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The British Monarchy were the original Drug Cartel

History Swept Under the Rug

The British Monarchy Were Anything but Noble

The EIC was established by Queen Elizabeth I, which granted 125 wealthy merchants "a royal charter" to The East Indies. They smuggled opium from India into Chin


"Taxation Without Representation is Tyranny" James Otis

While the British were busy imposing additional taxes on their trade monopoly in the American colonies, the Monarchy was also busy on the other side of the world making huge profits from their trade monopoly of raw heroin to the Chinese. They forced drug legalization on China, and by definition, enslaved a nation.

Despite the Chinese ban on opium imports, reaffirmed in 1799 by the Jiaqing Emperor, the drug was smuggled into China from Bengal by traffickers and Monarchy agency houses such as Jardine, Matheson & Co and Dent & Co. in amounts averaging 900 tons a year.

In 1838 with the amount of smuggled opium entering China approaching 1,400 tons a year, the Chinese imposed a death penalty for opium smuggling and sent a Special Imperial Commissioner, Lin Zexu, to curb smuggling. This resulted in theFirst Opium War (1839–1842). After the war, the British kept Hong Kong, made China pay for the costs of British attacks, and with the Treaty of Nanking forced the Chinese market opened to the opium traders of Britain.

Drug Legalization in China was imposed by Britain with War

British Opium Clipper, The Water Witch 1831


Chinese Emperor Emperor Tao-kwang


History Repeats Itself

"But in 1834, the old Emperor Tao-kwang, himself a reclaimed opium-smoker, determined if possible to save his country. He first of all took the sense of the people through his high officials, Shall we legalize and tax the trade, or shall we annihilate it?"

In the 18th Century, Scottish Photographer and author, John Thompson published fascinating chronicles of his travels through China.

Illustrations of China and Its People comprises the most extensive photographic survey of 19th-century China. Its scenic views illustrate the many places Thomson visited between 1868 and 1872.

Illustrations of China and Its People comprises the most extensive photographic survey of 19th-century China. Its scenic views illustrate the many places Thomson visited between 1868 and 1872.

Truth is the British East India Company was the original drug trafficking cartel

1767: The British East India Company's import of opium to China reaches a staggering two thousand chests of opium per year. In 1793, the British East India Company establishes a monopoly on the opium trade.

All poppy growers in India were forbidden to sell opium to competitor trading companies.

While this was going on,the American colonies were also being colonized by the British, along with the French, Spanish, and Portuguese. Harvard University was founded in 1636. Harvard University was officially founded by General Court of the Massachusetts Bay Colony. The Massachusets Bay Colony was a Royal Charter like that of the British East India Company.

1765: The British monarchy imposed a Stamp Tax on American colonists. Every newspaper, pamphlet, and other public and legal documents had to have a Stamp, or British seal of approval, on it. The colonies protested not only because of the cost but also because it was a means to control information and ideas. It was the first account of protests against the British by the colonies.

1770: The Boston Massacre occurs when British troops fire into an unarmed Boston crowd, who were demonstrating against British troops at the customs commission for the Stamp Tax.

Nations such as China and India did not have the language, technology, or skills to communicate and defend themselves from the British monarchy's undue influence and control.

The Chinese culture of the time was beautifully documented by John Thomson, Illustrations of China and Its People: A Series of Two Hundred Photographs, with Letterpress Descriptive of the Places and People Represented, published in four volumes from 1873 to 1874.

1773: British East India Company obtains monopoly on the production and sale of opium in Bengal.

1799: China's emperor, Kia King, bans opium completely, making trade and poppy cultivation illegal.

1800: The British Levant Company purchases nearly half of all of the opium coming out of Smyrna, Turkey strictly for importation to Europe and the United States.

1800: Due to epidemic opiate addiction, the emperor declared oplum imports illegal in China.

1816: John Jacob Astor of NYC, joins the opium smuggling trade.

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China's defeat in the Opium Wars, forced its door open to trade on terms that can only be described as exceptionally sordid and extremely unfavorable. As a consequence, China sunk into a semi-feudal semi-colonial state. It was so weakened by the opium trade and indemnities it was forced to pay that by the end of nineteenth century China was a devastated country.

