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Motivation for School, Work, and Productivity


I'll be honest, I have been dissociating this quarantine. The boundaries of work/school and home are becoming blurred. It's becoming a struggle to give time and attention to productivity because you just want to curl up in a ball in your bed and binge-watch Netflix shows. Don't worry, I get it.

I decided to compile a bunch of photos, videos, and tips to kickstart your motivation in order for you to build momentum and get shit done.

Try Clearing Your Headspace First


I like to start off my day with some devotion journaling and yoga. I noticed that at the start of quarantine, that's what really helped me stay grounded and helped me focus on tasks at hand. When you dump all of your thoughts into paper, you get a fresher, cleaner slate and you get rid of distractions. Breath work from yoga also helps because it calms down your nerves. The whole stretching and movement also creates momentum for you to do more tasks later in the day. It is such a dopamine rush when you can check off even small tasks first thing in the morning.

Go On Pinterest, WeHeartIt, or HF Twitter for Some Inspo


There are so many great content creators and so many great resources you could access. Moodboards and articles are just some of the coolest and most aesthetically pleasing sources of inspiration and motivation. Something about looking at and reading about how productive others are makes me want to get my shit together. You can even create your own mood boards <3

Just a little thought though: please don't compare your progress, life, and achievements with other people. Yes, those articles and photos will push you to achieve more, but please remember not to burnout and bum yourself. You should strive for progress, not perfection. We all have our own learning styles and learning curves. You gotta put in the work, but also be smart about it.

Down below are some links to HF Twitter moodboards and WeHeartIt articles you can check out. Those are some of my favorites!

Or You Can Watch Videos

If these kinds of videos don't motivate you, I don't know what will. Anyways, these videos are kind of like the previous one, but instead of just looking at photos and reading articles, you get to watch people be productive or sometimes push you into getting up and tackling the day so you can become a billionaire hahaha. Although you might not be a billionaire, at least you can finish your to-do list or pass your homework, exam, or that job your boss told you to do, before the deadline.

Down below are more aesthetically pleasing videos that I love to watch to get me motivated. I personally love watching Sadie Aldis, Lavendaire, and Moya Mawhinney on Youtube. I hope you guys enjoy them, too.

Grab Your Friends and Have a *SOCIALLY DISTANCED* Study Session


For some, this might not work (sometimes you just end up having a gossip session with your friends or whatever), but this is something I would definitely recommend during this time. We're all used to going to classes and having classmates to ask questions to, or even just to talk to about random things that have happened. I know I miss having my friends to share snacks with at the back of the class HAHA!

Just remember, you have to stay six feet apart so that you don't spread the cAhRawNah VahRuS. The goal is not to adapt to the "new normal", but to work around this pandemic in order to get back to face-to-face classes and working on site, not just at home.


i hope you guys are productive, healthy, and safe. i'm hoping that everything goes back to normal and we could all finally go back to our classrooms wishing we weren't in our classrooms.

until next time!


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