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March for Life: Are Pro-Life Beliefs Sound?

From top left to right: Bill Johnston, Jim Cassidy and Mary Crosson.

From top left to right: Bill Johnston, Jim Cassidy and Mary Crosson.

On January 24th, 2020, hundreds of people were grouped together in D.C to fight for what they believed in: to ban abortion. At Union Staton, they held up signs so high, you could barely see the bus and train signs. Their signs read: 'Pro-Life Generation’ or ‘A person is a person, no matter how small.' Most people were wearing ‘Make American Great Again’ caps because they want to support their president who is ‘pro-life.’ According to the statistics, there were fifty times more people at the March for Life this year than at the Pro Women’s March.

President Donald J. Trump addressed the participants of March for Life: “All of us here understand an eternal truth: Every child is a precious and sacred gift from God. Together we must protect, cherish and defend the dignity and sanctity of every human life.” Since President Trump has been in office, he has appointed two anti-choice judges, making it harder to support that theory.

Pro-choicers and pro-lifers have their own values, and I respect their choice to stand up for women and what is best for them. I will talk about how each side believes they are right and explain why there should not be any political involvement with this issue.

Pro-Life Arguments

Pro-lifers strongly believe that life begins at conception, and therefore that abortion violates the right to life of the fetus. But, to take a biological stand of view: Embryos of four weeks have no brain activity and experience no pain, which means you are not killing a human. If you are really pro-life, you also need to care about the homeless children and children in foster care if you are going to care about a six-week-old embryo.

They also believe that men have a large stake in the fetus, so they should have a say if a woman has an abortion. I do understand their point of view from a biological perspective since the baby has more genetic material in common with the father, but in most cases, a mother is the primary caregiver of a child and has to invest more time and energy in taking care of the child, because the mother has carried it for nine months in her.

Pro-lifers believe that abortion has harmful mental and physical consequences for the woman involved. Miscarriages are also harmful to the body, but women are not usually blamed for it.

Pro-lifers tend to be Evangelical Christians that believe that abortion is changing God’s plan. They will use the proverb 31:8 from the Bible to explain their beliefs “Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves.” At Union Station, that day, I saw thirty priests and nuns, talking to pro-choicers, trying to change their minds.

If pro-lifers believe in saving lives, they should help fund Planned Parenthood, Support Medicare for all, support reproductive rights, including the rights to an abortion, and push for inclusive sex education in all schools.

Pro-Choice Arguments

On the other side of the spectrum, pro-choicers strongly believe that women’s civil rights are under attack because it is their body and they should ultimately be able to make choices about what happens to it. If people start to question whether women have rights/take away those rights, it will change everything that America has worked for over a century: women’s right to privacy. When a woman becomes pregnant, there are only two options: to maintain the pregnancy or to abort the pregnancy. When a person tries to remove the option to abort, they are removing a woman’s ability to chose, which challenges the First Amendment.

Legal abortion improves health and safety for women, making social health standards higher. But the pro-lifers will contradict it by saying that when abortion is easily available, it incentivizes irresponsible behavior.

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Pro-lifers use the term ‘fetus’ when they discuss abortions; however, abortions rarely involve fetuses when abortions are made legal and affordable. A fetus is an unborn human baby that is more than eight weeks old. The fetus will start to have brain activity only from the sixth week onward. Abortions usually involve zygotes or embryos. Therefore, using the term ‘fetus’ when talking about abortion is a concession to anti-choice and anti-science.

Banning Abortion Would Be Regressive

I believe that if we ban abortion, the world will be going backwards. We will find ourselves back in the '60s all over again: where women used clothes-hangers to self- inflict an abortion as if Roe v Wade never existed. Pro-life is trying to overrule it, making us fight the same battle all over again for a woman’s right to chose.

A pro-choice nonprofit agency called Planned Parenthood is a health care service that provides STD testing and treatment, birth control, cancer screening, abortion, and hormone therapy. This agency was created in 1916, and even before it was well known, the three women who created it were prosecuted and the company was shut down; they were charged with crimes related to sharing birth control information. They were funded by the government when Roe v. Wade was decided, but now, fifty years later, the government trying to shut it down again by refusing to fund it.

Days before the ‘March for Life’ began, someone published on the internet that’ if you are going to the March and you are a coffee person and plan on getting coffee, do not buy Starbucks! They directly donate to Planned Parenthood.” This company is being bombed and shot regularly by pro-lifers because of their beliefs and some of them are not prosecuted because most of the government is pro-life.

In conclusion, this is a big war that is impacting all of America. It especially impacts minorities, such as African Americans and people living in dangerous areas of the city. This subject is often ignored by the media because they do not prioritize it.


CAMUS m c on January 26, 2020:

Who is this interesting young writer

I like so much her subjects


Umesh Chandra Bhatt from Kharghar, Navi Mumbai, India on January 25, 2020:

This is an issue which will slowly engulf the whole world and somewhere we will have to produce more children to balance between the communities as well as to have working hands in future. Interesting subject and you have also brought it nicely. Thanks

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