In Shanghai: City for Sale, ps. 6-7, published in 1940:

"This British desire for a wider sphere of operations precipitated Britain's first war with China" (in 1842). "It was called the 'Opium War' because the British urge to swamp China with India-grown opium and Chinese refusal to take it were its tangible cause".

"There is no doubt about the wanton aggression that marked the beginning of this undeclared war, nor about the singular brutality with which the British soldiers sacked peaceful cities, burned public buildings, looted, plundered and murdered . . . There was much ruthless bayoneting. Sacred temple quarters were soiled, exquisite wood carvings were used for camp fires, British soldiers watched old men, women and even children cutting each other's throats in utter despair, or drowning themselves. 'The lament of the father­ less, the anarchy, the starvation, and the misery of the home­ less wanderers', says the East India Committee of the Co­lonial Society in London in 1843, 'are the theme of a frightful triumph."

1830: Britain is the Colombia of the 19th Century. Britain becomes the largest drug-trafficking empire in the world.

1830: Warren Delano, Franklin D. Roosevelt's, maternal grandfather was a senior partner of Russell & Company, the merchant fleet that carried Sassoon's opium to China and returned with tea. Delano moved to Newburgh, N.Y.

1832: The firm of Jardine, Matheson and Co. began in Canton, China by William Jardine and Scotish Merchant James Matheson.

1832: David Sassoon had an established business in Bombay and was the leading trader Opium in China.

1839: Chinese Emperor Qing confiscated Opium the British Merchants were trying to import. The British use this as an excuse for the First Opium War.

1841: The Chinese are defeated by the British in the First Opium War. Along with paying a large indemnity, Hong Kong is ceded to the British.

1842: The Treaty of Nanking forced China to be open up to British traders, and Sassoon was the leading trader of opium carried to China.

1851: Warren's Delano's, American Opium Traders, daughter Sara married well-born neighbor, James Roosevelt—the father of Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

1853: David Sassoon did not speak English, he became a naturalized British citizen.

1858-1860: Second Opium War

1881: The British Inspector General In China Report, Page 3, Estimated the Chinese Opium consumption was valued at 25,000,000 British Pounds annually.

Queen Elizabeth's father was King Henry VIII r 1509-47

Famous for having six wives. Forming the Anglican Church to remarry. ‘Divorced, Beheaded, Died, Divorced, Beheaded, Survived.’ Henry VIII did indeed marry six times, but had only three legitimate children.

Famous for having six wives. Forming the Anglican Church to remarry. ‘Divorced, Beheaded, Died, Divorced, Beheaded, Survived.’ Henry VIII did indeed marry six times, but had only three legitimate children.

"Many of the worst class of beggars are confirmed opium-smokers, — men who have been dragged down from positions of comfort or affluence by the vice"

John Thompson Inadvertently Documented China's Demise

John Thompson Inadvertently Documented China's Demise

The Opium Profits Brought the Royal Crown Power

"Elizabeth I, whose reign is called the Elizabethan era or the Golden Age, ruled England during a period of political and religious turmoil and set her nation's course to become the leading Protestant, world power for the next three centuries"

Queen Elizabeth established what would become the World's Biggest Drug Cartel, but her father, King Henry VIII, was the one that made history.

Henry VIII is famous for having six wives two of whom he executed at the Tower of London.

Henry VIII broke with the Roman Catholic Church and established the Church of England – all to get his first divorce. This was known as "The English Reformation", which also allowed him to seize church land and property (a great help in financing costly European wars). Under Henry VIII, England witnessed the wholesale destruction of beautiful monastic buildings and libraries.

"It is well known that, King Henry VIII was grossly overweight, and possibly suffered from both gout and syphilis. Henry died in 1547 at Whitehall in London and was buried at Windsor. At his death King Henry VIII left three children, each of whom had a turn on the English throne: Edward VI, Mary I dubbed “Bloody” Mary, by her sister Elizabeth I", who had her executed.

