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Top 10 Most Famous UFO Sightings of All Time (2022)


List of Reported UFO Sightings

<h2>10 Most Famous UFO Sightings in the History</h2>

In the early 40s, during the second world-War, claims of UFO sightings became a mainstream sensation. At first the sightings were claimed from various parts of USA alone but soon it became a global sensation and claims of various UFO sightings were made all over the world. Reports claims that 1000s of people have claimed of alleged UFO sightings and hundreds of them have even claimed of alien abduction. The visits and existence of an extra-terrestrial life among us is surely a very popular topic for debate but till today we have no valid proofs to support such claims. What we do have right now is the list of some most famous UFO sightings encountered during different decades and at different places. So, Here is the list of Top 10 Most Popular UFO Sightings:

10. The Belgian Wave

From 29th November 1989 to April 1990 (For over 5 Months), People from various parts of Belgium claimed of seeing Triangular UFO’s. The wave was on its peak during March and was became centre of Global attention on 31st March 1990.

At around 23:00 on March 30, a Black Triangular UFO was spotted in the sky by local people of Glons. Approx 10 minutes later, another Triangular UFO was spotted on the same route probably following the first UFO. The Glons CRC (Control Reporting Centre) upon receiving information from various sources about UFO asked Belian force to send a Patrol to confirm it.

Two Belgian Air Force F-16s were sent on the same route around 23:50. The two F-16s were able to intercept and radar lock the UFO at 9 separate locations. However each time the UFO was locked, the Pilots of the UFO supercharged the UFO with a speed of more than 1500KM/hr. The continuous acceleration and deceleration of UFO’s that too at just 1000m above sea level would have resulted in fatal death of Human pilots. The F-16s tried to intercept the location of UFO’s for next one hour but after unsuccessful interceptions the two F-16s returned to base at around 1:00 AM.

The UFO’s were being described as Triangular black with 3 white lights at corner and one at the centre. Witnesses confirmed that the light changed colour from Red to yellow and green and was brighter than stars.

The picture given above was clicked by Belgian Patrick M. However he confessed in 2011 that the image was a hoax.

9. Shag Harbour UFO Crash

On October 4,1967, A small fishing village Shag in Canada become national interest when an Unknown Flying Object was seen drowning into water. The impact of the crash was so loud that it was heard within 3miles radius. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police and the Royal Canadian Navy was immediately informed about the crash and a Rescue/recover team was sent.

The UFO was not found neither by any fisherman nor by Canadian Coast Guard and the mission was aborted after hours of search. For next few days search and rescue divers team was organized but with no success. The RCN aborted the mission claiming that no object or trace of object was found in deep sea.

However, An undercover story emerged as United states Navy, United States Airforce and the famous Condon Committee showed interest in the UFO crash. Though, the investigations was said to led to no conclusion. It was assumed that the UFO might have flew away to its origin.

In early 90s one of the sea divers involved in the search and rescue mission claimed that the Object was Extra-terrestrial and that the divers team knew they would find nothing under the sea. It was because the UFO has landed onto the sea shore and the United Air Force and United Navy along with RCN detected it on their sonar and radar. The UFO was 50 km away from the Shag crash site and remained there for next few days. All the activities of the UFO were monitored by Joint armies of United states and Canada. The UFO was said to joined by another object which was thought to be helping the other.

On October 11, A Soviet Navy submarine was detected on SONAR and the RCN navy ships departed to that location. During this period the Unknown Object left the site and supposedly departed to its origin.

No documents or report came forward about the mission but the Government of Canada did referred the object as UFO and the case is still considered as one of the most pu

8. Tehran UFO Sightings:

During the Early Morning Hours of September 19,1976 the state of Tehran (Iran) documented one of the most valid Extra terrestrial encounter in the human history. At Around 01:00 hours on 19th September, General Youseffi received calls from Imperial Iranian Air Force at Tehran stating that the civilians saw a very bright UFO flying across the city of Shemiran. After Yousefi saw the Bright light himself in the sky he ordered a F-4 Phantom II Jet fighter to intercept the object. Approx 10 minutes later another Jet was sent , flew by Parvij Jafari.

