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Most of all I spend my time with my phone.

Most of all, I keep looking at new ways of earning on the phone. Today when I woke up in the morning, I saw it. My phone's battery is absolutely low.

I put it on the charge. I saw my mother making tea. Asking me to drink tea. At first I refused.

But just 2 minutes after that I said, yes, I want to drink. I asked my mother. What is breakfast with tea? Mother said that last night's bread is kept.

And is a little salty. I told Mommy, take it OK! Mummy brought breakfast with tea. Then I had breakfast.

Suddenly after that. My stomach ache started. Don't know what happened My stomach ache started growing.

Then I went to the washroom. After coming from the washroom. I lay on the ground. And I did a little leg exercise.

Because of what happened, my stomach pain decreased a little bit. Now I am comfortably lying down and running the phone.

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