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Material World, From a Spiritual View

Every one of us will be living in the spiritual world once we depart from this earth.

The material world is like a mist to those living in the spiritual realm

What the spiritual world is like?

What the spiritual world is like?

Material World, from a spiritual view

If we observe the spiritual world from a material perspective, it will appear to be impractical and highly imaginative. The dimensions of the spiritual world are not clear enough to our physical senses. On the other hand, if we look from the spiritual world point of view, the material world will appear as a solid matter composed of four basic, elementary conditions like gas, matter, liquid, and plasma. All that exists in the material world appears to be made of vapors from the spiritual dimensions, a kind of fragile mist, to be evaporated away any moment.

In that case, when everything appears so much unrealistic and foolish from the spiritual world, and also when we are, in reality, born to live in the spiritual world, what is the reason we spend our entire life hoarding physical assets and money, which are temporal substances and soon will disappear. We retain and connect our ability and position with earthly substances and this sphere carries a strong link to this worthless material world.

In the existing physical material world, our main focus is on the outward material acquisition, whereas, life in the spiritual world focuses on the inner source and cause to obtain the results, where the spiritual law prevails and the persons get transformed by gaining the source and the path of the inner world of God, truth, and wisdom.

Our moving towards inward transformation is incomplete because it takes a long time to shift from outward manifestation to get inward reception. Our attraction towards the material world is very vast and our inadequate knowledge of the spiritual world is the prime reason for such transformation delay. Our attachment to the subconscious mind and habitual worldly practices keep us away from gaining the outright spiritual path, even though, most people are aware of these facts.

Instead of replenishing our spiritual energy while living on this earth, we continue to gain empty and useless physical strength and possession like a zombie. In this manner, we are wasting the life-stream of entire energy meant for accomplishing the spiritual path, which is our eventual destiny.

To accomplish the spiritual path requires minimum efforts, but complete determination where free will and personal volition are needed from the state of rest and peaceful position, without any strained efforts made in the material world. The spiritual path is simple and straight, to drive us towards the spiritual realm, the ultimate destiny within, of wisdom and truth. We do not need to stress or strain to accomplish that path. It only needs determination and the burning desire to step out of the material world.

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It is a gift of God that he has given us this life in the human form, where we can think and identify our true nature and path to gain spiritual awareness and lead our path towards spiritual upliftment to reach the highest sphere and achieve our final goal. Here, we can gain complete knowledge and wisdom in this life itself. Without his support, our life will be empty and fruitless. Apart from mental knowledge and awareness, it needs mental growth to achieve spiritual dedication and responsiveness. All the mysteries of the spiritual world cannot completely visualize while staying in the material world. Our ability, power, and inferior faculties can partially glimpse the future destiny.

With these limitations in mind, we should try to gain the full knowledge of the mysteries of the spiritual world, understanding that our vocabulary and descriptions are not adequate to paint a true picture of true realities, and will remain simply as a shadow of the actual reality to show how the spiritual world looks like.

Our determination and willpower to stay away from the material path, to lead a dedicated spiritual path can only free us from the physical anguish, suffering, and tormented condition.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2021 Shyam Gokarn

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