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The Magic World of Parallel Realities


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Physicists of these days are coming up with some truly mind twisting stuff -- whether they call it quantum mechanics, biocentrism, cosmic computer, or alike. Then we tend to give it something of a look that we reserve for science fiction.

So, when they say how an electron can be at more than one place at a time, while being a part of different realities, we see it as a statement that jumped right out of Star Wars movie.

Now, in defense of its possible, or even probable credibility, we might as well remind ourselves that some of the most cherished beliefs of our cultural paradigm are actually nothing but theories, not some irrefutable facts.

Like the theory of evolution, or any religious teaching ever made up to satisfy man's need for a loving and fatherly cosmic entity -- a celestial replacement for an earthly protective father's hand that was guarding us before we stepped into adulthood, suddenly forced to face responsibility for our own destiny's outcomes.

We could easily suspect that the most of our paradigm is nothing but a made up theorizing supported by a lively imagination.

With this in mind, and also encouraged by my own freedom of literary expression granted to everyone, here I come with my own take on the part of physics which mentions somewhat convincing probability of multiple, if not infinite different realities.

Of course, needless to mention, you are not to expect some sophisticated mathematical equations which normally come with that theorizing, simply because I don't have the knowledge to produce them, and some good chances are that you don't have it either to understand them.

It seems like when we pay a visit down that rabbit hole of quantum realm, anything crazy enough just might turn out to be true. Thus, if your intellectual appetite is allowing that taste of crazy, you might derive quite some fun from the rest of this post.

By the way, it's not entirely based on my own speculations, but has a solid base borrowed from some general tenets of what is known today about the strange physics of the unknown, as well as some groundbreaking discoveries in the nature of our consciousness as it affects that physics.


It Does Get Really Weird

Everything is merely waves of energy carrying information in its potential form, but gets manifested into this virtual "solidity", as observer(s)' expectation forms it into a certain appearance.

Now, as I am splashing some paint on my canvas with a pretty broad brush here, it may take a moment or two before you start recognizing some outline there. So, please be patient some more.

Talking about "observer", meaning us, we are not our brain, or our body, we are consciousness residing out of our personal space. It has actually been scientifically established, as most of the brain's functions could be located in brain and body, but not consciousness.

Some called it soul, along with a story that soul is not within the body, but body is within the soul. I would say that our DNA is the "mediator" between these two realms -- the material, referring to Newtonian physics, and the energetic realm of quantum.

It's our DNA which created our five senses with the same range of perceptivity like others have, so that we share perception of everything that humans collectively collapsed, with an added perception of what we individually collapsed as "real".

So that we all agree about rain falling, but one can experience its reality as a gloomy cause of their arthritic pain, whereas another may see something romantic about it.

However, we all collectively experience Newtonian physicality of the world, with all matter appearing in its three forms -- solid, liquid, and gaseous. We are not "wired" in our humanness to be aware of the quantum realm -- which actually gives birth to the whole virtual reality of our "solid" world as we are perceiving it.

For a very rough comparison, we are aware of water, but not of oxygen and hydrogen that water is composed of. Again, very rough metaphor, but merely to illustrate how there are other aspects of matter which don't participate in our psycho-physical computations of everyday reality.

The chair you are sitting on is not solid, it only appears so because your sense of touch interprets its vibration as solidity. Likewise, its color does not really exist per se, but, calibrated by DNA, your eyes are interpreting the frequency of the light reflected from its surface as a color. Maybe a snake wouldn't see your chair in that color, with its DNA calibrating its sight differently.

And any sound that you may hear now, doesn't exist as such, it's merely a wave or air disturbance reaching your ear which gives it an audial quality. So, we might yell to each other all we want on the Moon, but we wouldn't hear anything, since there is no air there to be disturbed by vibration of our voices.

And so it is with your senses of smell and taste, all set up by your DNA, to mediate between the world of infinite potentiality, and a chosen reality which fits your range of perceiving.


Genes Determining In Which of Parallel Realities We Dwell

Now, where are all those "parallel realities" and what are they made of?

Starting with our own nature, our DNA, or more precisely our genome, has infinite number of potential ways for those genes to express themselves. I am not going to those "shapeshifters" here, although it might be another good way to spice up the story.

However, let's stay with our own version of self that we see in the mirror -- but with genetically possible expressions of being healthier, younger, athletic, genius, happy -- or sick by any number of diseases, miserable, and already dead.

Our thoughts, and particularly our emotions, are energy with information, all involved with an unfathomable orchestration of our bodily reality in which body is but a bundle of energies with information. From millisecond to millisecond our genes are receiving signals from our mind about which ones to be upregulated and which ones to be downregulated.

Thus, we appear the "same", but it's merely because we have a default and an acquired "automatic pilot" which is replaying much of our psycho-physical reality.
However, with different expression of genes we could also perceive the world different ways, and not only perceive, but collapse it in its potentiality into its different version before perceiving it in those different ways.

Let's think of the collective consciousness of our species for a moment. With our collective "model of thinking" dictated by the media and the authorities -- wouldn't it be suggesting that the current Covid-19 pandemic is but its expectable result?

Remember, virus is only an agent of information, and our collective mindstyle is collapsing waves that carry information into a manifest form. So, with Covid giving the dominating taste to our collective reality over a prolonged exposure to the media's "advertising"-- how many highly suggestible people have made it their biology, their bodily reality?

