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Neanderthal Man Is Big Foot and Still Exist Today!

Most Famous Video

Known as the Patterson-Gimlin film, this is by far the most famous and controversial film on the subject.

Known as the Patterson-Gimlin film, this is by far the most famous and controversial film on the subject.

Lloyd Pye

Lloyd Pye

Neanderthal Man

It has been theorized that Neanderthal Man died out thousands of years ago but there is hard physical evidence that this primitive hominid still exist today but is commonly misidentified as Big Foot, Yeti or the Abominable Snowman. This article Neanderthal Man Is Big Foot and Still Exists Today will show how both are one and the same and co-exist with humanity on the planet Earth today.

Anytime or place when information is revealed that is contrary to societies view of the world or paradigm, it is labelled as fantasy, an overactive imagination or just plane made up for the purpose of gaining attention. This is true for UFO's, crop circles, alien abductions, reincarnation and a whole list of other phenomenon that can't or won't be explained by science. This is done to keep the status quo intact and distract, confuse and mislead the public.

Because of the damage that Neanderthal Man is living among us would cause to the scientific communities fragile theories and egos, not too mention the farce that is our so called history, proof that this relative of mankind still exists has been censored from the public eye. Yet, this ancient hominid remains prevalent in the remote regions of the world through sightings, footprints and legend.

In the late Lloyd Pye's book Everything You Know Is Wrong, he proves beyond a shadow of a doubt, through painstaking research and documentation, that Big Foot is Neanderthal Man, simply misidentified. He takes us on a scientific and archeological journey unparalleled by modern research, that relies on stories, expeditions and scientific discovery to prove his theory.

The pre-ponderous of evidence is overwhelming in the extreme as he shows through newspaper stories, eyewitness accounts and physical proof that these hominids not only exist but that their story has been systematically censored from mainstream society.

What Darwinist would have us believe is that Neanderthal Man existed on this planet for around 4 million years by themselves and then suddenly 120,000 years ago morphed into Cro-Magnon Man, as their species began to decline and eventually 30,000 years ago completely died out. The common belief is that Cro-Magnon Man, which was physically far inferior to Neanderthal Man used his superior 'thinking' to out wit his adversary and kill them off to the point of extinction.

This theory is absurd in the extreme for many reasons, the least of which is that Neanderthal Man actually has a bigger brain capacity than Cro-Magnon Man (modern Humans).

Where ever Cro-Magnon Man came from it surely wasn't from an evolutionary by product of Neanderthal Man as they didn't even look remotely alike other than the fact that they are both bi-pedal. Recently discovered DNA from a Neanderthal Man's skeletal remains has proven that they have so many mis-matched DNA strands that they can't even be considered close relatives of each other. The DNA evidence shows that Neanderthal Man is more different than Cro-Magnon Man is than a gorilla is to a chimpanzee.

Heck, cows and pigs and fruit flies have more matching DNA to modern humans than Neanderthal Man!

Neanderthal Man has such a different physiological makeup and way of adapting to his planet of origin that he can and does exist in extremely cold environments that Cro-Magnon simply cannot, without clothing and shelter.

Evolutionist main contention is that species develop ways to adapt too their environment as they evolve, not less and so by definition there simply is no way to justify the premise that Cro-Magnon Man is an evolutionary by product Neanderthal Man.

Evolutionist cannot explain how Cro-Magnon Man could have evolved so physically inferior to Neanderthal Man. Consider for a moment how modern humans are so ill-equipped to deal with their environment and you will get the picture of why this theory doesn't hold water.

  • A modern human being cannot exist on this planet without clothing, they will either sunburn and dehydrate in warmer climates or freeze to death in colder climates.
  • A modern human is incapable of living off the land, without weapons and tools for killing game or the intuitive instincts for eating the correct plants.
  • A modern human requires shelter from the elements in order to endure extreme weather conditions.
  • A modern human cannot protect himself from large predators due to a lack of strength or any other physical attributes to protect himself.

The fossil record shows that Neanderthal Man followed the glaciers and preferred living in colder climates where the weather alone would kill modern man. The skull structure and nasal passages of Neanderthal Man allows for him to breath colder air, his dense hair covering enable him to withstand freezing temperatures and his diet of natural indigenous plants gives him the ability to forage in climates, modern humans simply cannot.

The story of Albert Olstman, a Canadian abducted by Big Foot, in the 1920s clearly demonstrates how they are so adept at remaining hidden from modern man, while living amongst us.

