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Mars 2020 Perseverance Rover

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Launch Date: 30 July 2020. Landing Date:18 Feb 2021. Lanuched by: ULA ATLAS V-541

Wheel Up-gradations:- Last time Rover sent by NASA worked for many years on Mars and collects much in-formations .But sudden due to huge storm there has occurred a fault in its wheel which doesn't in perseverance rover main up-gradation that has been made is in its wheel which is more thickened for better endurance .Also More cameras are set on it for better results.

  • Oxygen:- IS-RU is the most advances technique in which pure oxygen will be produced from carbon dioxide collected from Martian atmosphere in MOXIE. This is done for testing living conditions for human.
  • Drone:- NASA has made the first ever in the history a Drone in perseverance rover which will cover most of the area on Mars quickly as rovers take couple of time to travel 1-2 kilometers. So this is the best ever up-gradation in history . Hope it will work better.
  • Purposes :-perseverance rover is launched for sample collection form Mars. It has small capsules in it. Equipment in it will collect samples from different places of Mars and will fill these capsules which will be sent to earth for researcher purpose.

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