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How to Prepare for the Nust Entry Test?

The Author is a proud Nustian where he studies Electrical Engg. at Pakistan Navy Engineering College, Karachi.

In the coming months, you are about to face the much revered NUST entry test, so just relax for a while, tension na lo because this Nustian is going to debunk the whole myth about the test and guide you about how you should tackle it and prepare for it.

Primary focus of this article is Engineering & IT test but some of the discussion will also benefit medical students.


The Nust Entry Test, 2016.

The Nust Entry Test, 2016.

Basic Guidelines

Starting with the basic guidelines and test pattern just in case you still didn't know about it.

  1. MCQ based paper having 200 of them in total.
  2. 80 are from Mathematics / Biology.
  3. 60 are from Physics.
  4. 30 are from Chemistry / Computer Science.
  5. 20 English.
  6. 10 IQ.

How Much You Need to Score?

Before starting with the preparations you must know how much marks you should score in order to succeed in securing your admission.

The tables below will give you a rough idea of the marks you need to score in order to get into a specific NUST College.

How much should I score in Nust Medical entry test?

How much you need to score in Nust Medical entry test?

MarksNUST College


Apllied BioSciences at Atta-ur-Rehman School of Applied Bio-sciences.

How much should I score in Nust Engineering entry test?

How much you need to score in Nust Engineering entry test?
(Estimates only, actual merit positions are determined on the basis of criteria explained below.)

MarksNUST College


Chances are that you will get a Merit Scholarship.


Mechanical or Electrical at SMME or SEECS (H-12 Campus).


EME (Mech. or Elect.) or Possibly at H-12.


Chemical at H-12 or Aeronautics at CAE Risalpur or Mechanical at PNEC (Karachi Campus).


Electrical at PNEC or some IT field at H-12 or Civil Engg. at Risalpur or Telecommunications at MCS.


Electrical or I&M at PNEC.


Environmental Engg. at H-12 or I&M at PNEC.

below 115

You get Nothing.

Selection Procedure

Final Merit numbers are determined on the basis of an aggregate score based on the following criteria.

Source: NUST Prospectus 2014
*O/A Level candidates who are in A Level (final year) will be assigned
25% weighting to their O Level equivalence marks as per equivalence
certificate issued by IBCC.



NUST Enterence Test


FSc/A Level/equivalent or FSc Part-I


Matric/O Level*


Its Not difficult due to the MCQs, about half of the mcqs are very easy, the remaining being logical and asked from the more unconventional topics. Very few, not more then 20 involve lengthy workings.

Why NUST Entry Test is Difficult?

Let's shed some light on why people consider NUST entry test to be difficult and uncover this myth for you.

  • The test encompasses the whole of what you have studied up till now. There is no choice like you had in Fsc.
  • It is of Three hours duration which means you have to keep your full concentration for three whole hours. (Fsc paper is also of three hours and most of it involves recalling what you learned earlier but here, it involves real thinking.)
  • The test requires you to recall matter from all three subjects whereas previously you had been taking exam of one subject at a time in Fsc. In simple words it asks you to think over a much larger area.
  • After two hours or so your brain gets exhausted and it creates a very bad temptation of recklessly shading the choices i.e tukka laga do since it is much easier then thinking.
The vast examination hall in Karachi where the Nust Entry test is conducted.

The vast examination hall in Karachi where the Nust Entry test is conducted.

Should I Join Coaching Center or Academy for Nust Entry Test Preparation?

Let's first discuss a major dilemma ringing in your minds, should I join any academy or center for preparation? jaon k na jaon?

Let me give you the answer straight away: you are much better off on your own even and better if you have a loyal friend by your side. Let's see Why?

Shrewd Techniques

Their is a myth that these centers will teach you certain 'shrewd techniques' that will give you a great edge above others in the test. Okay fine, you could use them in 10 or so mcqs at max, baki 190 kon karega? (they are mostly related to maths).

Should you spend that much amount of money and time just to learn a few techniques when their is no guarantee that you will be using them in test?