Another Interesting Video

Albert Olstman's Own Words

John Green

The Story Albert Olstman

Albert was a European immigrant that moved to Vancouver, British Columbia in Canada in his twenties to work as a lumberjack and prospect for gold in his spare time. While out looking for gold in the remote wilderness in 1924, he set up camp not far from Vancouver Island and began searching for gold, which was widely reported to be plentiful in the region.

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During the first few days he noticed that a critter, he thought was possibly a raccoon was paying nightly visits to his camp, disturbing some of his gear. He preferred to sleep outside his tent just in his sleeping bag and was a heavy sleeper so he didn't find it to be too mysterious.

On the third night he awoke to the feeling of being snatched of the ground still in his sleeping bag and carried away by some creature of incredible strength. He could tell by the jostling and smell that this creature was walking with him slung over its shoulder, along with his camp bag. Because of the way in which he was being carried, in a loose fashion, he was still able to get enough air not to suffocate and could tell from the clanking noises that the creature had scooped up his camp bag as well.

After about an hour of moving through the forest in this fashion, mostly uphill, he was unceremoniously dumped on the ground and slowly crawled out of his sleeping bag. To his astonishment he was in a clearing, high in the Canadian Rockies surrounded by four huge bipedal hominids. There were two adults and two adolescent hominids of immense size in a semi-circle facing him and chattering away in an unknown language, he dared not move.

He took a quick look at his situation and realized that he was in a small overhanging open cave, with the hominids blocking the exit. He could see that he was in a high mountain valley with a stream running through it and huge primordial cliffs and peaks on all four sides with a small narrow canyon as the only exit/entrance. If he hoped to escape that would be his only way out and it was far enough away for him to realize he couldn't outrun them to get there.

Suffice to say that he eventually made his escape and lived to tell about his encounter, which lasted six days and nights. He kept this story of his encounter a secret for 33 years fearing ridicule and disbelieve to whomever he told it too. He only came forward after reading about a similar encounter in a newspaper in 1957 by a local hunter and only then did he open up and describe his fantastic story, to the reporter of the article. He was told to write down what he remembered and filled two spiral notebooks. Over the ensuing years he was subject to the third degree, lie detector tests and numerous interviews but never wavered from his written information, after all the truth needs no rehearsal.

He described the male as being about eight feet tall and weighing about 600 pounds, with dense hair covering his entire body, except for his palms, bottom of his feet and around his nose. He said that the male was extremely muscular but non-threatening. Because of being a logger he was adept at judging the girth and weight of the trees he cut down. He described the female as weighing about 500 pounds but not as stall, with huge sagging breasts, wide hips and hair flowing like a mane down her back and shoulders.

He described the adolescents as weighing around 300 pounds and five to six feet tall, the female child, had no visible breasts but was clearly female. Both young hominids spent much of their day scaling the cliffs as easily as mountain goats in search of food and in play.

When it became apparent that his life wasn't being threatened but that he would not be allowed to leave, he settled in and reconnoitered his situation. His camp belongings that were brought with him, would supply him with food for about a week. He soon realized that his rifle was with his belongings with six bullets but wasn't sure if that would be enough to kill all four of them and so far he had not been injured or threatened.

While he stayed there he noticed that all four hominids only ate plants, berries, grass, certain leaves and nuts, never once did they eat meat and refused the dried meat he offered them. This explained the lack of animal bones in the encampment. He also noticed they were amazed and a little frightened when he started a fire the first night and shied away from it.

He was allowed to move about the valley in search of food and water but always was accompanied by one of the hominids. They never came within ten feet of him but stood in his way when he tried to leave on numerous occasions. Part of his supplies included three tins of snuff or finely grounded tobacco, which he soon found out that the hominids enjoyed immensely, the beginnings of a plan of escape was formulated.

On the last day he was there he offered an entire can of snuff to the adult male, whom took it and quickly ate the entire can in one gulp. If anyone has ever used snuff knows ingesting an entire can of snuff would leave any human, very sick and incapacitated. It didn't take long before the male was squealing and heaving its guts out as the three other hominids tried to console it. When the male stumbled sickly towards the stream, followed closely by the others, Albert grabbed his rifle and ran towards the only exit. The female pealed off from the group and followed him but turned back when Albert fired a shot from his rifle into the air above her head.

