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Mental Illness And Our Perception

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film characters portraying roles of mental illness

film characters portraying roles of mental illness

One of our problems is that we are very sensitive about our physical ailments and pain and consult a doctor as soon as the symptoms of a disease appear or when there is a slight illness, but often become a doctor yourself and start using the medicine. On the other hand, our attitude towards mental illness is quite the opposite. We also shy away from acknowledging the fact that many or some of our behaviors are inappropriate, harmful, and irrational as a result of a mental illness or psychological problem within us. Intense and unspoken anger, undue sensitivity, emotionality, depression, and countless other problems like these become part of our personality and on the one hand spoil our impression in society, and on the other hand, they cause negative effects on our mental condition and abilities.

Not only that. These conditions can also severely affect our physical abilities if they continue unabated. But we stuff up our devastation and watch the spectacle, but avoid going to psychologists saying it would be a confession of being mentally ill, which is nothing but abusive to us. If someone draws our attention to these ailments and advises us to consult a psychiatrist, we consider it our greatest disrespect and consider the counselor as our enemy.

Another extreme and dangerous trend in this regard is that superstitious people resort to fake legs and agents, believing that many psychological problems are due to the effect of witchcraft, ascension, and the shadow of evil. As a result, these people lose their money and if they are women, sometimes they lose their dignity.

We need to change our attitude in this regard. For this, it is important to first realize the fact that mental illness and psychological problems can affect anyone just like common physical illnesses and just like air pollution, dirt, and unhealthy activities around us can make us suffer from physical illnesses. Similarly, stress, economic problems, constant worries in daily life (such as traffic jams, prolonged power outages, etc.), and the behavior of the people around us can lead to mental illness and psychiatric disorders.

One of the most terrifying consequences of these mental illnesses is suicide.

According to psychologists, suicide is also caused by the humiliation and embarrassment felt as a result of a tragedy, incident, or accident, but it is usually the result of stress or depression. And one of the most important symptoms of depression is that it can lead to suicidal thoughts. Lack of self-confidence, low self-esteem, and being overly sensitive are some of the major causes of suicide in this regard.

Psychologist Atiya Naqvi says that there are two types of people who commit suicide or at least try to do so. One is those who really want to end their lives and the other is those who take such a step to attract the people around them because, according to them, no one is willing to listen to them.

Mentally ill Person

Mentally ill Person

Atiya Naqvi herself has gone through the trauma of her 24-year-old son Emad committing suicide.
Depression is an example of how devastating and far-reaching psychological problems and disorders can be. We do not take our own or others' depression seriously and ignore it as a normal and temporary condition, even though it is a very deadly condition. According to one report, "Every 40 seconds, a man somewhere in the world commits suicide (due to depression). One of the reasons is that men talk less about their problems or seek less help. ”If chronic depression or recurrent stress attacks are taken seriously and treated Paying attention to it can save the victim from going on the path of suicide.

Mental problems such as depression and anxiety are not considered by their victims to be noticeable and treatable, nor are their families and surroundings considered to disease, but as far as schizophrenia and hysteria are concerned, it is common for us to consider them to be the shadow of a demonic effect, and to remedy these problems, witcher and sages are turned to instead of physicians.

Modern medical science says that "nerve cells in the brain produce chemicals called serotonin, oxytocin, and dopamine, the balanced amount of which plays a key role in maintaining emotions such as satisfaction, happiness, movement and excitement in human beings." If there is an imbalance in these substances due to various factors, then the person starts feeling restless, sad, or nervous and these conditions are called anxiety and depression in medical language.

There are various reasons for the imbalance in the amount of these chemicals. Psychiatrists recommend a variety of exercises with different medications to find out the causes, remedy them and rebalance these substances. Using these medications and doing exercises can get rid of this condition. Regardless of medication or exercise, talking to a psychiatrist and psychologist, to express your feelings, emotions, and distress and to talk about some personal issues and problems that are not possible to talk about in front of everyone, gives the person suffering from depression And anxiety disorders a chance to express themselves, and the sympathetic and friendly attitude of the doctor gives them peace and strength. In such cases, contact with psychiatrists and psychologists is also important because they are usually complete strangers to the affected person, who do not know the patient's family or friends and acquaintances. So it is easy for the patient to describe the many bitter realities of life, the tragic events in life, and the tragedies that befell them. Sometimes this expression alone saves you the pain.

While people with mental illness delay understanding the disease and avoid treatment, and some of them even commit suicide, Our attitudes are also responsible for bringing them to this point. Many of us treat these patients with great cruelty and selfishness. Without understanding their condition and the fact that they are suffering from mental illness, someone makes fun of them and makes their condition irritating or teasing them, then by insulting or humiliating them or making them feel inferior. People make their condition worse. If we understand the pain of such people around us and adopt an attitude of sincerity, compassion, and love towards them, then it is possible that we will prove to be their healers. Adopting such attitudes towards people with mental illness is a requirement of our religious teachings as well as our moral and social duty.



On the other hand, there is a need for measures at the government level as well to reduce the growing prevalence of mental illness. In this regard, a network of hospitals needs to be set up, as well as the government should run a media awareness campaign on mental illness. The media, intellectuals and social organizations also have a duty to play their part in this regard. We all need to fulfill this duty, because only people with good mental health, especially the youth, can lead the country and the nation in the right direction and shape the future of the country.

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