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Math Facts About the Number 27 (27 in Science, Religion and the Arts)

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Here are some math facts about the number 27:

The number 27 is an even number – the 14th odd number.

The number 27 has 4 divisors (factors) which are 1, 3, 9 and 27.

In the list of factors above, there is one prime factor which is 3.

The number 27 is also a cube number – since 33 = 27

If you square 27 you get 729 and if you cube 27 you get 19683.

27% as a fraction is 27/100 (which cannot be simplified) and 0.27 as a decimal.

27 is a unique number, as it is the only number that is 3 times bigger than the total of its digits (27 = 3 x (2+7))

If you work out 2 + 3 + 4 + 5 + 6 + 7 you get the answer of 27.

In the binary number system 27 can be written as 11011.

In Roman Numerals the number 27 can be written as XXVII

Popular conversions involving the number 27:

If you travelled a distance of 27 miles then this would be equivalent to 43.5 kilometers.

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Also a length of 27 feet is equivalent to 8.23 meters.

A weight of 27 pounds is equivalent to 12.2 kilograms.

A temperature of 27 degrees Fahrenheit is -2.78 degrees Celsius.

In 27 hours there are 1620 minutes and 97200 seconds.

Fun facts about the number 27:

In geometry, a 27 sided polygon is icosikaiheptagon.

In music, there are 3 song titles called 27 (Biffy Clyro, Fall Out Boy and the Silencers). There is also a song called 27 Jennifers.

In chemistry, 27 is the atomic number of cobalt.

In religion, the New Testament contains 27 books.

There are 27 signs of the zodiac in Indian astrology.

There is movie called Number 27 written by Michael Palin.

In human biology, there are 27 bones in the hand.

There are many other interesting facts about other numbers, so please take a look at some of my other hubpages. For example, the number 14 is the atomic number of Silicon and 14 is the number of legs on a silicon. Or did you know that the number 2 is the first prime number (not the number 1). Also, did you know that the number 40 is atomic number of zirconium and 40 is a number used in many religions to represent a large or approximate number.

Also, as well as math facts you will learn other facts about many numbers. For example, in music "39" is a song by Queen or "34" by Saves The Day. In movie titles, the number 28 has featured in many film titles, such as, "28 Days" or "28 Weeks Later. In geometry, the number 5 is the number of sides of a pentangon, or the number 10 is the number of sides of a decagon. In wedding anniversaries, the number 19 is called the "Aquamarine" wedding anniversary.

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