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Interesting Facts About the Zone of Silence in Mexico

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Zone of Silence

Zone of Silence

The Zone of Silence, also known as La Zona Del Silencio, is located four hundred miles from El Paso, Texas, in Mexico. This place is a desert with high deposits of Uranium and Magnetite deposits.

This zone has many strange rocks and fossils. Mysterious happenings have been recorded over time that cannot be explained. To this day, no one has explained the strange happenings in the Zone of Silence, and it remains a mystery unsolved.

The Discovery of the Zone of Silence in Mexico

In 1930 Francisco Sarabia, a pilot reported that his instruments did not work correctly and that his radio stopped working.

In 1970 an American missile fired from the White Sands Missile Base in New Mexico went off course and crashed in the Zone of Silence. Some believe the missile was pulled into this zone by strange magnetic forces.

The U.S Air Force Officials investigated the area where the missile had disappeared. It was found that both radio and satellite signals did not penetrate the Zone of Silence. As a result, the Mexican Government has constructed a research station to investigate the strange happenings in this area.

Strange Happenings in the Zone of Silence

Strange activities such as mystic lights, UFO sightings, and alien encounters have been reported in this zone. Some believe this area could have been a portal for aliens from outer space.

There is no reliable evidence to support the claims of extraterrestrial activities. However, the point to be noted is that many strange events that cannot be explained occur from time to time in this area.

The Zone of Silence is parallel with the Egyptian pyramids and the Bermuda Triangle. It is located very close to the North Tropic of Cancer. Scientists believe this could be one of the reasons for the strange happenings in this area.

Disappearing Signals

Engineer Harry de la Penna was responsible for discovering the disruption of signals in the Zone of Silence.

In 1966 Harry de la Penna, an organic chemist, visited the zone for a photographic survey.

Harry de la Penna and his group found that they could not communicate via walkie-talkies. They also found that portable radios did not work in the Zone of Silence.

TV signals cannot be received even today in Ceballos or the neighboring ranches. Scientists believe that there is a magnetic force that overpowers radio waves.

Scientists worldwide visit this zone to explore the strange happenings of this area, hoping to find a solution to this mystery. Recently the name of this zone has been changed to Mars de Tethys (Sea of Tethys) because it was under the bottom of the ocean millions of years ago.

Reported Incidents

1) On October 13th, 1975, Ernesto and Josefina Diaz drove to the Zone of Silence to collect strange rocks and fossils. After some time, they noticed a thunderstorm heading their way. They packed their gear as fast as they could and drove away, but they could not escape the thunderstorm.

Their vehicle got stuck in the slushy desert sands, and they could not get their car out of the mud. Then, suddenly from nowhere, two figures approached them and pushed their vehicle out of the slush. But, when they got down to thank them, they were nowhere to be found. It was as though they had disappeared into thin air.

2) On the evening of September 1976, the residents of Ceballos saw a large object hovering in mid-air. Lights surrounded the object, and a deep humming sound was heard from the strange object.

3) In 1976, the very first photograph of a UFO that landed near a “Magnetic Hill” was snapped by a person who was visiting the Zone of Silence. The photo shows a shiny silver object hovering in the air. As the object rose to the sky, the person could take more pictures of the object.

4) Ruben Lopez was driving through the Zone of Silence to visit a relative who stayed in Ceballos. As he was driving, he noticed that his engine began to stall. Suddenly he saw five small figures standing along the roadside some distance away.

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He noticed that the figures wore silver suits and helmets. As they approached the van, Lopez switched his engine to neutral. When he turned the engine to neutral, the strange figures disappeared into the desert. After this, the engine started functioning, and Lopez could drive his vehicle.

The Zone of Silence has ancient ruins that pose a complex puzzle to archaeologists. The origin and age of the ruins could not be determined and remain a mystery. However, archaeologists are sure that the ruins belonged to an ancient observatory built thousands of years ago.



Historic Mysteries

Ancient Origins

The Zone of Silence, Mexico

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Melody Lassalle from California on February 04, 2015:

This was a fascinating article. I had never heard of the Zone of Silence before. I think there are things on this earth we simply don't have the ability to understand. It's nice that way. We still have so many things to discover and learn.

Nithya Venkat (author) from Dubai on January 15, 2015:

Phyllis Doyle thank you and I hope you could write a hub about your research, I would love to read it.

Peggy W thank you and yes there are so many things that we do not know and hardly understand. Thank you for the tweet and share, much appreciated.

Peggy Woods from Houston, Texas on January 14, 2015:

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Phyllis Doyle Burns from High desert of Nevada. on January 14, 2015:

Your title, Vellur, really caught my attention. Mysterious places like the Zone of Silence intrigue me. I find it very interesting that the area is parallel with the pyramids and the Bermuda triangle - there must be a strong connection there. I do not know if I dreamed it or read it somewhere, but there seems to be a pyramid structure on the ocean floor in the Bermuda Triangle, with crystals or one large crystal inside the pyramid. I will have to research to see if it is true.

Your hub is so very interesting. Some really strange things going on there. Yes, I do believe in the existence of aliens.

Nithya Venkat (author) from Dubai on September 16, 2014:

Paula Atwell thank you for reading, I really wonder what is going on.

Paula Atwell from Cleveland, OH on September 16, 2014:

This was brand new information for me. I was not aware of this. Really interesting. Thanks for sharing it. :)

Nithya Venkat (author) from Dubai on April 06, 2014:

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Sueswan on October 21, 2013:

Hi Vellur,

I believe that we are not the only living beings in the universe.

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Nithya Venkat (author) from Dubai on August 03, 2013:

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Nithya Venkat (author) from Dubai on July 30, 2013:

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Nithya Venkat (author) from Dubai on July 22, 2013:

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Nithya Venkat (author) from Dubai on July 22, 2013:

Thank you Eiddwen for reading and leaving a comment. Thanks for the votes and share.

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Nithya Venkat (author) from Dubai on July 21, 2013:

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Very, very interesting. it is said that magnetite and iron hold strange properties for and against communications. I have never heard about this place, so it was wonderful to gain this knowledge.

Nithya Venkat (author) from Dubai on July 20, 2013:

Mike Robbers thank you, it is really interesting and I wonder if anyone will ever get to the bottom of this mystery.

Jackie Lynnley yes, as you say science has not been able to explain many things. Thank you for stopping by.

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Stephanie Henkel thank you, this zone is one strange mystery.

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Nithya Venkat (author) from Dubai on July 20, 2013:

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Rosemary Sadler from Hawkes Bay - NewZealand on July 19, 2013:

This was fascinating and interesting. I had never heard of the 'Zone of Silence' so thank you for sharing this information with us.

There are things way beyond our imagination out there and the scientists have a tough job learning and discovering the 'whys and wherefors'

Ruby Jean Richert from Southern Illinois on July 19, 2013:

It is interesting that the ' Zone of Silence ' is close to the Bermuda Tringle. I believe there is much that we do not know about. I think we have much to learn. Thank you for a really interesting hub.....

Nithya Venkat (author) from Dubai on July 19, 2013:

Pamela99 thank you, and yes this zone is eerie and strange to be comfortable when visiting.

Pamela Oglesby from Sunny Florida on July 19, 2013:

This is a very interesting hub and I don't think I want to visit that area. There are many things that happen in some areas of the world that we just can't explain, and I guess that is the case for the zone of silence. Excellent hub.

Nithya Venkat (author) from Dubai on July 19, 2013:

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