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National Anthem Of All Asian Countries Including Their Capitals And Their Brief Description

Each country has a national symbol, be it a national anthem, flag, animal, flower, dress, sports, bird, etc. They signify the unique identify of a nation and differentiate them from other countries. National symbols are also a source of national pride.

School children singing their national anthem


Every student or pupil has to know the national symbols of his own country. This are taught in the students' Social Studies class. However, they must not limit their knowledge to their own country but they should also try to spread their wings, so to speak, by being aware of other countries’ national symbols. It is always fascinating to know what other countries have to offer in terms of their culture and way of life.

The following is an enumeration and brief description of the national anthem of all Asian countries. The description given are based on the lyrics of each national song. I have also included the English translation of the anthem and the name of their capitals.

Asia is divided into South Asia, North Asia, West Asia, Central Asia, East Asia and Southeast Asia.


A- capital

B- national anthem

C- English translation

D-brief description


South Asian Countries

1. Afghanistan

Capital: Kabul

National Anthem: " Milli Surood"

English Translation: "Afghan National Anthem"

Brief description: Afghanistan’s national anthem is written in Pashto language, one of the national languages of the said country. Its national song has the phrase “Allah Akbar “or “God is Great” in it as mandated by its constitution. It talks about Afghanistan as a country of tribes following only one God. It describes the nation as peaceful but its citizens are brave.

Its previous national anthem was about Afghanistan as the frontier of its religion. It mentions many time their praise for God.

2. Bangladesh

A: Dhaka

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B: "Amar Shonar Bangla"

C: "My Golden Bengal"

D: It professes love of their country and how beautiful it is. It describes how a Bengal feels about the country’s seasons and the beauty of Bengal.

3. Bhutan

A: Thimpu

B: "Druk Tsendhen"

C: "The Thunder Dragon Kingdom"

D: The song gives praise to their King. It tells of hope that enlightenment will flourish and that its people will always live in peace and happiness.

4. India

A: Delhi

B: "Jana Gana Mana"

C: "Thou Art the Ruler of All Minds"

D: It praises their ruler, of whose voice echoes in the hills and is chanted by the waves, praying for blessing and salvation.

5. Maldives

A: Male

B: "Gaumee Salaan"

C: "National Salute"

D: The anthem is about saluting in national uniformity the nation’s flag and heroes. The song wishes for freedom and progress in the world and that the state would ever have honor, respect and continuing might.

6. Nepal

A: Kathmandu

B: "Sayaun Thunga Phool Ka"

C: "Made of Hundreds of Flowers"

D: The song conveys that its citizens are the garland of the country woven from flowers. According to the song, it is a land of knowledge which nature gifted with unending wealth. It has a diverse race, aside from language, religion and culture.

7. Pakistan

A: Islamabad

B: "Pak Sarzamin or Quami Tarana" (In Roman Urdu)

C: "The Pure Land"

D: It tells of Pakistan as a sacred land in which order is the might of its people's brotherhood. It wishes that the nation always shines in glory with its flag of Crescent and Star.

8. Sri Lanka

A: Colombo

B: "Sri Lanka Matha"

C: "Mother Sri Lanka"

D: The song salutes Sri Lanka, a land which is plenty in prosperity and beautiful in grace and love. As a Mother, it inspires its citizens forever marching onward as one to its fullest freedom.


Southeast Asian Countries

1. Brunei

Capital: Bandar Seri Begawan

National Anthem: "Allah Peliharakan Sultan"

English Translation: "God Bless His Majesty"

Brief Description: The song asks God to bless the country’s Majesty with long life and to rule the country with justice and nobility.

2. Burma

A: Rangoon or Yangon

B: "Kaba Ma Kyei"

C: "Till The End Of The World"

D: The song tells how its citizens love their land until the world ends up. It professes duty to their nation because this is their real inheritance.

3. Cambodia

A: Phnom Penh

B: "Nokoreach"

C: "Royal Kingdom"

D: Just like the anthem of other nations, it delves on patriotism that tells the history and struggle of Cambodia and its people. It evokes the heavens to protect the King and that every pagoda is heard with songs of remembering Buddhism.

4. East Timor

A: Dili

B: "Patria"

C: "Fatherland"

D: It narrates bringing glory to its people and heroes. It tells that colonialism was vanquished. Cries for bringing down imperialism echoes in the song.

5. Indonesia

A: Jakarta

B: "Indonesia Raya"

C: "Great Indonesia"

D: It extols Indonesia which its people love. It describes the county as a noble, sacred and wealthy land. It also speaks of guarding the independence and sovereignty of the pure Motherland.

6. Laos

A: Vientiane

B: "Pheng Xat Lao"

C: "Laos National Anthem"

D: It tells of the Lao people glorifying their nation in unity. Lao people are equal and they proclaim to be their own masters, each resolving for victory in order to make the country prosperous.

7. Malaysia

A: Kuala Lumpur

B: "Negaraku"

C: "My Country"

D: It describes the country where its people’s blood are shed; where the people are united and progressive. It invokes God to bless the country with happiness and wishes that their ruler may reign in peace.

