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How to Prepare for the Nust Entry Test?

The Author is a proud Nustian where he studies Electrical Engg. at Pakistan Navy Engineering College, Karachi.

In the coming months, you are about to face the much revered NUST entry test, so just relax for a while, tension na lo because this Nustian is going to debunk the whole myth about the test and guide you about how you should tackle it and prepare for it.

Primary focus of this article is Engineering & IT test but some of the discussion will also benefit medical students.


The Nust Entry Test, 2016.

The Nust Entry Test, 2016.

Basic Guidelines

Starting with the basic guidelines and test pattern just in case you still didn't know about it.

  1. MCQ based paper having 200 of them in total.
  2. 80 are from Mathematics / Biology.
  3. 60 are from Physics.
  4. 30 are from Chemistry / Computer Science.
  5. 20 English.
  6. 10 IQ.

How Much You Need to Score?

Before starting with the preparations you must know how much marks you should score in order to succeed in securing your admission.

The tables below will give you a rough idea of the marks you need to score in order to get into a specific NUST College.

How much should I score in Nust Medical entry test?

How much you need to score in Nust Medical entry test?

MarksNUST College


Apllied BioSciences at Atta-ur-Rehman School of Applied Bio-sciences.

How much should I score in Nust Engineering entry test?

How much you need to score in Nust Engineering entry test?
(Estimates only, actual merit positions are determined on the basis of criteria explained below.)

MarksNUST College


Chances are that you will get a Merit Scholarship.


Mechanical or Electrical at SMME or SEECS (H-12 Campus).


EME (Mech. or Elect.) or Possibly at H-12.


Chemical at H-12 or Aeronautics at CAE Risalpur or Mechanical at PNEC (Karachi Campus).


Electrical at PNEC or some IT field at H-12 or Civil Engg. at Risalpur or Telecommunications at MCS.


Electrical or I&M at PNEC.


Environmental Engg. at H-12 or I&M at PNEC.

below 115

You get Nothing.

Selection Procedure

Final Merit numbers are determined on the basis of an aggregate score based on the following criteria.

Source: NUST Prospectus 2014
*O/A Level candidates who are in A Level (final year) will be assigned
25% weighting to their O Level equivalence marks as per equivalence
certificate issued by IBCC.



NUST Enterence Test


FSc/A Level/equivalent or FSc Part-I


Matric/O Level*


Its Not difficult due to the MCQs, about half of the mcqs are very easy, the remaining being logical and asked from the more unconventional topics. Very few, not more then 20 involve lengthy workings.

Why NUST Entry Test is Difficult?

Let's shed some light on why people consider NUST entry test to be difficult and uncover this myth for you.

  • The test encompasses the whole of what you have studied up till now. There is no choice like you had in Fsc.
  • It is of Three hours duration which means you have to keep your full concentration for three whole hours. (Fsc paper is also of three hours and most of it involves recalling what you learned earlier but here, it involves real thinking.)
  • The test requires you to recall matter from all three subjects whereas previously you had been taking exam of one subject at a time in Fsc. In simple words it asks you to think over a much larger area.
  • After two hours or so your brain gets exhausted and it creates a very bad temptation of recklessly shading the choices i.e tukka laga do since it is much easier then thinking.
The vast examination hall in Karachi where the Nust Entry test is conducted.

The vast examination hall in Karachi where the Nust Entry test is conducted.

Should I Join Coaching Center or Academy for Nust Entry Test Preparation?

Let's first discuss a major dilemma ringing in your minds, should I join any academy or center for preparation? jaon k na jaon?

Let me give you the answer straight away: you are much better off on your own even and better if you have a loyal friend by your side. Let's see Why?

Shrewd Techniques

Their is a myth that these centers will teach you certain 'shrewd techniques' that will give you a great edge above others in the test. Okay fine, you could use them in 10 or so mcqs at max, baki 190 kon karega? (they are mostly related to maths).

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Should you spend that much amount of money and time just to learn a few techniques when their is no guarantee that you will be using them in test?

Past Papers and Other Notes

Another thing which intrigues the students about centers is that they provide past papers and other stuff to practice mcqs. As far as the past papers are concerned, what they have is merely a reconstruction of questions which they heard from ex-students. There are books in the market which provide good mcq practice or dil ko tassali dene k lie kisi dost se center k notes ly k dekh lena. One mcq book + your textbooks + some brain and determination are enough for you to prepare.


Okay, they may have good and experienced teachers at their centers but precisely what they "teach" is the same that you have studied earlier in Fsc. Now I don't think you need a teacher to help you go through the same stuff again.