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My Favourite Teacher


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Good Teacher Is a Good Friend For Students

Encouraging words of a teacher accelerate the learning ability of a student

Encouraging words of a teacher accelerate the learning ability of a student

Teachers can influence their students in a positive way

There were many teachers who did teach me. I love them all and remember them all. But two teachers are outstanding. They were not ordinary teachers. They showed extraordinary kindness to me. So I remember them very often. Even after a couple of decades have already passed, I still remember their love and care. Whenever I remember them, I used to pray for them. I pray to God to give them all the success and happiness in their life.

One was the Mathematics teacher. When I was studying at the 8th standard, we got a new Mathematics teacher. She was young and energetic. Always smiles. She came to our school as part of her regular transfer. At that time, after 3 years in a particular school, the management used to transfer the staff. She was living far away and had to travel 2 hours to reach our school every day. For your information, traveling 20 km by boat, it would take 2 hours at that time. Every now and then the boat had to stop to get passengers. It was around a couple of decades back and there was no road transport available in our village at that time. Now we have road connectivity in our village after building many bridges over rivers which prevent us from connecting to other parts of the country.

She is the one I always remember with gratitude. She was very kind and made sure that we understand the subject very well. She told us that we have to understand and believe that Mathematics is an easy subject. That changed our attitude towards the subject considerably. Earlier we were in the belief that it is a tough subject and we repeatedly say to each other that Mathematics is a tough subject. She taught us that Mathematics is the only subject which can get maximum marks. If the steps, equations and answers are right, there is no chance of deduction in marks compared to other subjects where spelling mistakes and grammar mistakes influence your overall performance.

She taught us such a way that we understand Mathematics. She was the one who made us realize, learning the subject is fun. She appreciated our understanding of the subject very often. She always made sure that all students in the class understood the lesson thoroughly. After every lesson, she tests our understanding. And we all loved her classes.

Whenever there is a free period, due to the absence of another teacher, we will check whether our math teacher is free or not. If she is free, we ask her to come to our class and teach us. She was always willing to teach us.

Due to the love of our teacher, our class was doing excellent in mathematics. She showed us unusual kindness. There was no distance between the teacher and the students. We were so close and had a better teacher-student relationship. Earlier Mathematics was a very tough subject for me. But after the first year of her teaching, I started to love mathematics. In my 10th standard, I got the highest marks in mathematics than any other subjects. I still love mathematics. Her occasional comments on the neatness of my book, my writings etc were very encouraging and it made me keep my exercise book neat and clean and study the subject every day. I didn't want to fail her expectations. So I did whatever I can do to be a good student in her class.

I remember her face, her laugh etc. even today. When we were at 10th Standard, she got married. After a few months of her marriage, she got another transfer and left for a new school. It was a great loss for our class and for me personally. Since then I do not have any information about her. I loved her so much. My prayer is that May God bless her abundantly. That is the only one thing that I can do now. I pray for her and wish her all the best in her life. And I wish her all the goodness and happiness that a woman can get from the depth of my heart, I wish her all success and happiness in her life.

My Chemistry teacher

​When I entered the 11th standard due to the pressure from my brothers and relatives, I took a science subject. I wanted to take maths, but due to the pressure, I opt for science.

The second teacher I remember was the Chemistry teacher at my 11th standard. I was very bad at remembering equations of chemistry. But one day she called me and told me that my record book is neater and clean than any other student in the class. She checked record books of other students and found many spelling mistakes but in my book, she couldn't find many spelling mistakes.

That comment was very encouraging. Since then I took extra efforts to study chemistry. Often she said encouraging words to improve my studies. She showed extraordinary kindness to me. It boosts my confidence and I studied well. The final outcome was that I scored more marks in Chemistry than any other subjects.

I still remember her encouraging words. I pray for her whenever I remember her. They are the people who know how to teach. They took extra efforts to encourage students. I think that is the way to teach students.

When I look back, there are many people who showed extraordinary kindness to me. It is not possible to list all of them here. But when I remember them, my heart fills with gratitude. I cherish spending time while having a feeling of gratitude. Thank you all for your kindness. May God richly bless you and reward you for your kindness. That is my prayer.

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