Past Papers and Other Notes

Another thing which intrigues the students about centers is that they provide past papers and other stuff to practice mcqs. As far as the past papers are concerned, what they have is merely a reconstruction of questions which they heard from ex-students. There are books in the market which provide good mcq practice or dil ko tassali dene k lie kisi dost se center k notes ly k dekh lena. One mcq book + your textbooks + some brain and determination are enough for you to prepare.


Okay, they may have good and experienced teachers at their centers but precisely what they "teach" is the same that you have studied earlier in Fsc. Now I don't think you need a teacher to help you go through the same stuff again.


How Much Time you Need to Prepare?

It is recommended that you start your preparations after giving your 2nd year exams, because concentrating on two things in one time will merely divert your efforts. It is usually conducted in the first week of July so you will easily get more then a month to prepare which is enough, considering that you have already put some effort in F.Sc.

If you have carefully studied your F.sc. syllabus, it wont take much time to revise it once again and work out on MCQ practice.

If you feel that you have good grasp over whole syllabus, 80% of your preparation is already done.

What to Study

Now we come to the tricky bit – what to study? and exactly how to study?

Tackling MCQs

This is the point of concern for many intermediate students but it is just because MCQs are something new for them, other then that, its no big deal. Few days of practice on MCQs will make you quite comfortable with them. Find some good ECAT book or uspe haat saaf kerna shuru krdo (see the resources section below for recommended textbooks).

  • You should study in a continues session of three hours without break so that by the time you face the test your mind must have enough stamina to think it through till the end. This is very important like I mentioned earlier that when our mind gets exhausted we resort to reckless shading, this is the only way to avoid it. Otherwise you will be making silly mistakes in later part of the test.
Avoid reckless shading at all costs.

Avoid reckless shading at all costs.

Do Not hesitate to take some eatables to the examination hall. (A can of Red Bull can make a huge difference.)


This is a major part of the test and also the most difficult part so maths is the subject on which you should spend most of your time.

Mostly MCQs are set from the more unconventional topics namely:

  • Permutations and Combinations
  • Probability
  • Sigma and Summation notation
  • Arithmetic and Geometric Progression
  • Limits, Line Graphs
  • Conic Sections

Usually 2-3 MCQs are likely to come from each of these topics which when combined, can form a major part of maths portion. So make sure you have prepared them well.

You wont find any lengthy integration or differentiation so A-Level guys need not to worry about 'rattifying' all those formulas in intermediate, you can however learn formulas and equations of Conic Sections chapter if you have time.


This is a major part of the medical test just like maths in engineering test, the only difference being that you can't take any chance here as the merit is quite high.

I have already mentioned that most of the MCQs in NET are easy, so is the case with Biology where around 70 out of 80 mcqs are usually straight forward, that way its merely a test of your determination, not the muscle of your brain.

All topics are equally important so their is no option left other then to absorb whole of the Fsc book.


Revise your 1st year syllabus, read the textbook thoroughly at least once and you are absolutely fine. Their are no lengthy numericals, only simple ones but you have to be quick in solving them.

A Level guys should also cover those topics which are not in their course:

  • Electronics
  • Physics of Solids
  • Fluid Dynamics

Though, they have a low probability of coming in test.


It is considered the most easiest part of the engineering test, only a flashback of intermediate course will suffice for it whether Fsc or A Levels.

For medical test, organic chemistry is more important.


You can expect one critical reading passage, a few difficult synonyms and antonyms and 2-3 analogies. If you are not confident about your English, this is not the the time to worry about it, invest your time on other subjects rather then improving English.

What if you don't Succeed in the Test?

What if you don't Succeed in the Test?

God has a better plan for you.

Which Books can I use to Prepare for Nust Entry test?

Recommended textbooks for ECAT and MCAT preparation.

Recommended textbooks for ECAT and MCAT preparation.

The best resource at hand is obviously your textbook, make sure you read it carefully at least once, particularly physics textbook.

Among the many ECAT books that are available in the market, one published by Doger Brothers is the best. It covers the entire material you need to revise in concise form as well as offers some tough MCQ practice.

  • Try to attempt at least 100 MCQs from this book in one sitting, this will greatly enhance your concentrating power which will be tested to the fullest when you will be required to attempt 200 of them in one sitting.