Albert made it to a logging camp many miles away and told them that he had gotten lost in the in the wilderness and lost all his supplies. He soon returned to civilization but never told anyone the true story until three decades later and soon gave up on going into the wilderness alone in search of gold.

What the US Govt. Knows?

What do you believe?

Cremo & Thompson

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U.S. Official Documentation

The United States Government, classifies Big Foot as an unknown species of bipedal hominid, in its own documentation known as the Washington (State) Environmental Atlas published by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. This document that costs the taxpayers $200,000 dollars to make and was published in 1974, includes forensic evidence obtained by the FBI of hair samples that were concluded to belong to 'no known human or animal species'. Included in this document are all the known sightings of Sasquatch (Big Foot) listed on a map of Washington State up to the year 1974. Sasquatch is a Native American word for 'man of the forest' and is a part of the oral history every North American Indian tribe on the continent.

Numerous scientists, researchers and institutions have known hair samples taken from Big Foot or Yeti from around the world that have been matched through DNA analysis. Thousands of eye witness testimony, hundreds of footprint casts and even skin and bone fragments, such as teeth are known to exists, confirming that Big Foot is real. This forensic evidence alone would stand up in any court of law in the world and is one of the main reasons I submit that Neanderthal Man Is Big Foot and Still Exists Today, yet mainstream science continues to ridicule its existence, why?

The most obvious explanation to why our own Government would censor information that would prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that Sasquatch, Yeti or Big Foot truly exists is that this would then mean that a race of man, the Government has no control over has existed on this planet for millions of years. That Neanderthal Man did not go extinct roughly 30,000 years ago as is taught in our history books, is not the fore bearer of Cro Magnon Man and that they would then have to explain, when they learned this and why they covered up this information.

Consider for a moment the fact that this race of hominids have existed on this planet for millions of years without money, any form of organized government, no prisons, no warfare, they do not pay rent to live here, they have no need for land ownership, they are vegetarians and yet grow to immense size, do not have any known diseases and live in peace and harmony with nature.

Considered how this information would change our current societies belief in the true nature and origins of modern man if it were to be recognized that mankind needs none of these things to exist without war, poverty or disease. Consider what it would mean to institutions that literally make billions of dollars off the suffering of humanity, charging them rent to live here, charging them money for energy to heat their homes and the treatment of diseases.

By simply recognizing this race of hominids exist, let alone that it has for millions of years, would throw a monkey wrench in the Darwinian Theory of Evolution and would show that we are not the original species on this planet. Because Cro-Magnon Man only came into existence roughly 120,000 years ago, it would show that the entire concept of evolution was conceived to prove that we evolved on this planet when we clearly did not.

This information would require for our own society to reevaluate our entire history. Consider the backlash from the common man when it is revealed that our entire history has been made up to cover up the fact that we are not the original species of this planet and were in fact created for the specific purpose of working as slaves to a higher order.

Admitting to the current existence of Neanderthal Man would reinforce the concept that Cro-Magnon Man was created by the Annunaki from the planet Nibiru a.k.a Planet X to serve as workers in their extensive mining operations of planet Earth 120,000 years ago. This has been a closely guarded secret for thousands of years, ever since the Annunaki left Earth and returned to their home planet several thousand years before the birth of Christ however that is another subject entirely.

Almas - Russia's Big Foot

Almas or Almasty

Almas or Almasty is the Russian version of the North American Big Foot and is its own distinct species, usually described as being six feet tall with reddish brown hair. Many cryptozoologist think this species of hominid is more closely related to Neanderthal Man than the North American Big Foot or Sasquatch.

Almases are typically described as human-like bipedal animals, between five and six and a half feet tall, their bodies covered with reddish-brown hair, with anthropomorphic facial features including a pronounced brow ridge, flat nose, and a weak chin. Many cryptozoologists believe there is a similarity between these descriptions and modern reconstructions of how Neanderthals might have appeared.

There is even a documented case in which an Almasty female that was captured and lived with modern humans in a small Russian village for many years and was able to mate and produce offspring. Although through DNA samples Bryan Sykes, Professor of Human Genetics at the University of Oxford seems to have solved the origins of this mysterious hominid as coming from a species of human from Sub-Sahara Africa.

However what is not mentioned in many reports made by this researcher is that the DNA test also confirmed the presence of a strain of a far older and now extinct hybrid humanoid, more closely related to Australia's Aborigines. This is often the case when one researcher sets out to prove a preconceived theory, they will invariably leave out any damaging evidence to that theory from their public reports and research.

