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List of Saami Deities

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Áfruvvá - Fruvvá is the Mermaid. Only recognized on the Ruija coast in Northern Norway.

Áhcešeatni - One of the first goddesses in Saami mythology is Áhcešeatni (also known as Háhtean). ruler of the seasons of autumn, winter, and darkness. guardian of untamed deer. Goddess of the night. Hunters who prayed to her for success worshipped her in her earliest forms. , Áhcešeatni the mother of the bear clan, was wed to the cosmic bear. She is supposedly wed to the moon in some tales. Sister of the goddess of light Njáveeatni.

Áhkku - (also known as Akka) Wife of the god of justice Deirpmes (Tiermes).

Beiwe - Personification of the sun; also known as Beaivi. Beiwe was seen as either a man or a woman in different eras. When the sun was depicted as a woman, she was associated with the season of summer and the fertility of the country. During the gloomy winter months, she had the capacity to uplift others who were down.

Beaivvi Nieida -The sun maiden, also known as aurinkoneiti. the sun's female representation. In order to welcome back the sun maiden throughout the winter, white reindeer was slain in her honor.

Biegga-almmái, Bieggagállis, Tuulimies - Windman. The wind god. On a mountaintop, Biegga-almmai rituals were carried out.

Boassoáhkká - Goddess of Boassu's protection. guardian of property and food.

Cáhcerávga - known as Vesiraukka)—the drowning person's Malicent spirit.

Cáhceálmmái, áhcolmmái — God of water and fishing.

Cáráhus - Trickster ghost who would play practical jokes on people while they slept.

Deattán - Nightmare. a ghost that would touch a person's chest while they were sleeping. appeared in an animal shape.


G - J

Gieddegeažegálgu - Goddess of witchcraft, shamanism, and ancient knowledge, defender of morality.

Gorremaš, Guoržžu, Kortto, Koranus - Spirit of envy

Gufihtar - Gnome-like beings called Gufihtar dwelt underground. also referred to as maahinen, ganes, or ulda.

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Horagállis - Äijjih (Inari Saami), Dearpmes (Northern Saami), Bájan (Ruija Saami), ddjá, and Hovregállis (southern Saami) are the thunder and lightning gods, as well as the guardians of reindeer.

Jábmiidáhkká - a strong goddess who ruled over the afterlife. The Saami people once had the belief that deceased relatives' spirits may be seen in the northern lights and starry sky. Later, when Christianity had a greater impact on the belief system, the "home of the dead" was transformed into a vast lake buried deep inside the soil.

Jiehtanas - Giant

Juksáhkká - Goddess of the hunt, arrows, and bows; guardian of boys and men; Juksáhkká. It literally means "bow-woman" in her name. Originally a hunting society, Saami culture valued men more than women. A couple would leave Juksáhkká offerings when they wished to have a boy kid. She promised to endow the child with hunting prowess as a blessing.


L- N

Láváráddjá, Láváráhkku — Evil spirit that lives in a rock or a bush.

Leaibealmmái, Leppämies -a hunter's god who resided inside elm trees. The shaman drums were painted with the red pigment that people obtained from alder trees, and hunters' arrows were also dipped in them.

Lihatontta - Zombie-like creature called Lihatontta. A strong shaman resurrected a living corpse as retaliation for them.

Luhtat/Luthakka - Staalo's winter gigantic wife

Mánnu - God of the moon.

Máttaráhkká - The goddess of all life. Sárahkká, Juksáhkká, and Uksákká's mother. Under the kota, house tent, her three girls resided in the earth. Máttaráhkká's daughters are frequently painted to the bottom end of the shaman drums. Máttaráhkká gave the baby a soul while it was still in the womb that she had gotten from the sky deity Radien.

Njávešeatni (Njávežan, Naavisemo) - a primordial deity in Saami mythology. ruler of the daytime, summer, and spring. defender of life. Bug, butterfly, and reindeer goddess. Njáveeatni was the mother goddess of the moose clan and the spouse of the cosmic moose in the earliest layers of mythology. Sister of the goddess of darkness, Áhcešeatni.


R - S

Ráddenáhcci, Radien, Veralden-Radien, Veralden Olmai, Tsorve-Radien (sarvi-Radien), Mailmen Radien, Kierfva-Radien - God of the universe, society, and justice. God of reproduction guardian of the reindeer.

Radienaimo — Radienaimo became an equivalent place of the Christian concept of heaven.

Rotaimo - a location comparable to what Christians think of as hell. The original pagan belief system did not include the concept. Rotaimo was frequently characterized as being a bottomless lake (natural lakes that have a fake bottom and an actual bottom are very common in Lapland).

Rutto, Rohttu - a disease-bringing spirit. frequently manifests as a black cat or rat.

Saivo Niejta - Guardian of the underworld who resides in the waters of the endless lake (also known as Saivoneito).

Sala Nijta - the Sun's daughter. Goddess of spring with the power to remove ice and snow.

Sárahkká - one of the three daughters of Máttarahkká. She was the protector of girls and women and would protect them throughout their lives. Sárahkka´s job was to grow the flesh around the child when they were in the womb. After successful labor, people would sacrifice special porridge to her because she was the goddess of childbirth.


U - V

Seita - a place of worship or an altar outdoors. Typically, seita's are made of stone.

Servge-edni — Goddess of spring.

Skoarru — Spirit of jealousy. Bringer of bad luck.

Skunka - Boogeyman that resides under a rock or behind the oven.

Staalo - Staalo has ancient origins. He was a devilish giant and the embodiment of unknowable evil.

Uksákka - The Door Lady. One of Máttarahkká's three daughters was Uksákka. She shielded the child to prevent them from hurting themselves. She was the goddess of entrances and the protector of the home. She kept an eye on windows and doors for human occupants, and she also served as the gatekeeper for animal habitats such as caves, beehives, and bird nests.

Veaiga - A doppelganger who approaches someone and warns them of impending danger.

Vuovru - Evil Giant.

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