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Benefits and Threats of Physics

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How Physics proved beneficial for our world

The era of Physics started with Galileo. He conducted an experiment to find the motion of the bodies and so why he became famous as the 'Father of Physics.' He was the first who grew interested in the minds of people to study Physics. After him, many scientists gifted us with their discoveries and theories which helped in creating today's world in which we are currently living. Because of Physics, Today Humanity is on a step to establish a colony on Mars.

  • Physics gave us Electronic and Electromagnetic devices on which today's world is dependent. These devices have created a comfort zone for us without which we can't live. The Fans, Bulbs, Televisions, Radios, Computers, Telephones, etc, and all other Electronics.
  • Physics gave us Advanced Technological Instruments which are continuously in use in the Factories, Manufacturing Industries, Refineries, and all other industries which come under the Secondary Sector, etc.
  • Physics gave us theories, principles, and tools which lead to the creation of Telescopes, Airplanes, Spaceships, Satellites, Aircraft, etc.
  • Physics gave us Laws of Motion and principles which lead to the creation of Bicycles, Motorbikes, Cars, Military Tanks, Boats and Ships, Submarines and all other types of vehicles, etc.

The List will expand if we include all the givings of Physics.

An Induction Motor

An Induction Motor

How Physics can be a threat to our world

The first person that comes to my mind after reading the title is Sir Alfred Nobel. This person is famous for his invention called Dynamite. Even when any Scientist discovers something new and different, he/she is honored by Nobel Prize named after him.

  • The invention of dynamite by Alfred Nobel was a start-up. Later, by using Advanced Technology, People today are developing different designs of explosives to make them more effective and powerful. These are capable of Destroying the whole Earth.
  • The discovery of Nuclear physics is beneficial but it is harmful too. It is beneficial when we are using Nuclear physics just to generate energy that is in a sufficient amount. It is harmful when the amount of energy liberated is so high it can be dangerous for us. This led to the creation of Nuclear weapons. The best example of its power is 'Hiroshima and Nagasaki.'
  • The discovery of Radioactivity and elements like Uranium and Thorium. These elements are beneficial also and harmful also. These are beneficial, when Uranium is used as fuel in the nuclear reactor and when Thorium is used to make ceramics, welding rods, cameras, telescope lenses, etc. But these both elements are harmful when used in a Nuclear Reaction.
  • The invention of Robotics. This is a type of invention that is beneficial today as it is the perfect creation of humans who is intelligent more than humans. But it may become a threat to humanity in the future, as hacking the systems can lead to the misuse of these Robots and could become a dangerous invention.
'Little Boy' an atomic bomb

'Little Boy' an atomic bomb

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