One need only realize that the Brontosaurus (thunder lizard) described in our history books as a real dinosaur and prominently displayed as a full skeleton in the Smithsonian Institution Museum in Washington D.C., is actually a hybrid of two different species of dinosaur, too recognize how scientist and researchers can dupe the public.

In the case of the Brontosaurus, researchers and government officials have known for over 100 years that this dinosaur never existed and yet despite this evidence decided not to inform the public of this obvious distortion of the facts, preferring to allow millions of school kids and adults to believe that it is a real animal.

So now the public has been duped into believing that Zana as she was called by the villagers in Russia is actually the offspring of a human from Africa and brought to Russia as a slave hundreds of years ago, when in fact the DNA tests show that it is more likely that she is the offspring of a now extinct hominid that migrated to Russia from Africa thousands of years ago.

This is the kind of research by scientist that keep the public in the dark about so many of the mysteries of our planet. Setting out to prove one theory they completely disregard any evidence that does not match or confirm their hypothesis. This is exactly the kind of propaganda that reinforces my theory that Neanderthal Man Is Big Foot and Still Exists Today.

Brontosaurus Never Existed . . . Say What?

Yes, millions of American school kids have been lied to for over 100 years into thinking the Brontosaurus was real.

Yes, millions of American school kids have been lied to for over 100 years into thinking the Brontosaurus was real.


The fact that the United States Government already has recognized this hominid as an unidentified bipedal humanoid, clearly indicates that they in fact know it exists. However just like the UFO subject they have censored all information confirming the proof of their existence from the public. However 'secrets' of this nature have a tendency to leak out to the public from whistleblowers, scientist and researchers.

The fact that hair samples from different parts of the world match through DNA analysis and cannot be linked to any known animal species forensically confirms their existence. The fact that modern bone samples, teeth and even skulls have been discovered that match fossil evidence of Neanderthal Man only further reinforces this theory that they still exist in remote parts of the world.

When we considered the premise that Neanderthal Man has learned through experience and observation that modern man is violent by nature and has the tendency to kill anything and everything, including others of their own species, we can understand why they remain isolated and shy away from human contact.

The fact that many remote regions of the world are still largely unexplored due to the extreme nature of their climates and terrain is another indication that a large bipedal hominid could easily live there undetected for years. When we recognize that these hominids actually prefer to live in climates and weather that would easily kill a modern human and that they have adapted to living at altitudes that modern man cannot, then it is easy to understand why we cannot find many traces of their existence.

Yes, all regions of the world have been mapped but many of them are still unexplored or navigated by modern man. Considered that the largely unexplored Himalaya Mountains in the remote regions of Tibet and China is roughly the size of the continental United States and you will realize that this is a vast area in which to live isolated from modern humanity.

Then considered other parts of the world such as South American jungles, parts of Africa, much of Siberia, Northwestern Canada and the Arctic and even remote regions of the United States still have not been explored and are left untouched by modern man's influence and you begin to understand how a species that doesn't want to be found, could remain isolated.

Then taking all of these factors into consideration we can add to their isolation the things we do know about the manner in which they live. These hominids are known to be nocturnal, sleeping during the day and foraging at night for food. They do not eat large game and so do not leave the bones of their food for humans to find. Because they forage for nuts, berries and grass and leaves such as gorillas, they do not leave traces of their food behind. They do not use fire to cook their food and eat it raw so there are no traces of their camps.

They have incredibly good eyesight and a keen sense of smell and so can detect humans in their habitat quite easily. They do not live in shelters or homes that we are familiar with but will construct crude shelters that are easily dismissed as piles of brush. Because most of their shelters are in remote caves unexplored by mankind, we have not found many traces of their remains or perhaps they bury their dead as we do.

Because of their long gait and endurance they have been seen moving away from humans at a walk faster than a modern human can run. They are masters at camouflage and often times blend in with their surroundings so completely, many humans have taken pictures of them without realizing it until further analysis that these hominids were in the picture or that they were so near.

Many times when modern humans do make sightings it is by pure chance or accident and so are not prepared to take a picture or even have a camera handy. Most humans are not very observant of their surroundings, I can't tell you how many times I have been in the forest hiking and upon hearing other humans in the area simply have stepped of the trail ten feet, remained silent but unhidden and watched amazed as hikers have walked right by me, never knowing I was there.