8. Papua New Guinea

A: Port Moresby

B: "O Arise, All You Sons"

D: The people sing their joy, praising God and proclaiming their country’s name. They give thanks to the Lord for His kindness, wisdom and love.

9. Philippines

A: Manila

B: "Lupang Hinirang"

C: "Land Of The Morning"

D: The song credits the country as the cradle of noble heroes. It tells of the sparkle of the flag and its stars that shall never dim. Its people are ready to give their life for the sake of the country’s independence.

10. Singapore

A: Singapore

B: "Majulah Singapora"

C: "Onward Singapore"

D: It urges Singaporeans to progress toward happiness and that their noble aspirations and voices soar as one for Singapore’s success.

11. Thailand

A: Bangkok

B: "Phleng Chat"

C: "National Song"

D: It talks about the country uniting the flesh and blood of Thais. The nation belongs to its people in every respect.

12. Vietnam

A: Hanoi

B: "Tien Quan Ca"

C: "Army March"

D: It shows the importance of its army to lead its people out of misery and suffering. It urges them to go forward with one single determination to save their Fatherland.


Central Asian Countries

1. Kazakhstan

Capital: Astana

National Anthem: "Menin Qazaqstanim"

English Translation: "My Kazakhstan"

Brief Description: The national anthem says that its people are valiant and are the sons of honor; sacrificing to gain their freedom. It urges its citizens to let the past serve bitter lesson and look ahead to a brighter future.

2. Kyrgyztan

A: Bishkek

B: "Kyrgyz Respublikasynyn Mamlekettik Gimni"

C: "National Anthem Of The Kyrgyz Republic"

D: It urges Kyrgyz people to stand up and flourish; and to pass the heritage of their fathers to their sons for the benefit of the nation as a whole.

3. Tajikistan

A: Dushanbe

B: "Surudi Milli"

C: "National Anthem"

D: The song expresses how its people are happy to see the pride of the nation. It extolls the country as a Mother for all its citizens, proclaiming that its future is also the future of everyone in the country.

4. Turkmenistan

Al: Ashgabat

B: "Garassyz, Bitarap, Turkmenistan Dowlet Gimni"

C: "The National Anthem Of The Independent Neutral Turkmenistan"

D: Its anthem tells how its citizens are ready to give life for their native land. The land is sacred and its flag flies as a symbol for the great neutral country.

5. UzbekistaN

A: Tashkent

B: "O‘zbekiston Respublikasining Davlat Madhiyas"

C: "National Anthem Of The Republic of Uzbekistan"

D: Its anthem describes the country as a warm-hearted companion, wishing that its glory will shine as long as the world exists. The faith of an Uzbek never dies and that the young generation is its wings.


West Asian Countries

1. Armenia

Capital: Yerevan

National Anthem: "Mer Hayrenik"

English Translation: "Our Fatherland"

Brief Description: The song proclaims that Armenia is sovereign and free. It hopes that it sparkles before the enemy and flourish forever. Blessed are those Armenian people who gave their life to defend the nation’s freedom.

2. Azerbaijan

A: Baku

B: "Azerbaycan Marsi"

C: "Azerbaijan’s Anthem"

D: The national anthem declares the country as a cherished land and that its people are ready to give their hearts and life for it. It honors soldiers who deprived their lives for the sake of the nation.

3. Bahrain

A: Manama

B: "Bahrainoma"

C: "Our Bahrain"

D: It tells about its country and the King as a symbol of harmony. The nation is a country of nobles and a place of peace. It also considers the country’s constitution highly.

4. Cyprus

A: Nicosia

B: "Ymnos is tin Eleftherian"

C: "Hynm To Liberty"

D: The song narrates how it recognizes liberty from the edge of the mighty sword. Its citizens will rise from the remains of its Hellenic ancestors.

5. Georgia

A: Tbilisi

B: "Tavisupleba"

C: "Liberty"

D: The national anthem tells that the Motherland is its icon. Its freedom sings for its future while its star shines between two seas, as the song goes.

6. Iran

A: Tehran

B: "Soroud -e Melli-e Jomhouri-e Eslami-e Iran"

C: "National Anthem Of The Islamic Republic of Iran"

D: The song praises its people’s God as the zenith of their faith. It is the land where the Eastern Sun rises in the horizon.

7. Iraq

A: Baghdad

B: "Mawtini"

C: "My Homeland"

D: The national anthem praises the homeland; full of beauty, glory and splendor. It tells of a duty to be faithful to the nation and for its people to embrace independence.

8. Israel

A:Tel Aviv, some say it is Jerusalem

B: " Hatikvah"

C: "The Hope"

D: The song declares that Israel’s hope is not yet lost as long as the soul yearns for it. It speaks of being free in their land.

9. Jordan

A: Amman

B: "Al-Salam Al-Malaki Al-Urdoni"

C: "The Royal Anthem of Jordan"

D: Its national anthem praises the King, whose position and reign is sublime and glorious. It hopes that the King stays as the light and guide for the nation.