Next if you live in Karachi you can purchase sample papers from IBA Grads coaching centers. Else, as a last resort measure find a friend who is enrolled in some test preparation center and loan the stuff from him.

Some Hindsight about GIKI Entry Test

Okay this is albeit unrelated to the Nust Entry Test but I believe, a few of you might also be interested in GIKI Entry Test.

Each year around 5,500 students appear in the GIKI Entry Test, actually way less then that of NUST so competition is considerably less then Nust. You stand a much better chance of being selectd in GIKI rather then at Nust because GIKI gives offer letters to first 1100 students on merit list that means roughly one in every five students who gives the test is selected. Around one third the students usually the top 250 are awarded financial assistance in the form of interest free loans.

MCQs in GIKI entry test are more difficult and conceptual as compared to Nust. You can expect some tricky numericals and fairly difficult theory as well as some lengthy calculation in maths.

Now moving towards the test, 80 MCQs in total:

  • 30 Maths
  • 30 Physics
  • 20 English

Here the english portion is fairly tough but masla ni he kiunke even if you strike 45 out of 80 mcqs correct you will be easily selected. Watch out for the negative marking though!

It will be highly appreciated if some of you return back and share your experiences about NET with us.

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StormsHalted (author) from Karachi, Pakistan on November 21, 2019:

As far as I remember, no extra sheet was given back then. Can't say if they provide or not these days.

Wajeeh on November 21, 2019:

Thanks! Your article helped me a lot. I wanted to ask if we are given blank sheets for working out the MCQs in the NET-computer and paper based tests, both?

StormsHalted (author) from Karachi, Pakistan on February 18, 2019:

Yes, you can apply. 60%+ marks are required in Fsc to apply to nust.

Abdul Mutlib on February 18, 2019:

Dear sir i have B Great in 10th and A Great FSc can i apply for nust

Abdullah shaikh on July 09, 2017:

I attempted 49 mcqs out of 80 and I am sure that 44 would be correct so i have any chance getting electrical engineering in giki

asim jahangir on April 24, 2017:

sir my marks in matric is 761 and fsc 986 how many marks required in net for civil engineering at h-12

StormsHalted (author) from Karachi, Pakistan on November 15, 2016:

Use your A level books first.

Their are a few remaining chapters in physics and maths you will need to cover from fsc books. (I have mentioned them in article, will however be editing the same in order to make it more prominent because mostly people are asking this question.)

A lot of things are discussed in quite detail above, do read them.

Hamid Ali Abbasi on November 15, 2016:

Hey, I'm an Alevel student. My Alevel result is ABB. I was wondering if you could help me, can you recommend me books to get started for my NET preparations for mechanical engineering? I'm on a gap year hence i haven't touched my Alevels books for like 4-5 months. A friend of mine lend me her physics and chemistry punjab board books which she used to prepare for medical as well as test series preparation books of kips for physics and chemistry. However this other friend of mine says i should use federal board books, so can you help me? What books should i prepare from and do i prepare entirely from fsc or should i use my Alevel books aswell?

StormsHalted (author) from Karachi, Pakistan on November 09, 2016:

A lot of detail has already been given in the article. If you have any specific question then you may ask (which is not given in the article).

StormsHalted (author) from Karachi, Pakistan on June 26, 2016:

Hopefully Yes ...... !

tahir waqas on June 26, 2016:

I have secured 142 in NET-2 2016 and 91% marks in F.sc part-1

Can i get admission in SMME Islamabad

kafeel fayaz on June 23, 2016:

but you did not mention software engineering

StormsHalted (author) from Karachi, Pakistan on June 23, 2016:

Haven't got much idea about Edexcel. Get hold of an ECAT book however to get yourself refreshed on MCQs.

Need not to worry. A few 'odd' FSC topics won't make much difference. Focus more on maths though.

sadiya on June 22, 2016:

i am an a level edexcel student how should i prepare?

StormsHalted (author) from Karachi, Pakistan on November 28, 2015:


Nimra on November 27, 2015:

Do you have any idea how much to score in Sat subject test for ME Islamabad and at pnec both ?

