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Medical Education in Ukraine

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Indian student studying medicine in Ukraine

Ukrainian medical institutions are one of the finest institutions around the globe. Every undergraduate must select the finest country and the finest college from their wish list.
Facilities by institutions for Indian student

They provide quality education in institutions. It is necessary to attend all the classes, assured by the institute by 100% attendance. They give more emphasis on the practical lesson than the theoretical. A minimum score for each class is required.

Study hours
There are four lessons a day, every class one hour and thirty minutes with a break for thirty minutes after each class. Classes can be more or less according to the timetable provided to us by the university.

The course in Ukraine is in the English language for foreign graduates. Professors are fluent in English, so students feel no such problem with terminology. They also conduct the exams in the English language.

Class length
There are only 7 to 8 students in each class. So, that professors can divide their time among all the students. They help us to understand and learn more.

Safe Environment
Ukraine has a low crime rate and is a very safe country for students, especially girls. Parents are more worried about sending their daughter because of safety issues. Girls studying here can walk around without fear.

Pressure of studies
As we are covering our topics regularly for each class, thus it creates less pressure on us. Fewer college hours than in India are also helpful as this gives us plenty of time for self-study, which further helps us score well in exams like USMLE, PLAB.

  • Accommodation

University allotted hostels to the students. These are in good condition and with all the required facilities available. Apartments are also available in case one does not want to live in the hostel.

  • Expenses for accommodation

Living in a hostel is cheaper as compared to apartments. In the hostel, there are no monthly expenses of electricity, gas, and water.

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