Both Pilots documented that the Object was so bright that it could not be seen from 70miles. The UFO was flying at a speed of 250KM/hr but as soon as the Jet Intercepted the UFO increased its speed to 2000 to 2500 km/hr. It was difficult to determine the size of the object. The Object once again slowed down to normal Jet speed. Jafari stated that 4 smaller objects were ejected from the main UFO. This panicked Jafari and he tried for blind missile attack but the weaponry and communication system malfunctioned. It was a shock for Jafari as Weaponry system was mechanical. Two of the object reunited with the main object while one followed him and one settled down on desert floor. Jafari stated that the object was so bright that even from a tall elevated height he was able to see the rocks around it. Jafari being afraid and panicked decided to land on the Mehrabad airport.

The Main object flew away at very large speed to the Antarctic ocean. A Civilian airplane which was flying on the same route also noted communication failure for few minutes. The smaller object supposedly joined the larger UFO some time later. When Jafari and his crew inspected the desert site next day they found nothing.

A very well documented report of the incident was sent to White House, Soviet Union and other influential agencies at the time. Til today there is no proper explanation of the incident. It is widely regarded as one of the most famous UFO sighting in human history.

7. Varginha UFO Incident:

Many might claim that the Varginha UFO incident is inspired from Steven Spielberg’s film E.T. However in this list of UFO sightings Varginha Incident is the most recent UFO sightings. It became very popular and was called as one of the most popular UFO sighting in Brazil. In the Afternoon of January 20,1996, Three girls (two of which were sisters) spotted a humanoid (human like) creature in Varginha. The girls documented that the humanoid was approx 5 feet tall with very large head and red eyes. As it was not moving so they assumed that it was injured. Also the creature was having an unpleasant and strong smell.

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Later that evening rumours spread in the whole city about alien sighting. Two days later Brazillian’s military intelligence S2 captured a similar creature near a city road and took it to the hospital. Upon interviewing about the alien Brazillian government and Military rejected the fact and said that they captured nothing like that. However a legend circulated worldwide that Brazillian government was covering up a secret and is also secretly experimenting on the subject. Til date there have been no other details of the incident. However yet now it is widely regarded as the most famous case of alien experimentations.

<h3>6. Washington D.C. UFO Sightings:</h3>

In July of 1952, The Sightings of UFO over Washington D.C. even concerned then President Harry Truman. Truman even gave shoot down order if the UFO’s ignored the orders to Land. The 1952 July UFO sightings begin circulating when An Air traffic controller at then Washington National airport spotted 7 objects on his radar at Mid Night 19th July 1952. He confirmed that No Aircraft was in the Area the signals were coming from. Later that night several witnesses claimed of seeing bright orange balls in the sky.

Next Day the UFO sighting was among the front page of popular newspapers, However Air force debunked the ufology by stating that it was probably aurora or meteor in the sky that caused mass delusion.

One week later on the next weekend, several Objects were detected on radar. In fact the Radars were picking unknown objects in almost every sector. . The radar was giving strange returns and it looked like the objects were all over the city including the white house. This raised the concern of even then president Harry Truman and he gave the famous shoot down order. The radarsped calculated the speed of objects to be 7000 miles/hour. Two Jet Fighters even tried to chase the lights. Captain John McHugo found nothing in the sky but his wingman Lt. Patterson found four white lights and chased them. He documented that the lights surrounded him and he asked the Control tower about what to do. The lights flew past away from the Jet plane leaving it unharmed.

Later on Air Force debunked the Alien and UFO sightings in the city and related it with temperature inversion and possible meteor falling. However, it is still widely regarded as a very famous case of UFO Sighting.

<h3>5. Rendlesham UFO Incident:</h3>

In late December 1980, United States Air Force was using the Rendlesham Forest,Suffolk for military training. At early morning on December 26,1980, Security Patrol reported of seeing unusual light patterns in the rendlesham forest. Upon receiving orders several servicemen went to check on the lights. They documented that they saw a bright glowing metallic object which landed on the surface. Jim Penniston who was one of the servicemen touched its surface and noted down the symbols imprinted on the craft. The UFO moved slowly into the jungle and went away. The Servicemen noted triangular depression patterns formed on the earth surface which are believed to be its launching pad’s impressions.

On 28th December a research team was sent into the forests led by Charles I. Halt. Halt recorded the events on a tape which is now popularly called as the Halt Tape. Though there was no report about the origin of the craft and the lights yet it widely regarded as one of the most interesting UFO incident in the history of Britain.

<h3>4. Betty and Barney Hill Alien Abduction:</h3>

Betty and Barney Hill Abduction by aliens was one of the first alien abduction story and is widely considered as the base of several other Popular Alien abduction stories. Betty and Barney hill were interracial couple and Barney was African American.