StormsHalted (author) from Karachi, Pakistan on November 19, 2015:

Yes ...

tania on November 19, 2015:

we should read punjab board books for biology sir

Anwar Ali on August 16, 2015:

i got 904 marks in matric and got 848 marks in F..s.c pre medicle then how many marks i can get for admission in Army Medicle Collage

StormsHalted (author) from Karachi, Pakistan on August 13, 2015:


UMAR ALI on August 13, 2015:


from which city you belong

Shuja Amjad on July 06, 2015:

i am an o / a level student and have just completed my AS. My question is when should I start my entry test preparation and from which books or notes or academy should i study from. i am really tensed about the entry test because every one says that all of the entry test syllabus comes from FSC syllabus. To what extent is this true? I got 9 A*s and an A in O levels and when i got my equivalence my percentage was 89%. What should i score in the NET to confirm my admission in NUST engineering? I would be really thankful to you for answering my questions.

StormsHalted (author) from Karachi, Pakistan on July 02, 2015:

Based on my experience with engineering I can confidently say that It is 80% related to A levels ....... you will do with physics and chemistry just by revising your A-level book and that is the best option looking at the paucity of time.

Hannah on July 01, 2015:


Im an alevel student and have registered for the computer based Net 3 (medical programme) on 10nth of this month. I have 9 days to prepare and am absolutely clueless about how to cover that much information in merely 9 days.

Could you please pinpoint any major topics I should revise for the three subjects and also manage a respectable score somehow? I've gotten ABB in my AS (alevels first year). Any book recommendations will also be much appreciated.


StormsHalted (author) from Karachi, Pakistan on July 01, 2015:

I have people in my class who were near your result but still cleared the test.

Muhammad Usama Hameed on June 28, 2015:

I have 65% in matric and 60% in Fsc, does i have any chance If i manage to get 120-130 in Net?

Samikhan on June 20, 2015:

I want to get admission in Bs physics.so how many marks i will get in net 3 nust test .plz reply me fast

StormsHalted (author) from Karachi, Pakistan on May 29, 2015:

I have updated the weighting criteria above .......... you all may now calculate your expected aggregate based on it.

Sajjad on May 28, 2015:

how much minimum MCQS must be required for a student securing 65% marks in FSC ...

StormsHalted (author) from Karachi, Pakistan on May 20, 2015:

I am about to update this article in view of your question .... so check back later.

k973 on May 20, 2015:

What must be the minimum score in Matric\Olevel, FSC and NET (combined) to qualify for admission in Engg. cadre.?

StormsHalted (author) from Karachi, Pakistan on May 19, 2015:

Cover 2 chapters in 1 day that will make about 44 in 22 days this will encompass your physics and maths.

Chemistry just 1 or 2 days and that's enough.

keep last 2 days to recap all the the stuff.

StormsHalted (author) from Karachi, Pakistan on May 19, 2015:

Cover 2 chapters in 1 day that will make about 44 in 22 days this will encompass your physics and maths.

Chemistry just 1 or 2 days and that's enough.

keep last 2 days to recap all the the stuff.

suleman afzal on May 18, 2015:

See i get free on 25 of april , nd net 3 is just 27 days aways which i got only 3 weeks to prepare ,now any advice please :-!

1Asad9 on May 15, 2015:

Many universities in Pakistan require 60% marks in maths and physics. I have got 81 and 89 marks in maths and physics respectively in Fsc1. But I am not sure whether I will be able to get 60% marks in maths and physics in Fsc2. I want to ask that do universities check aggregate scores of Fsc1 and 2 or they check separately the numbers of physics, maths and overall??????

Zalia Rizvi on May 14, 2015:

A.o.a I got 90% marks in matric and 88% marks in my fsc and NET-2 I got 145....is there any chance for PC seat.?? For MBBS/BDS..? I have collected a lot of books now to prepare for NET-3..! But exhausted when I see all of them! What should I do :(..I m weak at English..which book could u suggest me? Plzz

Fahd on May 13, 2015:

sir plz tell me PC seats pe mechanical Engr. k lie kitne marks NET me lene ho;n ge ... 814 in fsc !

StormsHalted (author) from Karachi, Pakistan on May 12, 2015:

Matric marks do not really make a difference as their weightage is only 15% ..... check the table above for an idea of marks.

