemical fertilizers.

European Otter

European Otter is a native of Asia and Europe. It is sometimes known as Common Otter or Old World Otter. It is declared an endangered species in Azad Jammu and Kashmir.


Leopards originated from East Asia, the Indian subcontinent in Southern East Asia, and sub-Sahara. Its habitat is the rainforest and Savannah. During the daytime, they will rest in the branches of trees. Leopards are competent climbers. Because of loss of habitat and habitat, fragmentation is included in the red list by IUCN. Other significant causes of extinction are leopard body parts used for medical practices or decoration.

Indus River Dolphin

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The Indus River Dolphin is the most endangered freshwater dolphin. The most destructive factors to the Indus River dolphin's survival are water pollution, industrial pollution, untreated sewage from societies, and pesticides. Other constant threats include hunting for meat, oil, and traditional medicine.

Marbled Polecat

It is an insignificant creature found in the North-Western deserts of Pakistan. Because of habitat loss, this species is at acute risk of extinction. It is also regarded as an endangered species in Pakistan by concerned authorities.

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