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Meaning Of Economic Geography

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Meaning Of Economic Geography


Economic geography belongs to human geography.

The study of economic geography is the production, distribution, enjoyment, and exchange of resources, and the human activities associated with it is called Economic Geography.

Economic geography studies the productive functions and ecological conditions of humans.

Types of Economic Occupations of People:-

1. Primary Occupation - The action by which people acquire wealth from nature is called primary occupation. E.g. agriculture, fishing, forest and mineral resources acquisition, etc.

2. Secondary Occupation- The work by which human beings make the material derived from nature useful for human use through various technologies is called Secondary Occupation. making process etc.

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3. Tertiary Occupation - The action by which the products produced through primary and second professions reach the consumer is called the Tertiary Occupation. E.g. economic activities related to transportation, transport, markets, wholesale, etc.

4. Quaternary Occupation - which helps in making Secondary and Tertiary occupations more efficient by action. E.g. activities related to means of promotion, administration, education research, etc.

Some of the branches that study economic geography-

1. Agricultural Geography.

2. Industrial Geography

3. Wealth Geography

4. Transport Geography

5. Market Geography

6. Planning and Development Geography

7. Tourism Geography etc.

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