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Major Blocking Phenomenon That Could Lead to a Historical Earthquake Near the Philippines

Tectonic block warning


Earthquake data analysis points to significant abnormalities, indicating a serious blocking is in place

Since the start of 2020, seismic patterns indicate something abnormal is happening with tectonic plates and careful analysis of data points to a large-scale blockage in the tropical west Pacific. Signs of this have increased further during this year.

Data can be reviewed on USGS website. Frequency of large earthquakes has dropped drastically in Asia outside of eastern Japan and the southern Philippines. This year this drop in activity has also extended to the whole Americas region. Since Jan 20, the occurrence of magnitude 6+ events is lower than any comparable period on record. This bolsters the probability that there is indeed a blocking in place causing these strange patterns. The long term decrease in large earthquakes in some areas, and increase in others are a strong telltale sign that something is blocked, and is more serious than normal.

The blocking should be located near the southern Philippines, in an area that has seen incidence of large earthquakes increase to levels far above the historical average.

The result of this blocking is likely to be a cataclysmic rupture of the plate systems starting SE of the Philippines, and extending well north and south of this zone. Magnitude 9.8 or higher is the likely severity of the event. It should produce a megatsunami that reaches the US west coast. Timing of this event will be between the middle of this year and middle of 2023.

More observation of seismic patterns is needed to affirm this threat, but so far, the signs of a serious threat associated with a massive blocking in the global plate systems appear to be getting more evident with each passing month.

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