10. Kuwait

A: Kuwait City

B: "Al- Nasheed Al-Watani"

C: " National Anthem"

D: The song evokes blessings to the country, a homeland of peace and dignity for its people. It expresses love for the nation and extols its being a cradle of ancestry.

11. Lebanon

A: Beirut

B: "Kulluna lil-watan"

C: "All Of Us, For Our Country"

D: The song expresses unity for the country, flag and glory. Its land and sea are its gems and hopes that God may preserve it forever.

12. Oman

A: Muscat

B: "Nashid as-Salaam as- Sultani"

C: "The Sultan’s Anthem"

D: This song asks for God's blessing to the Majesty, the Sultan. It tells of its people as dedicated among the noblest Arabs.

13. Qatar

A: Doha

B: "As-Salam Al-Amiri"

C: "Peace Be To The Amir" / "The Peace For The Anthem"

D: The national anthem swears that the country will always be free, an epic of glory and dignity. It is a land of men that will always protect its people in times of troubles; It has warriors who are willing to sacrifice.

14. Saudi Arabia

A: Riyadh

B: "Aash Al Maleek"

C: "The Royal Salute"

D: The anthem of this Asian country tells of praising God and raising its green flag for glory and supremacy. It proclaims love of country, living the glory of Muslims.

15. Syria

A: Damascus

B: "Homat el Diyar"

C: "Guardians Of The Homeland"

D: The song talks about the country’s guardians whose proud Spirits will not be restrained. It describes the country as a land where plains are as high as towers with brilliant suns resembling a sky.

16. Turkey

A: Ankara

B: "Istiklal Marsi"

C: "Independence March"

D: This Asian country’s national anthem urges its people not to fear because its flag shall never fade. It talks about freedom which is the absolute right of a God -fearing nation.

17. United Arab Emirates

A: Abu Dhabi

B: "Ishy Bilady"

C: "Long Live My Nation"

D: The anthem praises the unity of its Emirates whose religion is Islam guided by the Qur’an. The people will sacrifice their souls for the good of the nation.

18. Yemen

A: Sana’a

B: "Al-gumhuriyatu I-muttahida"

C: "United Republic"

D: The song tells of guarding majesty in their hands. The nation is the source of strength, and in faith and love, a Yemeni is an Arab all his life.


East Asian Countries

1. China

Capital: Beijing

National Anthem: "Yiyonggjun Jinxingqu"

English Translation: "The March Of The Volunteers"

Brief Description: This Asian country’s anthem urges its people to rise against being slaves. Together they will build the new Great Wall and will fight for everyone’s freedom.

2. Hongkong

A: Victoria / Central

D: Its official national anthem is the same as that of China since July 1, 1997 after the United Kingdom handed it over to China.

3. Japan

A: Tokyo

B: "Kimigayo"

C: "His Majesty’s Reign"

D: The song is one of the shortest national anthems in the world. It talks of wishing for the reign of the Emperor to continue for generations and eternity.

4. North Korea

A: Pyongyang

B: "Aegukka"

C: "The Patriotic Song"

D: The national anthem glorifies Korea as a nation of beauty with brilliant culture and wise people.

5. South Korea

A: Seoul

B: "Aegukga"

C: "The Patriotic Hymn"

D: The national anthem asks God to protect and preserve the country. It urges the people to give loyalty whether in suffering or joy for the love of country.

6. Macau

A: No capital

B: Since it is a Chinese independent territory, its national anthem is also that of China’s.

7. Mongolia

A: Ulan Bator

B: "Mongol Ulsyn Toriin Duulal"

C: "The National Anthem Of Mongolia"

D: The song talks about the nation’s sacred ancestry that continues forever. It proclaims that its symbols bless and that the people’s fate supports their ancestry, culture and language.

8. Taiwan (ROC)

A: Taipei

B: The national anthem of this country is also that of China’s since it is also a Chinese territory.


North Asian Country

1. Russia

Capital: Moskow

National Anthem: "Gosudarstvenny Gimn Rossiyskoy Federatsii"

English Translation: "National Anthem Of The Russian Federation"

Brief Description: The song praises the country as a sacred one and how its people love their land. It cherishes the centuries-old union of the people and the wisdom given by their forefathers.


Asian Countries


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Great article. Keep sharing.

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Thank you for the comment, Paul. It only proves that writers can learn as much from their readers.

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The national anthem of The Republic of China (Taiwan) was different than that of the People's Republic of China (PRC) when I lived in Taiwan in the 1970s. Chiang Kai-Shek and his followers had control and the national anthem was "San Min Zhu Yi" the Three Principles of the People. The song proclaimed how under Sun Yat-Sen's three principles of the people (nationalism, democracy, and socialism) Chiang would lead the reunification of Taiwan and the PRC. Also, during the Cultural Revolution in China, I can remember "Dong Fang Hong" (The East is Red) being China's national anthem. This is an excellent hub and I voted up and very interesting and uselful. I am sharing this with my followers.

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