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Neanderthal Man Is Big Foot and Still Exist Today!

Most Famous Video

Known as the Patterson-Gimlin film, this is by far the most famous and controversial film on the subject.

Known as the Patterson-Gimlin film, this is by far the most famous and controversial film on the subject.

Lloyd Pye

Lloyd Pye

Neanderthal Man

It has been theorized that Neanderthal Man died out thousands of years ago but there is hard physical evidence that this primitive hominid still exist today but is commonly misidentified as Big Foot, Yeti or the Abominable Snowman. This article Neanderthal Man Is Big Foot and Still Exists Today will show how both are one and the same and co-exist with humanity on the planet Earth today.

Anytime or place when information is revealed that is contrary to societies view of the world or paradigm, it is labelled as fantasy, an overactive imagination or just plane made up for the purpose of gaining attention. This is true for UFO's, crop circles, alien abductions, reincarnation and a whole list of other phenomenon that can't or won't be explained by science. This is done to keep the status quo intact and distract, confuse and mislead the public.

Because of the damage that Neanderthal Man is living among us would cause to the scientific communities fragile theories and egos, not too mention the farce that is our so called history, proof that this relative of mankind still exists has been censored from the public eye. Yet, this ancient hominid remains prevalent in the remote regions of the world through sightings, footprints and legend.

In the late Lloyd Pye's book Everything You Know Is Wrong, he proves beyond a shadow of a doubt, through painstaking research and documentation, that Big Foot is Neanderthal Man, simply misidentified. He takes us on a scientific and archeological journey unparalleled by modern research, that relies on stories, expeditions and scientific discovery to prove his theory.

The pre-ponderous of evidence is overwhelming in the extreme as he shows through newspaper stories, eyewitness accounts and physical proof that these hominids not only exist but that their story has been systematically censored from mainstream society.

What Darwinist would have us believe is that Neanderthal Man existed on this planet for around 4 million years by themselves and then suddenly 120,000 years ago morphed into Cro-Magnon Man, as their species began to decline and eventually 30,000 years ago completely died out. The common belief is that Cro-Magnon Man, which was physically far inferior to Neanderthal Man used his superior 'thinking' to out wit his adversary and kill them off to the point of extinction.

This theory is absurd in the extreme for many reasons, the least of which is that Neanderthal Man actually has a bigger brain capacity than Cro-Magnon Man (modern Humans).

Where ever Cro-Magnon Man came from it surely wasn't from an evolutionary by product of Neanderthal Man as they didn't even look remotely alike other than the fact that they are both bi-pedal. Recently discovered DNA from a Neanderthal Man's skeletal remains has proven that they have so many mis-matched DNA strands that they can't even be considered close relatives of each other. The DNA evidence shows that Neanderthal Man is more different than Cro-Magnon Man is than a gorilla is to a chimpanzee.