With tenets of psycho-neuro-immunology and psycho-somatic diseases, isn't it easy to see why numbers of the affected are rising instead of falling, after a whole year of masks and social distancing? Indeed, we have collectively collapsed into a reality where "getting sick with Covid is a high probability".

Why kids don't get sick so much -- other than by their genetic predisposition in some cases? Because they are not following the news and falling for the global paranoia. Well, take it or leave it -- that's the way I see it.

So, could we speculate with that in mind, and further say that in some other parallel reality with a different collective mindstyle there is no such a thing as a pandemic right now?

It's all about our predominant thoughts, emotions, attitudes, and beliefs, which determine in which parallel reality we are dwelling. Mountains are the same, oceans are the same, and buildings don't change, but those aspects which touch our life are variable, even including the weather.

Indeed, not in every reality do we have a climate change. Not in every reality do we have this increasing number of natural disasters. With our Mother Earth vibrating with Schuman's frequency, could it be that our collective mental crappiness if kicking that frequency out of whack a little?

But then, let's get back to our mini reality as we are causing it.

Driving down the road we may run into all red lights, and we may have hard time finding a parking spot. And if we heard the bad news that our cousin Fred died, he is still alive in another reality, but in ours he is dead.

And again, we didn't kill our cousin, our mindstyle merely gave us a cousin's quantum variant of him which died, because as such he fitted into our personal vibrational fingerprint.

With our linear minds it's hard to picture our different versions of selves as "deserving" some different realities and actually coexisting with this, currently experienced selves.

By shifting radically with our set of thoughts, emotions, attitudes, and beliefs, into another model of our genes' expressions, we switch to another self, without a memory of the previous one, because our new memory only contains information pertaining to that "new" self.

It's like that person with multiple personalities, where one of them was terribly allergic to citrus fruits, and another could eat all she wanted. That other one didn't have a memory of "how it felt to be allergic" -- she only remembered how she always enjoyed those fruits.

Now, let's see some examples of true and well documented cases which gave me an idea of all this being a possibility.


Superhuman Feats -- or Shifts to Another Reality?

In their book "Spontaneous Evolution", Dr. Bruce Lipton, Ph.D., and Steve Bhaerman filled one of the first chapters with some well documented cases -- albeit sounding outlandishly weird -- of incredible feats performed by some ordinary humans.

Nowhere did they mention quantum realm, or parallel realities, but as I was reading all that, my mind reached into its different files and computed its conclusions, as they are being presented in this post.

So, here we have this case of a 23 year young Canadian woman who made it into the Guinness Book of Records by walking barefoot on a 200 feet long hot coal bed.

Another story tells of an elderly woman who lifted a 3 ton car to save her son who got pressed under it while he was doing some repairs.

Yet another case talks about this doctor who claimed that the cholera virus was not the cause of cholera -- then, to prove it, drank a glass with cholera viruses, and stayed alive and well. Eventually, his claim was debunked with a solid proof to the contrary, but what stays scientifically unexplainable is the fact that he didn't get affected by that nasty drink.

Then followed the mention of many cases of spontaneous remission where cancer patients got well with no medical intervention, but rather by their huge change in their mindstyle.

What do all of those cases have in common in the light of our story about parallel realities?

All of them collapsed a reality in which something was doable which had not been doable in their "regular" reality.

Like, those hot coals were touching that woman's feet which were vibrationally compatible with those coals -- something that was not a reality of this world as we know it. Toss a raw steak on it an watch it sizzle in seconds.

A scientist, also mentioned in the book, had been intellectually tormented for some decades by the phenomenon of fire walking, so he finally decided to do it himself.

He succeeded, but his pants, being rolled up over his ankles, got burnt. To my understanding, again, his mind could genetically shift him into reality where his feet where vibrationally compatible with hot coals, changing their vibrational signature -- but his genes didn't bother protecting a nonliving material of his pants.

And those cancer patients, after being told by medical profession that there was nothing left for them to do for them, and they only had so much longer to live -- decided to live it up, maybe even go a little crazy and doing things that they always wanted to do -- and with that radical change in their attitude about life, they slipped into another reality where their genes got upregulated and destroyed those cancer cells.

So, that's how I interpreted those, and so many more of those well documented examples from other books, where laws of physics, or statistically sound medical prognoses failed to work, so it had to be "out of this world" -- or better yet -- out of this reality.

How else do we explain also that case of a Himalayan cave meditator on a You Tube documentary, whose body was showing several scars from cobra bites -- as he survived them, far from any hospital and antidotes?

I liked how those two authors used a metaphor for the intensity of faith being crucial for miracles like that to be manifested. They said that 99.9% of faith wouldn't have helped those firewalkers to stay unharmed -- it had to be 100% faith, which is like, "you either are pregnant or you are not, there is no such a thing as "99.9% pregnancy".

Well, that's what I wanted to share with some of you who also may have been wondering why everything is as it is -- but at times is defying all logical expectations, becoming something else.

I hope those few of you had at least some fun reading this weird post. Like one physicist said:

"Reality is much stranger than fiction" -- and it took me, of a lesser education, to intuitively agree with him.

© 2021 Val Karas

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