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An Overview of School Teaching

I am a retired school principal and teacher. Today's students depend on their teachers and schools. So teaching has to be made better.


Teaching students is an essential duty of the society. But it should be kept in mind that it is a very holy profession.

Teaching goes a long way in building the future generation of the country.

Educated children are the backbones of a developed and progressive society.

During ancient periods teaching was confined to scheduled campuses. It was visible in all societies. .

But today it is not the case. As population exploded every parent worked to provide his wards the best education.

Schools spread like mushrooms. Some teachers began providing personalized teaching at homes.

This education wasn't of the best quality as teachers weren't properly qualified.

So improving teaching and teachers must be made a priority. Methods of improvement can be taken from many countries.

We should be ready to improve the system for the betterment of the community.

In India, there was a unique educational system in the ancient periods. It was known as the ' Gurukul System'.

Here, students lived with their teachers and learned everything from education, social activities, religion. and even the art of warfare.

Shaping Periods

Children go to schools to gain knowledge and develop themselves. There they start learning the language. This is the first platform that helps to expand their horizon.

Schools help in building and developing their mind-set. But when this learning isn't done properly, learning is hampered.

In the US, President Bush implemented the 'No Child Left Behind Act' on 8 January 2002. This act was amalgamated with ' The Elementary and Secondary Education Act' of 1965.

All educational stakeholders can take some leaves from it, and implement its positive sides.

There are other excellent methodologies being practiced in some countries. One can take the best practices, amalgamate it and use it to provide excellent teaching-learning.

Importance of School Teaching

School education is very beneficial. But the concerned stakeholders ought to have an equal eye for all students.

A country achieves all-round development whose bench strength, the students are properly qualified. They must be trained in their chosen trades.

The latest educational technologies are being implemented in many schools today.

It is proving very beneficial. The childrens' learning is progressing immensely.

But such technologies are quite costly. Many students can’t afford it.

Also, many institutions don’t impart such learning. Teachers too aren't technologically updated. to deal with it.

Financially weak students either drop out of school as they cannot pay. or secure bad grades.

This has to be rectified by the government and the concerned stakeholders.

This is where the best available systems could be taken up and implemented scientifically.

Teaching Outside the Campus

Learning is also provided by some teachers at either their own or the student's residence. It is not completely appropriate.

Students who can’t fully understand their teachers at school resort to this. It helps them in bridging their class learning.

Thus they pick up and improve. But some who can’t pay for such teaching deteriorate and become weak.

Students also flock to learning centers that are mushrooming all over the place.

This must be checked so that these centers become fruitful for the children.

Teaching and Teachers

Students' foundation is built in the kindergarten classes. They are able to recognize, pick-up, and learn the alphabet. Then they start to frame short sentences.

They learn to understand the meanings of sentences and questions. After that they are able to put forth their own analysis and arguments.

But the learning should be scientifically based; listening, understanding, speaking, reading, and finally writing.

In some countries students' interests are analyzed through specially framed games.It is done in the primary classes.

The schools note down their areas of interest and impart education accordingly.

Such learning keeps growing as students move to higher classes. But there must be a balance between the quality of teaching and teachers personal development.

Many teachers are not even appropriately qualified. This is due to the lack of qualified teachers.

Efforts must be made to provide professional training for willing teachers. It should be for those who take-up teaching by choice.

If qualified teachers aren't available at schools, students lag behind and deteriorate in their studies. Thus they suffer.

Importance of Teachers Development

Teaching to earn a livelihood is acceptable. But doing it at the cost of the chidren is catastrophic.This has to be rectified at all costs.

There should be guidelines for parents, wards, and stakeholders. Without proper training none should be allowed to take-up this profession.

Those who are interested should partake in their professional development. They must join appropriate courses.

This will improve their teaching skills and enhance their knowledge. It will make them eligible for teaching.

Only highly qualified teachers ought to be appointed. Those working for long periods sometimes become overconfident.

Their teaching standard falls. So proper yearly refresher courses should be provided to them.

Periodic checks on their teaching methods should be taken. They must be provided with their results.

It will brush them up with the latest techniques being implemented. Then they will always strive to improve and be among the best.


All parents desire the best for their children.They want them to take-up the best and highest paying professions.

Schools are meant to cater to fulfilling these aspirations. But our system's drawbacks are stumbling blocks.

Unless we check such deficiencies the future generations will always suffer.

A learning environment must be created. Such an atmosphere is created by the combined efforts of schools, families, homes, and society.

Clear-cut methods and tests to monitor the improvement in the quality of teachers and their teaching must be made compulsory.

We have to remember that unqualified teachers will always be a bane to the students, and the society.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2020 Bharat Sharan

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