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Magic and mystery of the unknown - Fascination with the unfamiliar

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The mystery of the unknown

The unknown and the unfamiliar hold for us a certain magic and mystery about them. Some are fearful of it, while the bold and the adventurous have the desire to seek it out and conquer it. Anything that is unknown is magical and mysterious to most of us. We love mystery stories and detective novels, we also love to go on rides that are strange and new. Though not all of us are comfortable with the new and the unknown, it does hold a fascination for most of us. Psychics, palm readers, tarot card readers have a hay day because of this fascination. Stories about UFO’s and movies on the unknown seem to be flourishing because of our obsession with the unfamiliar.


Fascination with the unfamiliar

A long time ago, I remember, a friend of mine went on a blind date, she was dreaming about the person so much and imagining stuff about him, equating him to prince charming and was making me weary with her constant commentary. Finally she did get to meet the man and he was handsome alright, but a flawed one at that. Her fascination slowly turned to disenchantment as she came to know the person well. How many of us in this age of the internet build friendship and get romantically involved with people halfway across the globe because imagination and reality blend into the realm of dreams and serve up a heady cocktail. I wonder if we would remain as fascinated and interested when we get to see certain aspects of the person.

Curiosity may have killed the cat, not Humans

We all love surprises, we love to open our gifts and some of us especially children, cannot be at peace until they know what is inside the wrapping. Have you noticed little babies - though they fear strange looking people, they would still like to peek at the person repeatedly, unnoticed (or so they believe) with their faces covered. We are a curious people and it is this curiosity and the fascination of the unknown that helps us explore new territories and discover and learn new things.

Our Obsession with the unfamiliar has been the gain of others

The realm of ghost, vampires and witches has held the interest of people for a long time. The current fascination of the west with psychics, the likes of Paul the octopus who predicted the future of the German team and the very old craze to have palms read or tarot cards read or even dabbling with the occult to have the future predicted have also much to do with the fascination of the unknown. JK Rowling made a neat fortune because of people’s fixation with witches and magic and the unknown. The number of movies that are based on this element of the unknown and the amazing number of them being great hits can also be attributed to the mystery and magic of the unknown. These books and movies serve as fodder for our curious and exploring minds.

The Magic of the unknown  reason for our today's

The curiosity or the fascination for the unknown can cause us to be adventurous and discover new facts about people and things. It is this fascination that gets us into space programmes, the Antarctic or newer and unexplored territories.  If not for this curious nature we would probably still be in the stone ages. It is the wonder of the unknown that makes babies to crawl, explore and get their hands into everything and probably everything into that mouth of theirs to savor the feel and taste of the unknown.

The thrill and adventure associated with the unknown and Unfamiliar

The mystery and magic of the unknown has much to do with the thrilling feeling of adrenaline coursing through the veins, causing fight or flight reaction in human. Those who feel exhilarated and in the fight mode find that this experience is as good as any drug or even better and the more they taste of it the more they want of it. The heady experience of exploring and discovering new things is rather addictive in nature because of the excitement that comes with it and the adulation that follows the success the person gets from it.

The fear of the unknown

The fear of the unknown comes from disturbing and unhappy past experiences. The may be real or imagined.  This could be very limiting and paralyzing in nature that it does not allow a person to enjoy the thrill of new experiences and learn from them in a pleasant way.  The fear of the unknown is something that needs to be overcome as it causes an individual to become stagnant and fearful of learning anything new and useful.

Facing the danger of the unknown

Sometimes our intuition warns us of the great dangers that await us as we explore the unknown, this churning feeling in the stomach, the rush of blood to the face, the need to run away from the place or may be even a red flag that we see in our mind’s eye, all warn us of the eminent danger. It calls for prudence and taking calculated risks while handling the unknown. Though it may be practical to tread softly, I believe that there is no reason to fear the unknown and be immobilized by it. Not all dark and un-illumined places are bad; they may just need a little light. Caution and prudence may be the keywords to work on, knowledge of the environment and discretion may make exploration possible and the learning experience interesting. The Unknown will continue to hold the same amount of mystery and magic for generations as it has always held.

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Conner on December 02, 2015:

Any idea who the author of this article is?

Dawn (author) on June 03, 2011:

Haikutwinkle, sometimes you frighten me.. dejavu I know you??.. you think like me .. it is unnerving..

Fascinating yes, isn't that what makes young people explore all those things that gets them into trouble.. caution and prudence can keep us safe even while we explore those mysteries.:)

Thank you for visiting again and pushing the buttons :)

I appreciate this greatly :)

on May 26, 2011:

What a great hub and such food for thought. Definitely voting up and pressing your buttons too!

haikutwinkle on May 25, 2011:

aah...the unknown! I'm drawn to it, fascinated by it, even addicted to it, but always from a safe distance if all senses point towards danger. The unknown is what I feel/think I know, being able to penetrate through the five senses and beyond. Flashes of images/hints of what is about to happen yet nobody would believe or could see. Like a deja-vu, things that happen twice - once in the mind, once more in reality.

When the world was thought to be a square but was found to be round by one who dares to challenge the "logic" at that time.

And the unknown mystery with the number 11 where disaster seem to strike on the 11th.

May God Bless those who survived the disaster.

Dawn (author) on May 19, 2011:

Yes, the less we know the more we ask and the more we learn from everything around us each day. Thank you for your lovely comments! Oh you are such an inspiration... Thank you :) and God Bless!

epigramman on May 19, 2011:

....well the less we know the more we ask - and often those questions go unanswered ........I love how you inspire your readers to think and feel and we leave your hubs with enlightenment and an open mind - and the 'dialogue' has been immensely rewarding ......

Dawn (author) on May 19, 2011:

Ruby, it is good to see you, yes it is always wonderful to explore and learn new information ..isn't it? All of us have some fear or the other. The fear of heights is something that can be do not have to struggle on with it.. the best way to overcome fear is to face is only unknown as long as you keep away from facing it ..once it is familiar your fear wears off..try it Ruby and you may be able to see more places.. Thank you and God bless!

Ruby Jean Richert from Southern Illinois on May 19, 2011:

This was a fascinating article. I love to learn and explore new ideas. I do have one major fear of the unknown, and that's the fear of heights..I am clueless as to why i have this fear. It must be something embedded, but it's something i can live with..I just don't fly... Thank you.


Dawn (author) on May 19, 2011:

Glad that you like it this way.. gosh hunting and gathering and writing on caves won't help my thoughts reach this far :) would it?? I love it this way too...:)

Timorous I do appreciate the read and the comment :) God Bless!

Tim Nichol from Me to You on May 19, 2011:

Hi shimmering Dawn; It's true, without curiosity of the unknown, and (as a sidelight) the desire to make improvements, we'd still be hunting and gathering, and writing stuff on cave walls. I like it better this way..there's always something new to explore and learn, if you have a mind to. Nice going.

Dawn (author) on May 18, 2011:

LuisEGonzalez thank you for visiting and for your insightful comment. Taking calculated risks and making the right decisions is indeed the fine art of living. I am glad that you liked this hub. Your comment is truly valued! :)

Luis E Gonzalez from Miami, Florida on May 18, 2011:

You are absolutely right, if we were not curious we may not have achieved all that we have. Yes being curious offers some risks but the rewards can overshadow the risk.

Good hub and thanks for posting it

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