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My Weird Coincidences and Experiences

Val has from ever been very intuitive which oftentimes bordered with extrasensory.


Like an ocean, life is deep, but we are just floating on the surface.

-- Michael Bassey

What's in the Number 9, Papa Pythagoras?

It was some decades ago that, out of sheer curiosity, I bought a little book about numerology, just to see what explanations it would offer for a certain number and a letter which kept repeating themselves in my life.

Well, the book found its way to the trash as fast as the one about astrology some time earlier. Namely, it was not based upon the "system" originated by the great Greek mathematician Pythagoras, but rather terribly modernized and generalizing.

Well, from time to time I still get quite puzzled over this numerical coincidence in my family's birthdays.

Namely, when I add up digits of days in the birthdays of my wife, my own, our son's and daughter's, and reduce the sum total to a single digit, I get a 9. Then the same happens when I add up digits of the months in our birthdays, and years as well.

Coming to my parking lot from a ride this morning, with an idea to write this article, I suddenly became aware that I could also add to this "9-coincidence" the number of my designated tenant's parking spot -- which happens to be 27, 2+7=9.

I checked on Google about its own numerological significance of the number 9, and it said some flattering things like: universal love, spiritual awakening, service to humanity, strength of character, and half dozen other flattering attributes.

Well, thank you, Google, I love you too.


The evidence never seemed to matter to those in power, who had already made up their minds and did what people typically do when their worldview is threatened by new data: they attack the messenger.

-- Sol Luckman

The Enigma of "K", and "C" Where It's Pronounced as "K"

Then, there appears to be something weird about the recurrence of the letter "K" and "C" where it is pronounced as "K".

Like, my last name starts with a "K"; I was born and grew up in Croatia; living all those 23 years in the street called Kornatska; emigrated to Canada, then emigrated to California, where I lived in the street called Collett; worked in companies like Chromos, Kras, Chromalox, Canadia Keys Fiber, Cord Industrial Equipment, and Kellogg.

Even though nothing to do with these two letters, here is also this crazy coincidence that for many years I lived in the street called Bergamot, and when I reverse it into something like "tomagreb", the last five letters are shared with my Croatian home town and the capital Zagreb.

Also, during my relatively short living in Los Angeles, of all those countless streets there, I had to find a job in a company situated in Ontario street, after living in the Canadian province with that name, before and after the American emigration.

Well, I have no theory about all this, albeit, some quite learned people have suggested that there is no such a thing as "coincidence", and on the level of "parallel realities we bring into our "home-reality" some details attracted from the other parallel ones.

And that could also offer the explanation for the next coincidence in my life.


Sometimes a situation grows so tangled that words are useless.

-- Patrick Rothfuss

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An "Unfriendly" Traffic Light

We buy most of our groceries at a food supermarket located in a street about five minute drive from our home. It was built there about ten years ago, so we could be talking about some five hundred trips there so far.

The last set of traffic lights before our turning into that street doesn't show anything out of ordinary on our way there, any of three lights we may encounter -- but then, as we are returning from the store, maybe out of those five hundred mentioned trips, only in possibly five or so we got a green light.

No matter when we would leave the store -- and there is no other light before that one, which might suggest that the lights would be synchronized that way -- we always run into a red light.

It's like the damn thing is keeping an eye on us and mocking us each and every time. So we joke about it every time leaving the store, in advance anticipating a red light at that intersection.

Remember my little "parallel realities" speculation? Could it be possible that after the initial couple times that it happened, we started "attracting" a red light by our anticipation of it?


"Extra Set of Eyes"?

Well, there are other little things to be mentioned here, and I am calling them "little" even though they could possibly blow my mind if I knew their explanation. Like, this "extra set of eyes" on me, which keep spooking me big time.

Like, whenever I am walking outside, no matter how deeply in thoughts, or focused on a conversation, or observing the scenery -- my eyes instantly look down if I am about to step on anything that I normally wouldn't want to step on. Say, a chewing gum, a wild goose's poo in the park, even a tiny ant that's bravely crossing my path.

Moments like that would regularly put me in a state of confusion; just like another weird phenomenon of my waking up at exactly the time which I had chosen to wake up night before.

Indeed, what is it in me that's alerting me to look down before stepping on an unwanted whatever? And what in me has that much authority to terminate my sweet dreams?

Well, another weird and unexplainable thing in human nature -- just like that one about "contagious yawning", which no one has successfully explained, albeit there have been some attempts by those smart asses in science who, out of sheer intellectual arrogance, just can't say that magic "I don't know".


Everyone has a side to them that's kind of unexplained and feels misunderstood.

-- Kirk Hammett

Perhaps more importantly, I think that most human beings realize only a fraction of the true potential of their minds, so the spiritual, or mystical, the things which remain mysterious and unexplained have always drawn me to include them in any scheme for a novel.

-- Rose Tremain

Hey, I am a Pranic Healer!

I would like to also add this medical experience that ended up with a triumph and a shaking my head in disbelief.

Many years back, I suddenly got this ugly polyp growth on the sole of my right foot. It was a size of a quarter, red, cushiony, and hanging on a short, thin stem which bled profusely after a slightest disturbance.

Needless to say, it was quite a nuisance, mostly because my shoe would often get soaked with blood. The good doctor cut it off at the bottom of the stem, only to make it come back with a vengeance, even slightly bigger than before. At that point doctor suggested a deeper digging at the hospital.

The appointment for surgery was set for the next Tuesday, and it was Thursday that I came home from the doctor, now brainstorming over how to avoid the surgery.

My mind quickly supplied an experiment, which, weird as it sounded, "just might have" worked.

So I sat down, crossed my right leg exposing the polyp, and started doing the procedure of, what I remembered as "pranic healing". In short, it's practiced in the Far East, with the prana-energy repeatedly passed from palm of the hand supposedly healing the ailing part of the body.

I spent good twenty minutes imagining a purple energy emanating from my palm, as I was passing it over the damn thing -- before I saw how ridiculous it all was, since the polyp stayed there, possibly laughing at me too.

Then the time for my evening bath came, and as I was sitting in the bath tub, I noticed how that bee-sting sensation normally coming from the sole of my foot was kind of missing.

I carefully moved my foot to take a look -- and I must have got some tears of excitement filling my eyes, because there it still was, but now thin like a leaf, hanging on a hair-thin stem. I reluctantly poked it a little and it fell off.

Some time later, as I was seeing my doctor about some little thing, he asked: "By the way, what ever happened with that polyp?"

I asked him to promise not to laugh, and at the end of my crazy story he just winked and said: "Whatever works".

There have been other weird experiences, but let us stay with these few, just for the purpose of this expressing my wonderment over some mysteries in life for which I never got any explanation from any reliable sources.

But then, who would be "reliable" in these cases? Maybe those esoteric, highly speculative theories would actually be more accurate than anything coming from the academia.

It wouldn't be the first one either.

© 2022 Val Karas

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