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Multiplying 2 Digits Numbers Times Another Number the Easy Way


Who Would've Thought!

I was checking a simple multiplication of a two digits number times another two digits number. Sort of curious made the personal arrangement shown in the video. Probably someone else did it before, and I don't mind if they ever did. The accomplishment filled a void, a need to surprise myself with this outcome.Comes to mind the year when Calculus was invented; curiously Leibnitz and Newton were miles away from each other. Anyone remember the word Eureka?

Math, why they do not make it easier?

From my early days, the first memory of math was counting and adding. Sounds like most of us had to survive this foreign language called math. Couldn't the Phoenicians make it easier? Yes they did, but commerce and the need for more complicated operations.... well, you know... they pushed our ancestors aside, and did the magic in turning our lives upside down.

Tried 3 digits and it did work as well!

A week later a took on a new challenge: add another digit to the multiplication... and I don't want to burn your brain for now. What else can we come out with? Thomas Edison said that, "genius is 2% of inspiration and 98% of keep trying..."

Share with your kid and even with your elder family member. As we can infer, it's a wonderful tool to train your memory!

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