Modern man in their arrogance believe that they are the masters of their domain and know everything there is too know about their planet. The sheer volume of evidence that shows our planet is still largely unexplored and many 'new' species are discovered everyday is one of the many reasons I believe Neanderthal Man Is Big Foot and Still Exists Today.

Patterson-Gimlin Film

© 2014 somethgblue


somethgblue (author) from Shelbyville, Tennessee on November 08, 2015:

I think Mr. Pye was beginning to fit even more pieces of the puzzle together as to our ancient past and so like many others he was silenced with the incredibly fast acting manmade cancer The Cabal uses for assassinations nowadays.

His popular theories were gaining momentum and the facts he had recently uncovered were beginning to make it into the mainstream media so he was eliminated but there is far more to this story than meets the casual researchers eye.

Jeff on November 08, 2015:

I am convinced as you are that Bigfoot is Neanderthal.

We are seeded on this planet by Aliens that are still around. The secret will be kept as long as is needed to keep our true masters in the dark from us.

Pity Mr Pye is now dead I would have loved to have met him and thank him for filling in a piece of my person puzzle.

I wonder if his death has any connection with the Star Child Skull? That now seems to have dropped off the Radar now Mr Pye is deceased.

somethgblue (author) from Shelbyville, Tennessee on December 05, 2014:

Heck even Einstein, didn't or wouldn't accept quantum mechanics, chaos theory or quarks into his belief system, so although I would agree that many 'scientists' are in search of the truth, I would disagree with their methods.

I for one abhor scientific theory and the gaining of knowledge through observable facts, predictable experimentation and the gathering of provable data, I submit to you that it is far too limiting and leads to conditioned thinking.

I prefer research and thinking with my heart. Find and read all the information you can and then decipher the truth from connecting with the Source Field, God Consciousness or your heart whatever term you feel comfortable with. Your soul 'knows' the truth learned to communicate with it and the answers will come to you through synchronicity.

Thanks for reading but if you are looking for proof you won't find any in my articles, I don't need it, nor do I feel a need to provide it to my readers. I merely plant the seed, God does the rest.

Leigh on December 05, 2014:

Although I don't necessarily agree with everything in this article, I appreciate how well researched these ideas are. I try to keep an open mind, but it can be difficult to find comprehensive scientific works on more controversial theories such as this. It was refreshing to read a different, well-written opinion on the subject.

There is one thing I'd like to comment on. In the third paragraph you mention that one of the reasons the truth is being kept from the general public is that it would destroy scientific theories and egos. It would definitely unravel a lot of theories, and unfortunately there are scientists who would cover up facts in order to prevent the undoing of their work. However, the vast majority of researchers that I've had the pleasure of working with have a true passion for their areas of study and have dedicated their lives to discovering the truth. Most would not only welcome such a game-changing discovery, but would be ecstatic about something that could unlock some of the deepest mysteries of their fields.

Anyway, thanks again for sharing such an interesting article!

somethgblue (author) from Shelbyville, Tennessee on August 07, 2014:

According to my research there are five types of Neanderthal spread out throughout the World but I wasn't really interested in describing them and was more about just representing the fact that they're misrepresented as a coverup tactic.

Often researcher swill use fiction and speculation as way to get their message out, this avoids scientific scrutiny and criticism of their work.

Jeff on August 07, 2014:

This idea is not new to me. While serving time over child support I read a book called neanderthal, and it really dives into this idea. Of course the book is fiction, but I do believe the author based his fictional works of actual facts. The only real difference between that book and this article, is that in his book there were two types of neanderthal. One type was carnivorous and the other type vegitarian. The veg neqnderthals we smaller and walked both upright and apelike. The carnivorous neanderthals we huge beast like bipedal creatures. Both types produced a foul odor, and both of them interacted on a higher level than humans are capable of like telepathy. The premise of the book was similar to the article in that scientists and government officials wanted the knowledge kept secret.

somethgblue (author) from Shelbyville, Tennessee on August 03, 2014:

Nadine, I suspect that new revelations will begin to grow exponentially in all areas and disciplines as we learn to grow spiritually we will begin to think more with our heart.

This will provide us with accepting the truth without requiring proof, which is a conditioned response created for thinking with our minds. Even now more and more is revealed to the deception and disinformation that has been prevalent in our society.

As always thanks for stopping by.

