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My Journey on Becoming a Teacher

Jane is a certified and experienced EFL Teacher . She is currently teaching in one of the private schools in Ankara Turkey.

Teaching is my vocation.


Hello there fellow hubbers and readers. I'm new here in Hubpages and this is my first article. In this article I'm going to share my journey on how I became a teacher.

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Reflecting on the time how I became an English teacher, I've never realized that one day I'll become one. Initially, I graduated from one of the state universities in the Philippines with the degree of Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Education. According to the Department of Economic and Social Affairs, by the year 2050, the world population will reach approximately 9.8 billion people; that’s 9.8 billion mouths to feed.Consequently, this is the reason why I wanted to become a teacher of Agriculture because I strongly believe that it's very essential that students learn ways to efficiently feed a burgeoning population and gain a better understanding of food production and distribution. But Sometimes life is full of surprises and just because you want something does not mean it's good for you. I'm deeply convinced that to be an Agriculture teacher was not meant for me.

‌There was a time when there was a huge demand for English teachers in my country. Many students from Korea are flocking to the Philippines to study English. From that time on, I was not really sure if it's the job I really wanted. Since there was no job opening yet for an agriculture teacher, I tried to apply as an English teacher and I was luckily hired. Being an English teacher during that time was very difficult for me knowing the fact that it's not the expertise I studied in the university. In addition to that, I've experienced a lot of failures and faced a lot of challenges since my students have a little background of the English language. Speaking English fluently is not enough to become an English teacher there are many things I have to learn to be an effective teacher of English to speakers of other languages. It was really nice that the institution I worked for provided workshops and trainings about English grammar, pronunciation, strategies and methodologies teaching english as a foreign language. Attending these trainings has really improved my skill as a teacher. In the midst of my teaching, I realized the importance of English not only in our daily lives but as a global language. I developed a closer bond between my students. We shared and compared many things about our country such as culture, food, traditions and many more. I realized that English language can strengthen and develop closer relationship between countries. From that moment on, I realized that if someday they will be fluent in English, it can change their lives forever. They will be indispensable, useful and upright citizens in their own society and in the world. With English fluency, they will not be afraid to face the world. They will collaborate and synergize with other people or countries.

To further improve my skills and knowledge in teaching English to speakers of other languages, I joined professional development webinar offered by EF (English First), Future Learn, Cambridge, and Oxford University Press. I also joined a massive online course facilitated by Arizona State University. The course is about using educational technology in the English classroom. Finally, I enrolled in a 120- hour online TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) course. Participating in these activities has engendered a positive influence in my personal and professional development.

According to reports, 1.5 to 1.6 billion people speak English around the world today, with the number likely to grow and consolidated in the future. With more people learning English, the demand for high quality English language is set to increase.
In Turkey alone with low English literacy rate, English is becoming compulsory in any educational curriculum, so there is a very high demand for English Teachers. To be able to meet that demand, it will need a highly knowledgeable and skilled teacher. It would be great to be part of this mission but first I really need to equip myself with necessary skills and knowledge to be able to fulfill this mission. There's just a lot to learn and I'm on my way there.

© 2021 Jane Ayla

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