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Make The Most Out Of The Full Flower Moon In May

Karla Taylor is a personal development writer who follows the phases of the moon and studies the effects each phase has on us as humans.


When Does The Full Flower Moon Fall?

This year's Full Moon in May lands on May 7th at 11:45am for those of us in the UK and at 6:45am for our friends over the pond.

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The Full Flower Moon Is Also Known As:

  • The full milk moon
  • The corn planting moon
  • The bright moon
  • The hare moon

The Significance Of The Full Flower Moon

The Full Flower Moon offers us a an opportunity to reflect on our likeliness with flowers themselves. We grow every day in many ways, absorbing energy from the sun and releasing it under the moon. We are a creation for the universe just as flowers are and we too, have opportunity after opportunity to regenerate and regrow.

The full moon in May is one of the brightest of the year and with all that light comes greater awareness. The moon can shine in the darkest of places revealing things we didn't care to see, things within ourselves or in our lives. Combine this with the heightened emotional state likely to occur under a full moon and we have what you might agree could be a concoction partly responsible for the lunacy that has been known to take place under full moons.

It isn't all bad, all that light can fill you up inside and you can glow. The effects are partly circumstantial but mostly, it comes from within.

Recognise Your Connection To The Moon

If you had parents in the planets, your father would be the sun and your mother would be the moon. Your astrological moon sign is your mother sign and the moon itself is your mother energy.

She cares, she's crazy but she cares.


What Not To Do During The Full Moon

  • Try to refrain from spending the night on social media, it's a powerful time because of the energy from the moon to you individually so if you can afford to unplug for the evening - go for it. Or at least be mindful of your screen time.
  • Give caffeine a miss after 3pm, this full moon will be one of the brightest of the year, the skies will probably be clear and your body clock might take slightly longer to recognise that it's night time so unless you were planning on staying awake all night anyway - I recommend avoiding caffeinated drinks.
  • As tempting as it might be to start a new project or even something as big as a whole business while you're basking in the energy that the full moon has to offer - it's probably not the best time to. Write down your ideas and wait a fortnight until the creative new moon, chances are - you had a better idea in those two weeks that you wouldn't have had it you'd acted hastily during the full moon because you'd have been distracted by obligations you had made for yourself by acting on the fuel from the full moon.
  • Don't, for the love of Barbie, have an argument. Okay, so they aren't always avoidable but if you can find the strength within yourself to walk away from an argument under a full moon then you will thank yourself in the morning because full moon fights can get pretty wild! Not to forget: the effects of the full moon last for around two days before and two days after so 5 days of no arguments might save yourself a month full.
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What You Should Do Under The Full Flower Moon

  • Reflect on the last four weeks, the moon will shine a light for you and you'll see as clear as day but you have to tune in which is why I suggested that you unplug.
  • Meditate, even if you can only manage five minutes. Try to reconnect to what you want in life. Discover the key to fulfillment and feel the euphoria of believing that your dreams, your most extravagant dreams, will come true.

- I will link a helpful article about reconnecting to your dreams below.

  • Manifest. Write down your deepest desires or think about them, really indulge. Use visualisation techniques to see yourself living the most incredible life you can imagine for yourself and believe that it will happen. Feel the excitement and recognise that you're alive full of dreams and ideas and you have the power to start putting actions into place, you have what it takes to live those very dreams.
  • Rest. A time of reflection is also a time of rest.
  • Follow your emotional and physical urges, only the positive ones.

The full moon has been known to represent and even induce fertility and even for those who aren't trying to conceive, this means that when the moon is shining it's brightest, it can cause physical and effects such as a desire to be closer to your partner both intimately and emotionally.

This is a helpful counterbalance considering that it effects everybody, much like the heightened emotions and sensitivity to arguments.

  • Identifying and Reconnecting To Your Dreams
    We aren't here, living and breathing with dreams and desires for no reason. Your greatest desires are your personal destiny. Don't waste this life. I'm passionate about helping people to live their own personal paradise... well, if it's possible then

© 2020 Karla Taylor


Karla Taylor (author) from Blackpool on May 01, 2020:

Thank you! I did get into the astrology of your culture, very interesting. I got overwhelmed by the decision of whether to learn western or vedic.

Halemane Muralikrishna from South India on April 26, 2020:

Oh, wonderful article, Ms Karla Taylor, I was not aware of the things in your culture describe much on the moon. I had written an article earlier which you may like to read and express your opinion on that as well. Thank you for such an informative article with dos and don'ts on the full flower moon night.

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