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Long Range Influence - Know How Can Another Person Affect Us From a Distance?


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What is Distant Influence?

Excerpt from William Collinge's book, Subtle Energy.

Another level of energy in a relationship examines how another person can affect us from a distance. Scientists call this "Distant Influence." Or you can say distant mental influence.

These are nonetheless energy level events, even though the other person is outside our energy field and perhaps even many miles away.

In this case, various dimensions of real interaction with the physical dimension of time-space, in which something is felt, and the dimension of the non-native mind, which is not limited by physical laws.

For example, one evening Mark was standing in a long line at the door of the theater when, right in front of the line, about twenty yards away, he noticed a man who was reminded of an old college-time friend from behind. Considering if it could be him, Mark did not lose sight of the human eye.

After a few moments, the man suddenly turned around and looked straight at him. It wasn’t his friend at all, and Mark felt uncomfortable that the stranger felt his intimate gaze. How can this phenomenon be explained? What did the stranger feel and how did he know Mark was looking at him?

"Horror passes through my back at his sight"

When you feel “horrible” from someone’s intimate gaze, you describe very precisely what is actually going on energetically. In Chapter 2, It is mentioned that the eyes radiate. But something more is happening here. That skin feels “shiver” and is the result of stimulation of your autonomic nervous system (the automatically functioning part of the nervous system). This activation is measured by lie detectors that respond to a galvanic skin reaction.

Scientists have long known that we can regulate the activity of the autonomic nervous system, and this is the basis of bioultrasound. Through imagination or other techniques of the mind, we can learn to slow the heart rate, change blood pressure, or reduce muscle tension.

We now know that our autonomic nervous system can actually be affected by other people’s thoughts or intentions, such as attentively like Mark’s gaze. This phenomenon, when another person can influence autonomous activity, is called “Aleo-bioultrasound”.

This was demonstrated by an experiment when researchers placed a volunteer in a quiet room where a video camera was pointed at him. Also, the volunteer was connected to the apparatus that measured the activity of his autonomic nervous system. In the other room, meanwhile, an “observer in the distance” was watching a TV screen that was blank half the time and the camera was showing the volunteer being filmed half the time.

In this situation, the volunteer, with the help of simple senses, of course, could not know when he was being observed. Strangely enough, however, the volunteers ’autonomic nervous system activity was statically much more active when they were monitored than when no one was watching them.

Noro power

Another study looked at whether an observer, instead of just looking intently, could “force the will” or “intent” to steer a volunteer’s galvanic skin reaction in a certain direction. Half the time the observer tried to increase or decrease that reaction, and the other half the time she did nothing. In twelve of the thirteen trials in which influence was used, the level of volunteer autonomic nervous system activity changed significantly in the desired direction.

Such phenomena determine our sensitive reaction to the energies sent to us by others. Many of the experiments conducted in the former Soviet Union have also examined the effects of distance on others, including the question of how focusing on people can affect people’s concentration at a distance.

In one experiment, several people tried to solve mathematical problems, and at the time, without their knowledge, scientists attacked them with a stream of incessant numbers, panicky emotions, and uncertainty, and self-confidence. It turned out that it took much longer than usual to solve those tasks. Other studies have shown that it is possible to slow down a person’s reaction if someone else has accumulated and wants to slow it down.

We can positively influence others as well. Dr. William Braud and Dr. Marilyn Schlitz conducted a startling experiment in this area at the Mind Science Center in San Antonio, Texas. People seated in one room, with positive intentions and strong visualization, 're able to reduce blood pressure and electrodermal (skin permeability) activity in those people sitting in isolation in another room - these changes showed reduced tension and anxiety.

In another attempt, Braud and his colleagues, sixty volunteers, in a row concentrated their mental energy on one person in another room. Each concentration session lasted sixteen minutes. For eight minutes, the volunteers tried to "help" the person in the next room to focus on the candle. For the next eight minutes, the volunteers did not concentrate their thoughts.

People in a separate room didn’t know when others were sending help. As soon as their attention distracted from the candle, they were told to press a button each time. The computer marked when the button was pressed.

The result was unexpected; it turns out, the person was best able to keep the focus on the candle when help was sent to him. Also, those people who had noted that they had difficulty concentrating on life responded more to help than those who were convinced that they were able to concentrate well.

These discoveries testify that our bodies can be affected by other people at a distance. Researchers have concluded that we can participate with others in a field of events that are outside of space, beyond time, and transcends, in our view, the boundaries that exist between people.

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Misbah (author) from The Planet Earth on January 26, 2021:

Gyanendra Mocktan This is true that it happens with a lot of people. It is believed that this happens with only true soul mates, many people also believe when eyes are contacted with each other in any specific way only then this kind of relationship can be made. Which lasts forever as that’s the time when soul meets.

God knows well. But in true there are a lot of people who have such relationships. We the humans are here in the world to discover.

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I'm already under the influence of someone for whom I've been running around However, I've briefed him via email As soon as his new passport arrives from his home country U.K ., my meeting will be thinner and thinner.

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