During the night of September 19, 1961 at 10:30 PM the couple were driving to Portsmouth from Niagara falls. The night was bright with shining stars and among the stars Betty saw a very unusual light which she thought was a shooting star. However the star instead of going down was traversing upward. She asked Barney to stop the car who upon observing the same stopped the car near forest on US Route 3. At first Barney thought that it was a commercial airline plane but as the UFO approached towards them he soon realized that it was not a plane. The couple ran back to the car and drove to Franconia notch.

One mile south of the Indian Head, the UFO came very close to the moving car. The couple had to stop out of fear and soon they felt like the car was shaking. Betty felt an electrical impulse on the passenger door. The couple claimed to seen 11 humanoid like figures. Betty and Barney again drove away at very high speed but this time they heard a rhythmic sound in fact noise and the next thing they remember were that they had travelled 35 miles south from the UFO sighting site.

The couple remember nothing that happened during that time period and how they went so far even though they don’t remember driving. Also Betty found a pink coloured spray on her clothes. The couple tried to regain their memories but to no avail. Two years later the couple with the help of Dr. Simon were able to recognise events during hypnosis. However Dr. Simon found a varied difference between their details of the creatures the met and what happened with them that night. Betty did had dream 5 consecutive nights about the events. She claimed that they both were experimented upon and were left unharmed after experimentation.

<h3>3. Battle Of Los Angeles:</h3>

The Great Los Angeles Air raid become so popular among world media that later on it was even adapted for feature films and was main theme of several sci fi novels in the next decades. United States of America joined world War II in June 1941 by attacking Pearl Harbor,Japan. After 3 months,on 24th Feb 1942, the city of Los Angeles was totally blacked out by the Air Forces when their was false alarm of Enemy Attack. The sky of Los Angeles was filled with loud noises of Anti aircraft artillery and aerial barrages from unknown Targets from sky.

Initially the US Army thought it to be a response attack from Japan but later on it was found out to be by Unknown Targets. US army fired approx 1400 shells in the sky in a time period of 4 hours. After being confirmed by the Officials that it was a false alarm, the city was filled up with rumors of supposedly alien attacks. However, the army later on declared that it was due to a lost weather balloon. However, it is considered as one of the most prominent incident in the history UFO's and Aliens.

<h3>2. The Aurora,Texas UFO Incident:</h3>

Aurora Texas UFO incident is interesting in the sense that it occurred 6 years before the invention of Airplane by Wright brothers. According to sources, On 17th April 1897,the town of Aurora in Texas came into light when the towns people claimed of an unknown airship crash resulting in the death of an individuality that was not human being. People called it martian (thinking it of from MARS).

The UFO was said to hit a windmill located on the property of J.S. Proctor. The crashed plane was dumped into a well on the land while the 'alien' was buried acc. to christian rites. In 1957, Brawley Oates (a person who bought the land) said that he developed arthritis after drinking water from the well where the plane was dumped.

From past century many newspapers, organizations and scientists have given their own theory about the crash but no one has totally supported the fact that it was a UFO crash landing.

<h3>1. Roswell UFO Crash:</h3>

This 1947 incident become so popular on the face of earth that Roswell become a synonym for UFO. The incident took place in June-July 1947. William Brazel, a foreman discovered debris approx 50Km away from Roswell. He initially didn't paid attention but when he heard rumors of alien spaceship crash he came to the original site and stashed his findings. He later informed sheriff and then United States Army about the incident. Soon the debris was recovered and the next day Army announced in press conference that it was debris of a crashed weather balloon. The incident was soon forgotten. It came into lime light 30 years after the original incident in 1978 when one of the official related to the Incident claimed that Army was covering up a UFO crash in Roswell and they also recovered bodies of Aliens.

This claim soon become a world wide phenomenon and many UFOlogist started digging history of the incident. Soon there were more claims that US government and army were doing a big cover up of what they found in Roswell and the incident is one of the biggest conspiracy theory.

In 2011, FBI released a document written in 1950 by Agent Guy Hottel. The Document claimed of finding 3 Flying saucers and their three occupants in New Mexico. People relate the incident with Roswell. There has been many books, documentaries, personal interviews and researches on the incident but til date there have been no valid proof of What actually happened in Roswell in July 1947.

Few other Popular UFO Sightings Includes :Kenneth Arnold Case,UFO Memorial in Angelholm,Dr. Enrique Botta UFO incident,Frank Scully's UFO report and Varese Close Encounter of third kind.

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