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Life’ Fundamental Journey

There is much more peace and tranquility in the world beyond.

Life’ fundamental journey

Life on earth and beyond

Life on earth and beyond

Life’ fundamental journey

Fundamentally, our soul has an intense power. It has its innate strength abound with unimaginable energy in abundance. We fail to understand its real potential and hence we fail to use its ability to the utmost. Our path is strayed, our vision diverted, our views are abstracted and our strength lacks verve. We are lethargic and sluggish in our dealing with our life. Our minds and thoughts are diverted towards earthly matters. We are drenched in temptations of worldly activities of substandard quality, making our existence insignificant and worthless.

Thus, we remain in the confines of our body with five sense organs to realize the needs, nothing but foolish! We are like birds born in a cage, deprived of proper sense to understand the purpose of our birth, so to say, we fail to recognize our original divine nature, and its attributes. Our delusions and misapprehensions resist all reasons. Whatever it may be, the erroneous perception of reality brings its own fatality with it. It imparts a deceptive impression of reality, an illusion of plenty. We fail to understand the true value and uniqueness of our powerful spirit and soul. Obsession, infatuation, and crazes glide us towards outward pleasures of a superficial kind while the whole nature keeps warning, not to indulge in fanciful, outlandish thoughts of the mortal world to imagine the impossible.

It is our aim to get the subjective experience of awareness, a mental occurrence to feel the most mysterious aspect of our lives. Activating the pineal gland and lifting it from remaining in a dormant state in the human body, helps in raising the consciousness of the emotional state into absolute awareness. When we bring our sense organs under our control, our mental energy gets activated to help realize spiritual awakening for self-realization. Success in any field is aligned with our inner self that needs to be activated before anything else. Here, the eternal truth, the Self, has a classic indication. This term Spirit is given for the purpose of contemplating its existence in the cave of our heart. It has got its philosophical implication. The infinite, and Eternal consciousness of the Self exists in each individual.

We have no control over any matter or object that we see. The entire humanity is situated at the heart of despair. The prevailing scenario of social and political aspects of the world is packed with various natural disasters, filled with anguish, anxiety, pain, and misery.

We are no longer in the possession of that superpower of ours, our own hidden power within us, the power of concentration, our ability to exercise control over our mind, our great potential to influence and control our thoughts, our capacity, and energy to effectively use our mind creatively to influence naturally occurring incidences, the power of Yagis. Yes, we have lost them and now we are complete strangers to it. Why?

We were supposed to have what we were born with, the pure soul. We suddenly got completely involved and absorbed in our mortal affairs and our extreme association and attachment of body-consciousness. We have got totally drenched in our lust for earthly issues which literally are of no significance.

We still can set off on an amazing journey where we can discover our own superpower hidden within us, extreme power of us, the power to control our own mind, thought process to gain supremacy to achieve something extraordinary, the strength and force so naturally existed but unknown to us as of the date.

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We have not yet lost our value, to gain our originality, of purity. It is not a lost battle or we have not lost it forever from our system. We have the opportunity to regain it. Rejecting it without exploring or experimenting will be a total misfortune. It takes time, though, to react and show the effect. In case we have the utmost urge to come out of the ignorant, to create that awareness, to connect our soul to the Absolute- the Supreme Soul, the Spirit, to understand our individuality, to read our own soul, and to understand the essence that it is pure, eternal, unchanging, we must take this step to come out from hanging around our body-affairs. Certainly, it is too difficult a proposition as it may seem. But once we get the taste of this soul-conscious life, being too far enchanting, we will have no chance to go back to the unreal body-conscious life.

There is much more peace and tranquility in the world beyond.

Samādhi is VidehaMukti, is the complete absorption of the individual self-consciousness, at the time of death, usually referred to as Mahasamādhi. It is at this time that the soul knows a complete and unbroken divine union, and he is set free from any restrictions or constraints of the body, to merge easily into the personal boundaries of self.

This offers initiation into an extremely trying initial experience to test one to the utmost. The physical, mental, and spiritual experiences constitute our entire existence on earth. That long life between birth and death is an interval to perform good deeds. Giving valuable help and assistance to others in times of difficulty in material form and facilitating the process by sharing our knowledge are some productive ways of leading a decent time on earth.

The soul is integral to life itself. The human soul, the essence of the human body continues an incisive search for spiritual enlightenment of purity as well as physical needs and cravings in this material world of worldly attributes. He too tries to explore in his quest to discover the presence of God somewhere. As his search continues, he seeks out the state of consciousness with consistent hunt and practice dedicated with purposeful aim. Interestingly, it is associated with his will as well as honest, moral, and spiritual actions that can stand for the full range of desires, needs, thoughts, feelings, memory as well as consciousness.

Nature at times puts a person in a state of distress and affliction and occasionally into the physical and mental unrest of severe pain and disease only to indicate that there is more powerful and superiors in nature to control human being and he should willingly surrender to natural occurrences unconditionally to take up the path of spiritual enlightenment causing a person to lead a new life of peace and tranquility.

Nevertheless, almost nothing and no one can ever deprive us of regaining our origin, ancestry, and our inner strength. No one has the right to obliterate the mysterious remembrance of our inheritance of the original divine soul. Our soul has a mysterious force of inexplicable power. Beyond the earth’s surface in the realm of supernatural abode exists the truth where nothing is impossible. Hence, the clear voice from the sky above repeatedly warns and directs us; “Why are you making a fool of yourself? Don’t get enticed and beguiled by worldly pleasures. Take the righteous path to lead a virtuous life.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2021 Shyam Gokarn

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