Khan19 on May 11, 2015:

I got 89% marks in metric(federal board) and 76% marks in Fsc. part1(federal board). How many marks should I get in entry test to get admission in mechanical engineering Islamabad???

StormsHalted (author) from Karachi, Pakistan on April 30, 2015:

You might refer to NUST prospectus for this ........ I am only a sophomore so far until now ....

ALI SHER on April 30, 2015:


StormsHalted (author) from Karachi, Pakistan on April 14, 2015:

Consider reading the 'What to study' portion first.

130 is still a good score for engg. though...

Sadia rehman on April 12, 2015:

Aoa bhai

I am an A level graduate , appearing for NUST . I scored 130 in net-2 :'( n need a lot of marks for net-3 plz guide me how to prepare well is suchless time for all the portions :)

StormsHalted (author) from Karachi, Pakistan on April 10, 2015:

@nazish ... you have got 200 mcqs to attempt .... even if 7-8 come from stuff you haven't studied its not going to make a huge difference.

The Big people setting the test are aware that students from many different boards are going to appear in the test and not just Fsc students .... so they set the questions accordingly.

@Farooq ... you shouldn't expect mcat book's mcq to come in test. They are just meant to brush yourself up before the test.

@Sanaullah ... I am not aware about this

Farooq on April 06, 2015:

Sir I have taken 441 marks in first year and took 80 marks in net2 and I am very sad I have read all bio McQs from Mcat but no McQ has came from it so what can I do now plz ans me

StormsHalted (author) from Karachi, Pakistan on February 20, 2015:

First refer to the marks table in the article .... if you still have any queries let me know.

abdullah rafaqat on February 20, 2015:

sir i have got 966 marks in matric and 480 in part 1 how much numbers should i take in net 2 or net3?

StormsHalted (author) from Karachi, Pakistan on February 18, 2015:

Both of them have equal 'weightage' but since you have recently studied second year or are currently studying it, it should still be fresh in your mind whereas first year needs a look back ..... to refresh it.

Hassan Bilal on February 17, 2015:

Thanks a lot for replying.That meant a lot.

But there’s one last thing i want to ask.

You have written in your comment that i should have a quick glance over ’first year’ physics formulas. Should we not prepare the 2nd year phy?

If we have to prepare the 2nd year phy too, plz also tell which one occupies the major portion in phy section of NET, the 1st yeat or the 2nd year phy??

StormsHalted (author) from Karachi, Pakistan on February 03, 2015:

Dear Hassan,

Even if you don't do well in net 2 you still have net 3 at hand .... so the game doesn't end at net 2 ..... by the time you have faced net 2 you will know more about nust entry test then I can tell you here.

As far as the preparation is concerned you should have a quick glance over all of the first year physics formulas....no need to worry about fsc stuff as most of the "extra stuff" in fsc is usually not tested in net and even if it comes it is expected to test the most basic concepts not take you to the "end of the line". 4 topics in physics are extra in fsc if taken as a percentage of whole syllabus not more then 5 mcqs will be set from them.

In maths you must look at fsc stuff. topics which I have stated in maths section should be revised.

What you have studied in a levels is more then enough apart from some weird topics like limits and conic sections.

Hassan Bilal on February 01, 2015:

The article’s really great!!....helped me a lot.

But, unfortunately, things are still not fully clear to me.I am in alevel final year and planning to five NET 2, 2015.i have 2 months to prepare for the exam but there isn’t any clear cut guidline which i can follow to prepare well.and now it’s really started to mess with my head, making me tense, as i may not be able to score well if i don’t know how to prepare as i am not an fsc student.

i really need your guidance on this so please help me asap.i would be really gratefull to you.

StormsHalted (author) from Karachi, Pakistan on December 25, 2014:

As for the Nust we have already stated approximate marks in a table above ...... others I don't know ......

Dua Zahra on December 23, 2014:

sir I got 941 marks in matric and 470 in fsc part 1.how much MCQ's must be required for my admission in medical college

alvina on December 22, 2014:

Hmm thanks. Your info is helpful indeed.

