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Mind and Its Mysteries

Our body has 70% element of water. Also, the water, mind, and planets are all intimately linked and connected.

This makes s proper occasion for our mind, body, and spirit to support and align.

Our mind is affected by the influence of moon.

Our mind is affected by the influence of moon.

Mind and its mysteries

How true it is! Our mind is the most powerful and dominant essence, we possess to create good in our life. However, if not used appropriately, it can also become the most destructive power in our life. It all depends on how we control and manage our thoughts to influence our minds the way we live our life. Our thoughts are responsible to create our happiness.

The people who are deprived and distressed often seek and search for happiness, not those who already know the truth of mind and thought control. Seeking happiness outside is an outrageously ugly act! Happiness is within us. Our mind, more specifically, our thinking, affects our perception and hence, it disturbs our interpretation of reality.

We must control our thoughts to become the master of our minds. Wise people keep their distance from any kind of gratuitous desire.

The Root Of Happiness is Inside Us. Let us continue to let the stream of life carry us home. Many people find it hard to rely on themselves, their minds, thoughts as a happiness source. Material goods and wealth are unable to bring long-lasting happiness. It is prevailing within us and it is all about the way we think. There are different ways we can approach and many techniques we can be employed to help increase our feelings of inner happiness. We don't need to look beyond ourselves to find the source of happiness. Just that we must take the time to find it.

The Mind is a restless set of imaginations and thoughts. It is a vital essence and core aspect of our human existence. Our thoughts abruptly emerge and travel through the sky, swiftly enter the clouds, passing through the pale sunshine, in the temperate space of descending high winds, ascending suddenly, impulsively sinking, hurriedly playing like a little puppy pawing everyone, then lying down to be petted. Our inner nature and inward traits can clearly bring the clarity of the picture, then we will realize that we are here for completing our own thoughts, our sentence, a lifelong penalty, the punishment to perform all the daily, usual tasks. There is no compromise, no arguments, no debates, simply accept and bear with it.

The mind, as well as the brain, remains as cheery inmates. We can visualize their presence as the concerted core and essence of our complete madness as we have come on this earth and taken this as our playground, an abode to occupy ourselves indulging in various sins, crimes, and virtuous acts. Some of them are unscrupulous, many dirty, some very bold, from the heap of tremendous activities, which are among the most striking, until they are accomplished, as they are linked to our fate, waiting for further consequences.

We are completely submerged in our society and community activities. It is equally to be observed, that our society has strange and distinctive behavior and several echoes of their own, created and shaped that no mortal can clearly understand. All the fundamentals and basic laws are specified there. They take special care to multiply and propagate. Society has completely confounded the very core of its falsehood and truth, whether they are wrong or right. It takes our entire lifetime to decide, whether the pastoral land left for us by our ancestors for several generations belongs to us and our family, or it is a strange land left several hundred miles off.

We must consider our lives, sometimes passing through a highly volatile period up ahead. We certainly expect help from others to navigate the coming period with proper guidance on how to handle and deal with abrupt changes and challenges that our life would bring upon us by our society. We have observed people making blunders in business matters, grave tactical relationship errors in such transits, a miscalculation in our daily activities when things look a little hazy and obscure. No one in society is quite sure what is going on and remain in a state of utter confusion. Under the circumstances, they try to get the help of others for maximum clarity and transparency. Like a tattered concordance, caught in confusion that goes off the scale, involves a mental disorder, with mixed-up thoughts and plain old chaos. Such confusions formed in the brain deflects our ability to characterize the world semantically, causing us to face an enormous challenging approach to identify pragmatically unmarked and unspecified subject matters. The Mind, intellect, brain are parts and faculties of a conscious being by which we think, perceive, feel, remember, and desire. Every Individual consciousness, memory, and a collection of events originate in our mind, causing us to face and bear problems, too many.

We must survey to understand the Facts of Life. Our mind is in the transitory stage to learn, understand, experience the intense mystery of the earth, universe, cosmos, and our life within. Our mind is on a philosophical, psychological expedition, and plays a very prominent role in the center of all human activities. It can grasp complex issues, has a reasoning power. Our brain is a physiological structure, organic in nature, and drives all the mental activities to perform the possible tasks.

Certain minds are packed stiff with knowledge, having no air to go through, while it gathers tremendous moth. They are useless unless the practical experience goes with them. There is a certain crudeness common to all humanity. But it is like the nature of the beast. They should understand the whole truth about gaining the essential knowledge, the essence, and the purpose of our living. Our creative mind should sieve out the useless portion of the information and obtain the intrinsic and indispensable quality that serves to characterize and identify the most important and real meaning of life. It is something more than our illusory material existence, especially the spiritual aspects, of the divine presence within us. Our spirit has infinite power of intelligence. Whereas, our mind is a phenomenon of consciousness, cognition, intelligence, the unseen reality. It performs the entirety of unconscious and conscious mental activities, where all the thinking happens.

In our entire life, we work to feed our spirit, feed our body, and feed our mind. That’s what we are doing all the time. This is because our mind is completely overflowing with plans and ideas based on the information we gather. Our mind absorbs all the information from outside sources, transforms them into creative ideas, mix them with our knowledge and that leads to further action. Our actions and communication establish the quality and attributes of our life. They all happen and stretch in our minds.

Our mindset acts as a protective self-defense device and we are afraid of what other people think and discuss about our ideas and beliefs. In a way, our mindset behaves like a self-destructive entity. Even a casual discussion can develop into further arguments that can lead to a disagreement, dispute, or physical brawl. It all depends on how our mindset operates and how our mind functions.

It is possible to believe that we incarnate so as to get the knowledge of various incidences occurring in our lives, experience events, and happenings in various physical components. However, once we are born, we have a choice of life to create and continue. Thereafter, we understand the secrets of a wonderful life we wish. It may not be necessary to fulfill specific criteria for us to become enlightened and evolve. We are in fact enlightened people, we have simply forgotten.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2021 Shyam Gokarn

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