If there was a proper description of the brilliant PR term "Queen Mother", it would likely be "Granny's Got a Gun". The paternal image portrayed for the King might make sense. If the rumors are true, the Kings have sired much of Great Britain.

Kidding aside, British laws seemed to apply to those who could read the Magna Carta in Latin, and the commoners didn't have access to the quid pro quo perks of the Baron's, or wealthy merchants, with the Kings, The Monarchies could be considered the original Communists, or the "Caviar Communists", as they say in Latin America. It was certainly Crony Capitalism at its' finest.

How to Covert a Nation of Catholics? Make Them the Enemy

"The English Church continuously adhered to See of Rome as the Catholic Church in England for almost a thousand years from the time of Augustine of Canterbury, but in 1534, during the reign of King Henry VIII, the church, through a series of legislative acts between 1533 and 1536[1] became independent from the Pope for a period as the Church of England, a national church with Henry declaring himself Supreme Head.[2][3][4] Under Henry's son, Edward VI, the Church of Englandbecame more influenced by the European Protestant movement."

So the British EIC was Trading in Slaves and Opium. The Royal Family was head the EIC, along with the "Protestant Church of England”.

In 1537, Pope Paul III, abolished the lucrative slave trade via Sublimus Dei.

"We, who, though unworthy, exercise on earth the power of our Lord and seek with all our might to bring those sheep of His flock who are outside into the fold committed to our charge, consider, however, that the Indians are truly men and that they are not only capable of understanding the Catholic Faith but, according to our information, they desire exceedingly to receive it. Desiring to provide ample remedy for these evils, We define and declare by these Our letters, or by any translation thereof signed by any notary public and sealed with the seal of any ecclesiastical dignitary, to which the same credit shall be given as to the originals, that, notwithstanding whatever may have been or may be said to the contrary, the said Indians and all other people who may later be discovered by Christians, are by no means to be deprived of their liberty or the possession of their property, even though they be outside the faith of Jesus Christ; and that they may and should, freely and legitimately, enjoy their liberty and the possession of their property; nor should they be in any way enslaved; should the contrary happen, it shall be null and have no effect."

A loss of major sources of money is certain motive for going renegade. They had to explain it somehow, England was a Catholic nation.

The beliefs that underlie the sort of strong anti-Catholicism once seen in the United Kingdom were summarized by William Blackstone in his Commentaries on the Laws of England:"

"As to papists, what has been said of the Protestant dissenters would hold equally strong for a general toleration of them; provided their separation was founded only upon difference of opinion in religion, and their principles did not also extend to a subversion of the civil government. If once they could be brought to renounce the supremacy of the pope, they might quietly enjoy their seven sacraments, their purgatory, and auricular confession; their worship of relics and images; nay even their transubstantiation. But while they acknowledge a foreign power, superior to the sovereignty of the kingdom, they cannot complain if the laws of that kingdom will not treat them upon the footing of good subjects.."
— Bl. Comm. IV, c.4 ss. iii.2, p. *54

So Catholic beliefs wouldn't be a problem for the British if they recognized the superior sovereignity of the "Kingdom", instead of the biblical tenant of Catholic faith that the "keys of the Kingdom" were given to Peter and his successors, by Jesus?

Catholics were Persecuted Under Elizabeth I

The Act of Settlement 1701, which was passed by the Parliament of England, stated the heir to throne must not be a "Papist" and that an heir who is a Catholic or who marries one will be excluded from the succession to the throne. This law was extende

The Act of Settlement 1701, which was passed by the Parliament of England, stated the heir to throne must not be a "Papist" and that an heir who is a Catholic or who marries one will be excluded from the succession to the throne. This law was extende

Anti Semitism spread through Europe in the 18th Century, while both disdain for Jews, Catholics, and Immigrants existed in Britain.

Encyclopaedia Judaica (1971): Anti-Semitism, vol. 3, col. 141-142b: Jews praying in the Great Synagogue, London.  "Devotion in Dukes Place - or Contractors returning thanks for a Loan."

Encyclopaedia Judaica (1971): Anti-Semitism, vol. 3, col. 141-142b: Jews praying in the Great Synagogue, London. "Devotion in Dukes Place - or Contractors returning thanks for a Loan."