StormsHalted (author) from Karachi, Pakistan on December 22, 2014:

Chemistry Part has very few numericals, in physics you need to know how to apply the formula .... in most cases just knowing the formula will do.

alvina on December 22, 2014:

Hmm thank you very much. And its not particularly about biology actually numericals are my weak side, so what if I don't spend much time on numerical side. Will it work even then to pass the test?

StormsHalted (author) from Karachi, Pakistan on December 21, 2014:

No need to be afraid ....... nearly all of the students face it for the first time ...... and I guess you will also avail a second chance in NET - 2 ..... so when you have actually seen NET-1 you will know more about how to handle it then any other person.

Now considering you have only one week , a good bet may be to go through at least all the topics once, in a quick flashback manner, no need to cram new things as we have already highlighted that most of the mcqs require only that you have briefly studied the topic .......

That's all I can say about medical ..... actually Biology sections here are written by another nustian ..... not me ....you can have his contact though

alvina on December 21, 2014:


StormsHalted (author) from Karachi, Pakistan on December 21, 2014:

you going in for med or engg?

alvina on December 20, 2014:

I am also going to give NET-1 and have to prepare for it in a week or less than this,so can you tell me the things which should be my first preference to get at least good enough marks to be listened coz I m so afraid as it would be my first experience.


StormsHalted (author) from Karachi, Pakistan on December 12, 2014:

I have recommended two books, their cover shots are displayed in the article ..... both of them are easily available. If you need extra practice, solve A level P1 past papers to taste the true flavor of MCQs :).

obxerver on December 12, 2014:

yar mjhe batao k best books knsi haee entry test nust ka deney ki .......jo mjhey acha khasa help kren????

StormsHalted (author) from Karachi, Pakistan on December 09, 2014:

Maybe.....you are on the border line..... 132-133 will do it ......

zahid ali on December 09, 2014:

I have got 415 marks in fsc part 1 and had passed olevels with my equivalence is 79 .if i score 130 marks in net 2 or 3 will i get admission in mechanical PNEC

StormsHalted (author) from Karachi, Pakistan on November 01, 2014:

A table given above shows marks distribution in detail.

Saqib Yaqoob on November 01, 2014:

sir i got 833 marks in matric and got 340 marks in fsc part 1. how much marks i need for engineering in net-1 ???

SAQIB from HYDERABAD PAKISTAN on October 13, 2014:

Being a NUSTIAN myself, its an interesting hub covering many aspects. I guess English is a very difficult part of the entrance exam but with lesser weight age, If you prepare smartly for Physics and Maths, you are surely through for Engineering. Maths should always be given preference.

Anyway Smart work pays better I guess.

Ahsan on October 04, 2014:

Thanks Mr Ali, this article is really informative as I bookmarked it for usual use.

StormsHalted (author) from Karachi, Pakistan on October 04, 2014:

Nust requires 75% attendance .... I can't be exactly sure about seats in chemical engg. depart but in my batch at PNEC electrical their are around 85 civilian seats each year so you can estimate.....

You will have to live with bad GPA if you attempt to do it whilst doing a job .... otherwise clearing the semester should not be an issue.

Ahsan on September 27, 2014:

Thanks, two more and last points plz;

1) How many total seats are there for admission in BE Chemical, in each batch/semester? I mean, how many students will be selected in BE Chemical Engg Discipiline finally?

2) For selected/current students, every university requires a specific attendance %age to appear in final exam of semester. Like UoG requires 70%, Comsats requires 80% etc. What's EXACT figure does NUST requires?

I am askimg this because I am doing Job (Relevant to Chem Engg field, as Assistant Chem Engr) in a Strategic Organisation in Morning, Evening and Night Shifts. Our holidays are also on working days usually. I want to conclude either I can do it with my job or not?

StormsHalted (author) from Karachi, Pakistan on September 27, 2014:

around 135 will do it.

Ahsan on September 27, 2014:

I scored 83% Marks in Matric (2007) and 79% in DAE (2010).

How many marks should I score in NET to secure my admission in BE Chemical Engineering in 2015?

StormsHalted (author) from Karachi, Pakistan on September 25, 2014:

@A.Rafay ......Aapka Shukria....

StormsHalted (author) from Karachi, Pakistan on September 25, 2014:


Technically Not.

