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My Teaching Philosophy

The writer intends to share her teaching experiences through this article.


My Teaching Philosophy

I have been worked as a teacher for 2 years (September, 2016- September, 2018). I had certain teaching philosophy and they were:

1. As a teacher I was always tend to make my class more attractive by drawing students’ attention. For taking students attention I used to start the class with some interesting words, shared some personal experiences that influenced them which were relevant to the topic.

2. Personally, I have been always encouraged class participation. I used to involve students with my lecture, kept them in the center of the discussion, ensuring perfect class participation.

I always heard about what they knew, related with the topic, and encouraged them in class room engagement. I used to follow participation techniques such as dividing into small groups and interactive questioning.

3. I have been emphasized on students’ understanding about the relevant topic. Because once they have been shared what they have understood from my lecture, it would definitely enhance their sagacity level after knowing each other’s view. They would learn from others perspective.

4. I have been followed on basic learning; I used to break down any critical idea into smaller parts, tried to make students more clear and then combined together following synthesis.

5. As a teacher, I always preferred to make any topic more and more interesting to them so that students compelled in loving to gather details rather than having only intention to memorize any topic. I believed, once they started loving to learn they will enjoy about to gain knowledge and will keep more information to their brain without feeling any hardship.

6. I would always encouraged their own ideas, about how they think, their imagination and thoughts, may be in some cases it won’t be realistic, but still I inspired their ideas.

7. I have been always motivated them to connect their own ideas with real life as practical life connections were more helpful for students to keep ideas in their memory for a long time.

8. As a teacher it was also very important to identify to what extent my students really understood. After finishing my lecture I always asked them what they really perceived from my lecture, was there anything new that they can add with me, or whether there were any recommendation.

9. I used to bring my entire capacity; intellectual, academic, emotional and interpersonal to my job of teaching before my students.

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10. I have been encouraged group works by dividing the whole class into certain groups so that students will learn how to work professionally when they will enter into their working life.

11. I have never underestimated my weak students; rather I have always inspired their opinions and efforts to help them moving forward.

12. It is always important to have patience and accept the results of our efforts; sometimes we may win, again we may fail, but we should never quit. I have always tried to make them realize if students keep trying, one day they will succeed.

13. As a teacher, I have always been distinguished the differences between an educated and non educated person before my students, so that they would have encouraged to illuminate themselves with the light of knowledge. Once they got the idea about how education helps us to be a better person with a quality life, they would understand the value of the pedagogy as well.

14. I have been always tried to make them understand that nothing comes so easy, and nothing is God gifted, we have to cultivate ourselves to be a better human and for a better life as well. Once my students would understand this they would be more invigorated to be hard working than before.

15. As a teacher, I have always encouraged my students to have moral values, to respect others opinion, not to react in a bad manner even if anything we may not like and having humbleness in every aspect of our lives.

Finally, I have been striven to make my students realize that sharing would always increase our knowledge and happiness. Thus, we should always share what we have learned and listen to others carefully. This broad minded attitude definitely would change our life as well. Purpose of learning is not only to build our career but also to be a better human and citizen day by day.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2020 Benazir Marjan


Benazir Marjan (author) from Dhaka on December 15, 2020:

Thanks Peggy for your feedback.

Peggy Woods from Houston, Texas on December 15, 2020:

It sounds like you motivate your students beautifully by engaging them and encouraging their thoughts for continued learning.

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