It was under the rule of the assassinated Queen Mary I son, King James (1603 - 1625) that Britain began colonizing America.

Historians refer to actions by the British monarchy with terms such as, "wealthy syndicate known as the Massachusetts Bay Charter", but the reality is that the English citizens were under control of the monarchy. Those coming to colonize America, were sent acting as "agents for the Royal Monarchy".

Persecuted Catholics in Britain were hopeful about King James, but the anti-Catholic and Jewish sentiment was stronger than ever. This also provides some insight into the British monarchy's prowess with propaganda and penchant for creating animosity. Dr. Eamon Duffy (Magdalene College, Cambridge) explains how lurid press propaganda fueled Protestants’ fear of Catholics in the 17th century.

For the faithful, the anti Catholic propaganda was spiritual poison, leaving parishes orphaned under King George VIII's attempt to make himself the Vicar of Christ. For some that was a fate worse than the millions, of physically or mentally, incapacitated Chinese from opium. King Henry VIII led Great Britain away from Catholic Church, and in order to accomplish that, Britain had to maintain centuries of defamation and slander against Catholics, to avoid a backlash from the commoners.

Elizabethan I, had anti Catholic campaigns that included sordid stories of innocent Protestants being burned at the stake, labeling the deceased Queen “Bloody Mary” and there was the “Mary, Mary quite contrary” nursery rhyme. Elizabeth I, was excommunicated by the Catholic church, and her wrath was furious.

Centuries later, and despite historical corrections, the deception and animosity, has been infused in the culture of both English and American populations. The culture of contempt, defamation, and scorn, towards fellow Christians can be seen among the various Protestant denominations today. Division is certainly a modern Marxist trademark today.

In 2010 Guardian UK reports: Anti-Catholic junk history II: Mary I killed 284, Henry VIII up to 72,000 – but it's 'Bloody Mary' and 'Bluff King Hal'

Anglo-Indian merchant; head of the house of David Sassoon & Co., "the Rothschilds of the East"; born at Bagdad 1817; died at Brighton, England.


American History Books on India During British Occupation are Blank

David Sassoon (October 1792 – November 7, 1864) was born in Baghdad, Iraq, and later fled to Bombay (now Mumbai).

"David Sasson has been described as "the greatest Drugs Kingpin in the history of the world" but official historians do their best to obfuscate his association with the British Monarchy. As with any corrupt organization -money trumps, race, religion, color, or flag.

This is significant, only because Sassoon, acting as one of many agents of the British Monarchy, was a pivotal figure in both the trading regime of the British Raj and British Subjugation of China in the first "Opium War" of 1839-41, but in spite of this, he "does not exist in Encyclopedia Britannica." It points to the many instances of historical distortions on behalf of the powerful Monarchy that controlled The Oxford Press, and many other publications.

"The Opium Wars of 1840-1860 were dark chapters in the history of colonialism, when Britain made war on the Chinese to force them to import thousands of tons of opium, which crippled and impoverished their nation. It's much less well-known that the Opium Wars never really ended. The United States, like China, was too great for the London money lords to occupy directly. One way America is being brought to heel is by the drug trade. Crime and other social problems in the U.S. and Mexico are massively influenced by drugs and drug dealing. Illicit drugs may now account for as much as $1 trillion annually in financing for criminal activity and corruption." -DOPE INC.

Figures such as Sassoon are used by conspiracy theorists to claim that Zionists control the world, while pretending that global Monarchies are innocent bystanders. This is as non sensical as the notion that the former British colony, is the Imperialist nation, or the Catholic church the culprit of all that others did wrong. The individuals, nations, and organizations, may have been involved, but the directors behind the curtains are ultimately to blame.

Albert Pike and Freemasonry


Freemasons Were Another Interesting Import from Britain

Another interesting figure of the time, not mentioned in the text books was the anti-Catholic, Mason, Albert Pike. Pike commanded the "Masonic" organization which are the origins of "Illuminati" theories of covert world manipulation and control. The conspiracy theories of "Illuminati" control being "Zionist" or Catholic, are pure deception. It is a historical fact that they loath Jews, Catholics, and they are about power and money. Certainly greed, and pride, have no flag, religion, or race. The "Zionist" element of the conspiracy theories are false.

