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Making Contacts with Ghosts and Spirits.


Difference between Ghosts and Spirits

The most common belief is that a ghost is a spirit of a deceased person who comes back to haunt a particular place perhaps where they may have once lived, in truth ghosts and spirits are two separate energies. A spirit is an intelligent being who can communicate with us, they were once alive just as we are and have passed on into the spirit world, they are free to choose where they go and can interact if they wish to.

Ghosts, Stone Tape Theory & Water Tape Theory .

A ghost however cannot interact with us they not actual spirits but rather a build up of energy within a particular place where they once dwelled. Commonly known as the stone tape theory, it is claimed that reoccurring events over a number of years, for example every day at 9.30 the maid carries a drink to the lady of the house, or events which carry a very high level of emotion, for example a violent death can cause the energy of these events to be absorbed into the walls or grounds of a place. Over time given the right magnetic conditions these events can then be replayed almost like watching a movie, the characters in the scene would be completely oblivious to the current day onlookers and would even seemingly walk through walls or through doors, which were not there when they were alive.

More recently the water tape theory has attracted much interest as an alternative view to the stone tape theory studies have shown that water also can be impressed with energy and some leading parapsychologists now believe that ghosts are results of water capturing imprints rather than walls. Both views hold credibility, often old buildings were built from reclaimed stone and ghost can and do appear not from the current building but from one the one which was one previously there or even in a slightly different position.

Ghostly apparitions in The Battle fields.

The best examples of ghostly apparitions come not from buildings but from battle fields, with emotion running high among soldiers lives being lost, the fear of death and the pain of the wounded, Britain’s historic battlegrounds are rich in apparitions. At Cher-tone battlefield every four years in March soldiers have been both seen and heard. In Norfolk every year in April locals report the sounds of swords and battle from a Roman castle. Stories are abundant of headless horsemen seen through the country. Could this be possible evidence for a water tape theory? With underground streams and the moisture that is within the earth itself it appears so, perhaps the best possible explanation of ghosts would be a combination of the two, and maybe with continuing research in the field answers will be found in the future.

Contrary to popular belief spirits who frequent a building are not trapped or lost, far from it they are fully aware of the spirit world they exist in and are as interested in visitors to their homes as the visitors are in them. Spirits are deceased people they have the personality they once had and are still who they were when they were alive. Spirits are not contained to one particular place or room and they are fully aware of the people around, manifestations of spirits are rare, a great deal of energy from the people present is needed for them to show themselves in full form and often reports of half a body or even just a pair of feet is common when a spirit attempts to show themselves. Less exertion is need for them to make a noise or communicate by touching someone’s hand or face and on a paranormal investigation this is often the first indication that a spirit person is present and wishes to contact the living. Those who may be slightly more sensitive report seeing mists or shadows where the spirit person is standing.


Ask Questions and Find out about Them.

Spirit activity is much more rewarding than seeing a ghost, to be able to find out who is there talk to them ask questions and find out about them is what ghost hunts are really about, ghostly apparitions are exciting but no experience is greater than speaking to a deceased person and knowing that we are crossing the boundaries between life and death to hold a conversation from someone who lived hundreds of years ago.

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