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Making Hard Decisions

It was my continuous quest to come out of my insecurity and apprehension to make hard decisions in my life. Every time I struggled.

Life changing hard decisions

Hard decisions are always difficult to make because they can change your life.

Hard decisions are always difficult to make because they can change your life.

How do you make the right decision?

On several occasions, we are encountered with many tough and intricate decisions to take.

Some of them are very vital and needs prompt attention and action.

Such decision-making process, compels us to review different options we can get.

The key explanation for taking the correct decision, requires a steady mental frame.

The mental attitude should be balanced and sturdy, to dispose the responses by interpreting the situation.

It relates to our mindset.

Making big, hard and instant decision is always overwhelming.

If we consider taking hard decisions, it requires time to think.

Certain big decisions can be extremely hard, critical and also life altering.

Many decisions in our life are very easy to make, with conclusive judgment arrived after an intense consideration.

It is like getting an operation performed to cure certain debilitating disease you have.

It is an easy decision to make, because you have no other choice.

You abide by the decision made by the doctor or surgeon.

In that case, what is the meaning of hard decision?

It requires firm character, with determination of an appropriate action.

Why, specific hard decisions are so crucial?

Let us take one example.

When your college closed doors to electrical engineering five year course Program.

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You observed that, nearly 600 students had already enrolled in the course to take their engineering skills to the next level.

They have taken the first step and on the way to achieve their desired results and goal.

But sadly, you were late and hence, not one of them.

You got the point?

You could not join, because it involved a huge amount of investment, which you could not afford.

At that instant, it was a very hard decision to make.

That is those types of decisions we are concerned about.

By making a hard decision, it can change your life.

It provides an opportunity for the future success.

If we fail to grab it, we may not get it again at all.

Hard decisions remain hard always, because they matter a lot in our life.

They are mostly vital decisions to make, and that too very quickly.

Rescheduling or postponement of complicated decision usually makes it more difficult and problematic.

Every decision taking process is different, and depends on your mindset at that moment.

You can pronounce the decision taking process is difficult or hard.

But, you have to deal with it effectively, understanding that the hardest decision will eventually make your life easy, thereafter.

You need to find the solution to deal with the situation, find ways to get positive results.

In case you are delayed, thinking that you may pronounce a wrong one.

You need to estimate the entire situation, make a concise and clear statement in the line of proper action, intended as the one most appropriate and favorable to the successful achievement of the allocated mission.

In our life, we frequently encounter with such a complex situation.

We need to make a few very hard and tough decisions.

What decisions we normally make are simple and easy, because they do not create a significant effect and consequences.

For example:

If you commence a new yoga exercise, you can alter it in 15 seconds.

If you start to view a new movie on TV, you can change the movie after 5 minutes to observe another movie.

Nothing can stop you to make such abrupt decisions.

However, considering making hard and complex decision, a different mindset is required.

This is because, you are unable to take back the decision you have taken.

It's already done.

Thereafter, you have to face the requisite consequences.

Therefore, proper thinking has to do, before and during the decision- building and making process.

You need to evaluate whether you are prepared to deal with all of the consequences of your decision.

Because you cannot change the decision once you've made it.

So, how you do it correctly, and managed by taking the correct steps, to make the hard decision.

By passing through three stages, you can complete the decision-making framework.

Get the clarity of the event and what is needed?

The primary step to obtain the clarity concerning the decision you are about to make.

This can be attained by two ways to get such clarity.

Like police investigate the crime, you too can discuss, inquire and talk to people from different walks of life to get the knowledge about it.

To understand, after all, what type of decision you are required to make.

How complicated and hard the decision is going to be?

What are the disadvantages and advantages of making and not making the decision?

What are the questions you have to answer before taking decisions and where to seek those answers you need?

How do you feel about the situation while making the decision?

Write down everything.

Once you are thorough with the knowledge of the entire event, you will observe that, all your emotions will be displayed in whatever format they exist.

You can nurture the intuitive ideas and emotional stuff lingering around your decision and make a balanced and informed decision.

If there is something still unclear, you can talk about it with relevant or correct people.

Knowing Options & Consequences

The second stage is understanding the alternative options you have and their consequences, aka the disadvantages and advantages.

You need to be brutally honest about them.

You need to consider all the disadvantages and advantages, without any partiality.

For example, let's take the engineering program decision.

What are the options you have?

You can join different training programs.

You can learn all by yourself with the free information available.

What are the consequences of joining college engineering programs?

Joining a program is easy.

But to get the results, you need to work hard and complete the program, learn and apply what you've learned.

That requires discipline and strong motivation, which many students lack.

Those students who join the college courses may fail to complete the course.

Even if you intend to study by watching the videos or reading the PDF files, you still need to work hard, understand the study course, and apply them to get the results.

You need to take action, and taking action requires strong motivation.

That's where most of us struggle.

We normally gather information and try to obtain knowledge without applying them.

Too much free information is available on the internet.

Your first challenge is to find the right information source to learn from.

The second is to be disciplined enough to focus on learning.

The third is to apply what you have learned.

It is easy to go wrong and spend lots of time on things that don't yield the right results.

Making the decision

Now you have everything you need to make the call.

You got the clarity.

You know the options available to you along with the disadvantages and advantages of each option.

It's time to make the final decision.

Remember, there is nothing like a perfect decision.

When there are no perfect decisions, you can also go wrong in making this decision, otherwise you will not take any decision at all.

This is because...

A good decision, executed well and precisely right now, is a lot better than a perfect decision you intend to make next week or the next month.

That's it.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2021 Shyam Gokarn

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