StormsHalted (author) from Karachi, Pakistan on September 16, 2014:

only The Fsc book is necessary ....... and the ilmi series book pictured above is recommended by successful candidates.

A.Rafay on September 16, 2014:

Assalam o alaikum, brother! Yar, this article is awesome. Period. I read your article way back when I was prepping for this year's NET. Similar to you, I live in Karachi, so I only had one shot at this NET. I prepped my a** off! But, unfortunately, as I am an F.Sc. student (from Karachi Board) and not an A levels topper like yourself (and that too not an A-One grader), I flunked it badly. I got 116 marks! But, even then this article is the best for all people prepping for NET. People, do not take them lightly. Do whatever this man has said. Don't try to miss out on even a single detail. Believe me, you will thanking him in the near future! Thanks all!!

Khushbu on September 16, 2014:

Add Yom too much worried about ur Comment...

Anam Latif on September 14, 2014:

I want to know which books are necessary for preparation of medical entry test in nust

Hassan on September 12, 2014:


I got 69% in F.S.C.I already gave NET once and i got 80.

Till now you must be thinking that 'This guy is stuoid to apply and think he could getnadmission' well i decided that these consider the NET marks much more rhen FSC.So,if i work hard i would probably get in.

My question iS that,Is my optimism worth it?

StormsHalted (author) from Karachi, Pakistan on August 29, 2014:

1300s are usually achievble with around 135 marks

hamza on August 29, 2014:

last year closing merit was 1391 for mechatronics

hamza on August 29, 2014:

it was 1024 in 2012 and 841 in first list and 1391 in 6th list...

StormsHalted (author) from Karachi, Pakistan on August 29, 2014:

check last year's merit list of nust and tell me the closing merit of mechatronics .....?

as far as I think its around 700-900 so will in the range of 135-140 marks

hamza on August 28, 2014:

i have 86 % marks in matric and 75 % in fsc part have and i hope to get 880 to 900 in fsc part 2 .. how much marks should i get in nust and giki entry test to get admission in mechatronics ,, what are my chances.......

StormsHalted (author) from Karachi, Pakistan on August 28, 2014:

No, they are not same.

Muhammad Taha on August 28, 2014:

Are Dogar Brothers' and Dogar Publishers the same?

StormsHalted (author) from Karachi, Pakistan on August 19, 2014:

"God has a better plan for you ......."

Ali Abid on August 18, 2014:

hy! i'm ali u really did a nice job.

but, plz comnt me some good lines, Actually to boast me up and my stamina,

i'm in fsc part 2 waiting for my rezlt of part 1 , and trying to prepare for nust............................................................

StormsHalted (author) from Karachi, Pakistan on July 11, 2014:

No, Try again or gather your backup options.

ahmed on July 11, 2014:

i got 90% in mtric and 76% in fsc part 1 and 111 marks in nust test....... is there any chance.................??????????

StormsHalted (author) from Karachi, Pakistan on July 08, 2014:

Yes, you will score a merit number around 1400 so Their is a fair chance.

Fariha on July 07, 2014:

i got 129 in net,68% in fsc,88% in matric...can i get admission in software engineering?

StormsHalted (author) from Karachi, Pakistan on July 05, 2014:

Can't help regarding UET

saooD on July 05, 2014:

i will get 80% marks in fsc......... how many marks are required to get admission in UET lahore campus or fsl.... for mechanical or civil or software........

StormsHalted (author) from Karachi, Pakistan on July 04, 2014:

I can't be sure about it, threshold marks for medical test given above are just rough estimates to give you some idea.

Fariha on July 04, 2014:

Um... I was wondering what's considered a good score?

I got 168 in NET, 483 in FSc 1 and 971 in matric... Do I have a chance of getting in? (for mbbs)

StormsHalted (author) from Karachi, Pakistan on July 01, 2014:


hira on July 01, 2014:

I got 475 marks in hssc part 1 and scored 153 in nust net 3. Is there any chance of admission?

StormsHalted (author) from Karachi, Pakistan on June 25, 2014:

No, Their is no negative marking.

Xeesh on June 25, 2014:

Is there any negative marking in NUST Test ??? Reply ASAP

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