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NGR-True History of a Banned Word

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The Gods

The Gods

The Gods


From the earliest forms of human activity, there has always been language. It has solidified families, cultures and entire regions. Often times, there has been intermingling among different groups of humans which spawned variations of languages. 

In one particular moment of group interaction with another there spawned a word that is known throughout the world that hold so much power, it is considered derogatory and has even had a funeral service as a symbolic gesture of its linguistic banishment. as a result, it will be described as the "N-word".

History has comfortably been taught that the word was born from American-English slang spoken by "southern whites". It is often believed that it derived from the Spanish word "negro" which means "black".

Malcolm X once said, "Of all our studies, history is best qualified to reward our research", yet, it seems that the research to this word has stopped with the Spanish language. Further studying reveals that Spanish linguistics comes from Latin- the the proven origin of all European languages. Since Europe is fairly new to the realm of civilization as compared to Africa, Asia, the Americas and other places, common sense should let on that Europe's exposure to these advanced cultures has had a heavy influence on its language.

In the Latin dictionary, the term meaning "black" is "nigro". It should not be too hard to discern that "negro" comes from "nigro", with the only difference being the spelling. It is well known that Africa, (Egypt/Kmt in particular) influenced the early Greek society heavily. All of the famous philosophers from Plato to Pythagoras and beyond, were taught by African scholars. Herodotus' works details his visits and what he learned, yet, he is largely ignored outside of independent study but his works speaks for itself, proof positive that African culture, being many millenia older than Greek would heavily influence everything, right down to the language.

So far, this word has traveled from "American"- English to Spanish to Latin in a span of roughly 2000 years which one can surmise that the word "negro/nigro" is quite old. It is so old in fact, that it was found carved into temple walls of Egypt/Kmt. It is well known that Egypt never wrote their words with vowels, only consonants. So, negro/nigro in particular would have been spelled like so: Ngr. So, it would not matter what vowel sounds were placed in between the letters, the word was the same. In his book, The Hieroglyphic Dictionary - a 2-volume set featuring all decipherable words of that particular African culture, famed Egyptologist E.A. Wallis Budge has at least 14 definitions of "ngr" along with similar words that can be heard in today's rap lyrics, comedy shows and movies. 14 definitions of these words and none are in demeaning fashion, but in fact, the complete opposite of what its intended use was in the Americas when referring to enslaved Africans. Ngr meant "deity", a male and female representation. 

Fast forward to today and you see the descendants of those that created the actual word, despise it, banning it and going through a process of having a funeral for it. The term "ignorance" can not fully describe the actions taken by a people who have been stripped of their very dignity and divine wisdom.

To recap:  "The root word NGR existed in ancient Egyptian Sacred writings and hieroglyphs...and has divine origin and meaning." - Ernie A. Smith, M.D., Ph.D., Professor of Linguistics and Doctor of Internal Medicine. 

N-ger-s refers to ...The Goddess Neggur (Hathor) who is one of the oldest female deities of ancient Kemit (Egypt) who was worshipped thousands of years before Genesis and the Bible existed. - Sir E. A. Wallis Budge, (1857-1934), Egyptologist 

"NGA" is original name for Queen.

'Niger' means King in Ibo and Niger

"Nugarmatta: Term used by Africans of the Ghana Empire to call themselves" -writings of Ibn Buttata in National Geographic Magazine 

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This is not to deny that the word has power, but it has been altered with time and by a people who have a differing agenda in all their actions. But these people are not gods. Their lives and mis-information can be thwarted by simple research. The internet is a vast realm of information, a lot of which is misleading. But as Buddha once said, "Do not believe a word I say unless it agrees with your knowledge and common sense".

"My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge." - Hosea 4:6

Ain't that the truth?





NKosi on May 23, 2018:

In Isaiah 52:4-6, it clearly indicates that the name of the Most High is Negger (NGR), but there is an intentional punctuation error to throw people off. Verse 5 in Isaiah 52 states that the tyrants that rule over the people mock by saying Nigger and His name is blasphemed all day; as a result of that, my people shall know my name. When they used to make our forefathers worked, they used to whip them by saying "work Niggers, work."

Christina on November 03, 2015:

Excellent :) Keep up the Good Work! Awakening Time is Here Now! Truth shall always be scorned at by the Perpetrators....It is so Wonderful Wonderful to know now that Spirituality & Religion (man made) are in complete Opposites! Its like the Jesuit priest Ed Dowling that related to a young man seeking paths' in life; Young man questions "What is the difference between Spirituality and Religion? Reply of Jesuit priest, son, only way to make you understand is by relating in a story! "Spirituality is the Fresh Spring Water of Gods' (Ngr) Love for All of Creation; which arises naturally near the top of the mountain; And under the wonderful gift of Gravity, trickles down the mountain side and sustains and refreshes everything it touches:" ------- "Now, Religion, that's something else entirely. That is the Well intentions of man made Plumbing, which tries to make the water go uphill - where it should not go. And we usually whistle it past your ass, without the benefit of a tap. And being man made, of course it always Pollute the Water! The Nature of the Spiritual River is to bathe in it and learn to experience that Interior Wave. Church says in Medieval times "Outside the church there is No Salvation, you must come to God (Ngr) through us, for even though you live a goodly life, because of Original Sin you will fry in hell fire for all eternity...and only through coming to our church's you can be saved!!! They Equate this concept, With A Loving God (Ngr)??? IS NOT GOD (NGR) GOOD ENOUGH FOR US? WHY DO WE NEED RITUAL OF MAN MADE RELIGION?

Mr Eye on May 20, 2014:

In your historical synopsis you jumped from the Romans to the Greeks as if they were the same people, they were not, and their languages were not the same either. Bad scholarship.

Amen on October 16, 2013:

the true children of the Most High are called by his name.......

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