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Math Facts Of The Number 46 And Other Fun Facts About Forty-Six.

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Some interesting non-math facts about the number 46:

In chemistry, 46 is the atomic number of Palladium.

In human biology, there are 46 human chromosomes. There are 22 pairs of autosomes and one pair of sex chromosomes.

In religion, 46 is the total number books in the Catholic Old Testament.

In film, Code 46 is a British film made in 2003.

In sport, Valentino Rossi uses the number 46 in the MotoGP motorcycle world championship.

In geometry, the name of a 46 sided shape is called a tetracontakaihexagon.

In music, there is a song called “Forty Six and 2” by Tool.

In geography, the Adirondack Mountains located in the American state of New York contains 46 peaks. Algonquin Peak is the highest peak of the Adirondack mountains standing at a height of 5114 feet.

Here are some math facts about the number 46:

The number 46 is an even number – the 23rd even number to be precise.

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The factors of 46 are 1, 2, 23 and 46 – so 46 is divisible by 4 numbers.

The only prime factors of 46 are 2 and 23 and the prime factor decomposition of 46 is 2 × 23.

The square of 46 is 2116 and the square root of 46 is 6.78.

If you work out the cube of the number 46 you get 97336.

46% as a fraction is 23/50 or 0.46 as a decimal.

In the binary number system 46 can be written as 101110.

In the hexadecimal number system 46 can be written as 2E.

In Roman Numerals the number 46 can be written as XLVI.

Popular conversions involving the number 46:

If you travelled a distance of 46 miles then this would be equivalent to 74 kilometers.

Also a length of 46 feet is equivalent to 14.0 meters.

A weight of 46 pounds is equivalent to 20.9 kilograms.

A temperature of 46 degree Celsius is about 115 degree Fahrenheit.

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