Nadine May from Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa on August 03, 2014:

I loved this article and am so glad to have again been assured that Neanderthal Man Is Big Foot Daniel. Now that all this information is coming out in droves, I wonder how long it will take for the general population to except that our early history is a complete fabrication? I will share your post on all the networks.

somethgblue (author) from Shelbyville, Tennessee on August 02, 2014:

Well thank you, there is absolutely nothing wrong with living alone. No one ever is going to mess with your covers or use your toothbrush, plus you get to walk around naked as a J-bird and yes your dirty socks go on the floor, where they belong.

To answer your question about why it is important for The Powers That Be to keep humanity ignorant about Neanderthal Man is because they prove that you don't need government, energy sources or any modern conveniences to exist on this planet.

They are free from diseases, use telepathic communication, they don't have prisons, money, slavery and they do not murder each other or eat meat, they exist on the Earth's bounty without the need for growing crops.

However the single most important thing is that their DNA would prove that they are fundamentally very different and the original species of this planet and that humans are not. This would open a huge can of worms for TPTB to explain and his-story would have to be completely rewritten.

So you see, don't you how keeping the sheep docile is preferable than allowing them to get glimpse at the truth. The same goes for the Hollow Earth Theory, if you haven't delved into that it will literally blow your mind but it is vital that the truth isn't revealed to the public because, humanity would migrate en masse if it were to be known paradise does exist on Earth just not on the surface, but inside it.

Suzie from Carson City on August 02, 2014:

You are an extremely fascinating man.....and quite honestly, our similarities in ideas, attitude, beliefs and life in general have given me quite a jolt. I've learned so many of the same lessons in terms of my personal life and inner being....but I've also felt a self-induced estrangement from so much of society. I won't use the word "suffer" because I make my choices based on what I believe to be right, despite hearing & seeing otherwise .....and most definitely despite the lessons directed at me through life.

It's rather difficult to verbalize, which is a shameful thing for a writer to admit.....but sometimes, I hold back because I have such a very different, out of the ordinary, personal constitution, I fear that disclosing too much of myself, too often may only result in my becoming more of a recluse and loner than I have always been. (Please don't confuse what I just said to believe I am not people-friendly) I am. Then again, it really does depend on the "people."

I too have walls filled with books and read much more than I should, considering the "things" I ignore around me and my pile of books....

Oh hell...I live alone. What do I care?

I am honored to have met you and it is a real pleasure to read your incredible work. You are such a fabulous writer.....sincerely, you are.

somethgblue (author) from Shelbyville, Tennessee on August 02, 2014:

Two things have really helped me, learning to open my mind to new possibilities and learning how to 'think' with my heart, instead of my mind (which is easily changed).

I graduated from college at age 48, during these years of school I learned how to decipher the truth by asking my heart or soul as I drifted off to sleep to communicate with my conscious mind the truth of any concept, idea or problem I was working on.

Then I would pay attention to the first thoughts I had upon awakening and to the synchronicity in my daily life to learn the truth. Over time I got better and better at this practice and before you knew it I was able to do this without having to 'sleep on it' but just in a light meditative trance.

This practice really helps when researching articles or reading esoteric books that are filled with unusual concepts and ideas. I have an extensive library of books, many of which have been censored from the public, that has allowed me to read about subjects that fascinate me, plus I love to read.

Since I don't own a TV, I must get my news from other sources and I have found that American News told from a source outside America is often the most reliable.

Suzie from Carson City on August 02, 2014:

Since all of this realistic evidence exists, I can't seem to understand why the existence of these creatures is so strongly denied and scoffed at. Are they assuming there are people creating these facts and using trickery or going to extremes just for the sake of a hoax?

I'm not sure what the point to that would be. I'm actually able to be open-minded to any and all possibilities, until of course something is proven true or false with 100% certainty....or at least quite close to that percentage.

Another wonderful hub of intriguing and useful information. The extensive research you must do is impressive. I appreciate reading work I can be confident is accurate and credible. Thanks again for enriching my knowledge base.

When I grow up, I'll be as smart as you!..............Up+++ shared, pinned

somethgblue (author) from Shelbyville, Tennessee on March 26, 2014:

Nope, but the term does seem to be getting some attention, as I have seen it more and more, in articles and books.

. on March 26, 2014:

Found a blog (blogger) and tube channel by the name of 'Cognitive Dissonance'. Is that you?

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