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Merits And Flaws Of E-Learning

Since this pandemic happened, students are completely cut off from their studies because they are forced to stay at home by which they have already bore a huge loss in their studies. But School, Colleges and, universities have found their ways to get out of this situation and their ultimate goal is to provide quality education to their students which can be obtained through E-Learning.

Definition Of E-Learning:

E-Learning can be defined as the Education that we get through Electronic technologies or devices. It can be called by other names as well For Example: Online Learning, Online Education, Distance Education, and many others. The “E” in E-Learning is used for “Electronic” so it can also be called as “Electronic Learning”.

Keeping in view the current pandemic situation where we are bound to stay at home and students can’t attend proper classes at schools or colleges so I guess E-Learning can be the best way to avoid any further loss in studies.

Difference Between Traditional And Modern Education System:

Before discussing the Merit And Flaws of E-Learning we must know the difference between Traditional and Modern Education System.

  • Traditional Education System:

For over the centuries we only know of one teaching system that is Traditional Education System which consists of a big classroom, blackboard, chalk, duster, and a teacher at the front delivering lectures.

There’s nothing wrong with Traditional Education System but, let’s be honest do you think that we will always be teaching our students through this method especially to today’s generation who are smarter than we think?

Even though this Traditional Education System cannot be replaced anytime soon but, still we have to utilize the opportunities we have around us and especially in this current situation where students are unable to gather in one classroom.

  • Modern Education System:

Pay less fees as compared to the fees that you are already paying to your school, college or university, study in your convenient time without the fear of being the last one to enter the classroom or get scolded by the teacher, can have access to the same lecture again and again at any time anywhere.

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Well, that’s exactly what a Modern Education System is! You are not bound to come to school, attend proper classes, have at least 75% of attendance and or have to pay for unnecessary things.


Merits And Flaws Of E-Learning:

As any other thing in the digital or online world E-Learning also has its Merits and Flaws which cannot be ignored at all.

E-Learning may seem to be the perfect way of self-determined learning especially in the current situation which the world is facing right now but still, E-Learning contains some flaws too which can be very difficult to cope up with for some people.

However, there is nothing that cannot be fixed from time to time but still you need to look at the two sides of the coin so you can decide whether E-Learning will be a good option or not.

Merits of E-Learning:

We need to bring learning to people instead of people to learning

-Elliott Masie

Revolution in the digital world has a great impact on education too. We are somehow blessed to live in this era. The latest technologies have completely changed our lives for the better.

Besides that, nothing can be more exciting for students than to educate themselves in the comforts of their own home without worrying about being late and might miss an important lecture.

Mentioned below are some Merits of E-Learning that itself will tell how important is to modernize the way of teaching for the betterment.

· Independent Learning:

E-Learning is great for providing an active and independent learning to its students. It forces students to learn on their own and not to stay dependent on the teacher for everything. It makes students more creative.

They can repeatedly watch the videos of the lecture provided by their teacher and clear doubts if not understood in the first time.

· Flexibility for Students:

There are many students who are working part-time.

One of the biggest Merits of E-Learning is that it provides flexibility to its students. If they have a portable device and a stable internet connection then they can study anywhere they want.

· Saves a lot Of Money:

Money can be a barrier for those students who can’t afford to study in their desired schools, universities, or colleges due to high fees but, E-Learning solves that problem too.

Educational institution charges extra fees for other things but, in E-Learning, they are not providing any other facility besides theory-based education so, in that case, fees for online classes can be reduced and you can save a lot of money.

· Modern Way of teaching:

Nowadays, where we have included technology in almost everything then why not modernized the teaching system?

Although, traditional classroom education cannot be replaced anytime soon but, it’s better to utilize the opportunities you have and take one step ahead towards the future.


No doubt E-Learning can be called as the most convenient way of education. You can train yourself anywhere you want to be there is no hard and fast rule.

Some students are slow learners they might take little more time than the others on a particular topic. In traditional education, it’s not possible to repeat the whole previous topic before moving on to the next one.

But E-Learning gives you the opportunity to do revisions as many times as you want before going further.


Flaws Of E-Learning:

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”

-Nelson Mandela

Despite of having Merits, some study says that E-Learning contain many Flaws too which can’t be ignored. Mentioned below are some Flaws of E-Learning which helps you to decide whether this method of teaching is worth it or not.

· Lack Of Social Interaction:

We might have video calls and other options for live discussions but it can’t be as effective as discussions in classrooms. Social interaction is very much important for students it helps in building confidence and communication skills.

In-person conversations would have a better effect than the one on a video chat.

· Limited Feedback From Students:

Limited feedback of students is one of the major flaws that E-Learning contains. Personalized feedback from teachers in class or in school timing is much easier for students. This is something that is missing in Online Education.

If the feedback is limited then the teacher won’t be able to decide whether the topics are cleared to students or not.

· Self-Motivation is Required:

In E-Learning students might need little more motivation to study than in traditional Education. You have the independence to learn wherever and whenever you want and this leniency makes you lazy enough that attending a lecture per day may feel like a burden to you.

On the other hand, in traditional education peer to peer activities and teacher’s deadline to any assignment keeps you motivated enough to complete your task on time.

· Not For ALL Classes:

Independent education might be an exciting thing for college or university students but for school students, traditional Education IS the best option (or at least for now).

In the situation, that we are facing currently, many teachers are teaching online even to primary and secondary classes which is kind of useless because for school students peer to peer activities and social interaction is very important and that is clearly missing in online education.

Besides that, not everyone owns a computer or is computer literate which is most needed for E-Learning.

· Cheating Prevention is Uncontrollable:

During assessments in classroom, students can be easily observed by the teacher and it stops them from cheating and they does the exam on their own but in online learning, cheating prevention is very much complicated.

It’s not possible for a teacher to look out every student during the assessments and it de-motivates them to learn for a test or do it without cheating.

· Only Theory-Based Learning:

E-Learning only provides theory based education which is more suitable for social sciences, Arts, etc. But when it comes to educational fields like engineering and medical then practical based learning is compulsory.

Graduating in these fields with academic education only will be as useless as a driver who has only basic information of cars but practically never driven a car.


Final Thought:

The era we live in is a modern era, where internet and digital tools such as Computers, Laptops, Mobiles, etc have taken over the world by storm. It has made our life easier than ever, plus it has given us the opportunity to do our work more smartly, quickly and effectively.

E-Learning is an emerging tool for education which has numerous merits but, flaws too. Flaws can be different for different countries i.e. developed and developing countries.

A study says that Pakistan has a ratio of 53% in computer literacy which is way lower. In this condition, we can’t expect of replacing traditional education with E-Learning anytime soon.

However, we don’t know what future might hold but, one thing for sure E-Learning IS an option for us now other than Traditional Education.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2020 Alizah khan313


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