Pike reportedly joined the Independent Order of Odd Fellows in 1840 then had in the interim joined a Masonic Lodge and became extremely active in the affairs of the organization, being elected Sovereign Grand Commander of the Scottish Rite's Southern Jurisdiction in 1859. He remained Sovereign Grand Commander for the remainder of his life (a total of thirty-two years), devoting a large amount of his time to developing the rituals of the order. Notably, he published a book called Morals and Dogma of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry in 1871, of which there were several subsequent editions.

The leadership of the Roman Catholic Church has long been an outspoken critic of Freemasonry, first prohibiting Catholics from joining the fraternity in 1738.

Albert Pike has often been named as influential in the early Ku Klux Klan, being named in 1905 as "the chief judicial officer" of the Klan by a sympathetic historian of the early Klan, Walter Fleming.

Pike is still regarded in America as an eminent and influential Freemason, primarily only in the Scottish Rite Southern Jurisdiction.


King Henry's VIII "Church of England", which would become the Anglican church, was brought to America. It would seem the exodus of Pilgrims in search of their faith and freedom, were not able to find their way spiritually. Two centuries later, a 2010 study of North American churches, found the original Protestant church, was replaced with over 35,000 separate, independent or nondenominational churches", according to a Hartford 2012 Study.

Many of new churches are accountable to no one, the reports of the increasing numbers of harmfull cults, are an indication of the dangers of religious organizations lacking structure and accountability. There is a likelihood many aren't really Christian churches. Many have very little connection to the original Lutheran, Calvin, or Anglican teachings. Three centuries after separation, numerous Anglican churches have formerly returned to The Catholic Church by request of the former Anglican parishioners. There are movements in the United Kingdom, such as the The Free Church of England, also seeking to become a part of the Catholic church again. This is what famous contemporary Protestant Convert, Scott Hahn, would term, "Welcome Home".

The truth is, the British Monarchy may have been nobility, but not exactly "noble". As with most propaganda there are elements of truth, with the exact opposite being true. Inbreeding was the norm, and could possibly explain the personal family scandals. At least with the Jewish Holocaust there has been atonement, the same cannot be said of what was done in Asia.

Most cultures have a basic spirituality that believes in atonement, even the theistic God of Pleasure, Buddha has the notion of Karma. The notion of people being cursed for generations for the sins of our forefathers, doesn't seem fair, but it is biblical.

The Bible mentions “generational curses” in several places (Exodus 20:5; 34:7; Numbers 14:18; Deuteronomy 5:9; Leviticus 26:39-42) Original sin, and the Garden of Eden, was about disobedience to God, wanting to be God, and pride. Original sin, is why the future generations of Eve suffer.

Healing of Families



Unlike the Jewish Holocaust, what the British Monarchy did to China, has never been accounted for. Justice and Judgement of the British Monarchy belongs to God. Our problem is that the influence of the Empire, both good and bad, has been huge.

There are many Catholics families that have been involved with Freemason's. My grandfather was offered a chance at the Presidency in South America, with the requirement that he join the "lodge". As a devout Catholic, he refused.

As if the man I most admired in this world was speaking to me from the grave, my dearest friends recently confided that they had Masons in the family, a source of dysfunction, and needed heeling. These are all things I understand very little about, with exception of the anecdotes of my grandfather, and from friends know, that for devout Catholics "Healing of Families" is necessary for welfare of families. When I mentioned that I don't have Freemasons in my family, or sins in need of atonement, they lovingly explained that most people don't know the sins of past generations, and that makes perfect sense to me. We are all sinners. Real Christians know who our real King is, and we know who wins this war. Take care of your families, because nothing is what it seems.

For families, especially those that have a tendency of divorce, addiction, suicide, mental health disorders, etc. it would be very wise to read Healing for Families, and work to stop the cycle of slavery of sin, and the pain that it brings.

God bless.

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