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Major Air Accidents in Pakistan's Military History

I actually quite keen to have updated about the current affairs of the country and the world as well. The sad incident compels me to write.

Major Air Accidents in Pakistan's Military History

There are many reasons behind air accidents including technical failure, weather, human mistake and once in a while unexpected assault, besides sometimes bullet and birds also cause the crash.

In the military history of Pakistan, there have been many major and significant air accidents in which high-ranking national and foreign personalities have lost their lives.

Apart from these high personalities, there have been accidents of helicopters and planes going on training and various expeditions in which pilots and crew had to lose their lives.

Zia ul Haq's Plane Crash

If we look at the last three decades, in the late 1980s, the aircraft of Pakistan Army Chief and then President General Zia-ul-Haq C-130 crashed. President Ziaul Haq along with American Ambassador Arnold Lewis, Joint Chief Akhtar Abdul Rehman and other people were on board this plane. The C130 is considered a safe aircraft and is used in cargo and rescue operations.

Bahawalpur Tragedy

The Bahawalpur tragedy is still a mystery. In this accident thirty precious lives were lost. The Hercules plane had 30 people on board, including 17 passengers and 13 crew members. No one on board survived the accident.

Mushaf Ali Mir's Plane Crash

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Pakistan Air Force had to bear the loss of its chief in the air accident that occurred in Pakistan Air Force chief Mushaf Ali Mir died in a plane crash in Kohat. He was aboard an Air Force Fokker F27 aircraft. He was accompanied by his wife and 15 other officers. Their plane crashed in Kohat and no one survived the accident.

General Rashid Qureshi Survived the Plane Crash

General Rashid Qureshi was the head of the Public Relations Department of the Pakistan Army during the tenure of General Pervez Musharraf. His helicopter met with an accident in 2007 and he was injured. In this accident, eight people on board the helicopter were also injured and four people, including two military personnel, lost their lives. It was a Russian-made Mi-17 helicopter that had an accident in Kashmir. According to eyewitnesses, some people survived because they jumped out of the helicopter before it crashed.

Ambassadors' Heli Crash at Naltar

If we look into the recent past, in 2005 a helicopter carrying diplomats had an accident in Naltar. It was a Pakistan Army Mi-17 helicopter. In this accident, two pilots, Major Iltmish and Major Faisal, along with the Philippine ambassador, Norwegian ambassador, Indonesian and Malaysian ambassadors' wives lost their lives. 11 foreigners and six Pakistani citizens were on board this helicopter. Later, the Indonesian ambassador also succumbed to his injuries. The heli suffered a technical malfunction and spun out of control, crashing into the APS wall and bursting into flames.

Corps Commander Baluchistan’s Helicopter Accident

Now, on August 1, 2022, an accident occurred in an acrylic helicopter of the squadron number seven of the Pakistan Army at Musa Goth, Windar, Lasbela in Baluchistan and six personnel including Corps Commander Quetta Lt. Gen. Sarfaraz Ali died. According to ISPR, their helicopter crashed due to bad weather. Corp commanders were assessing the damage caused by the floods and were engaged in relief activities. Pakistan Army Aviation's Eurocopter AS 350 Acrylic Heli was supposed to land at Faisal Base Karachi at 6 o'clock, but it did not happen and ISPR announced on August 1 that the helicopter was missing.

There were many news reports about this but on August 2, everyone was informed about the crash that none of the people on board the helicopter survived.

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