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Life Lessons I Learned in School

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We all spent years in school. Being a student is fun yet stressful. School is not just about learning subjects nor preparing for future careers, it also affect our skills, personality and overall view of life.

Here are the life lessons I learned in school

1.) Grades are just numbers

Obviously having higher grades means more opportunities and advantages in career and in life. I was quite obsessed with grades. I was a traditional student who was punctual at passing every requirements, following all schools rules and even joining extra curricular activities. When I was in college, I realized grades does not measure intelligence but it measures perseverance and dedication. Do not let your grades define you for who you are. Whether you had high or low grades in school, what’s more important is your will to succeed.

2.) Health is wealth

If you’re hungry, eat. If you are tired, sleep. If you are stressed, take a break. We were all guilty of neglecting out health just to finish requirements. It is important to listen to our bodies and stop those bad health habits. We only have one body that we must take care of.

3.) Be Punctual

Punctuality is being on time. It is a great habit everyone should possess. It shows professionalism and dependability. Being punctual leads to productivity in school, in work, even in life and relationships.

4.) Be productive

Procrastination is the habit of delaying things. It is tempting but we should challenge ourselves to be productive. At a young age, I learned to make schedule for work and leisure and up until now I still have routines. Now during this pandemic where everyday rest is tempting but schedules helps me be on track.

5.) Stay away from bad influence

School made me more vigilant. I met different types of people and heard various stories ranging from romantic, dramatic, horror, cautionary. We will encounter people which will be either a good or bad influence to us. We all made bad choices but as we age, we became more mature to understand things and make good decisions.

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6.) Always trust your instinct


7.) Be realistic

A student dream grand but not all dreams come true. When we were younger, we all believe everything will happen according to our plan. Well sorry to say but it’s not. Idealistic expectations will lead to anger, sadness and frustrations. No one became successful overnight. Keep trying and remember life is long road and do not be afraid to rest and try another paths.

8.) Be independent

School taught me to do things by myself. Activities can be done either by group or individually. Being independent does not necessarily mean being alone but it means being capable of doing things with/without the help of others. It gives us sense of confidence and happiness that we made things all by ourselves.

9.) Be yourself

The best thing in life is being yourself. Accept your strength and weakness and embrace your flaws and imperfections. Sometimes being yourself is hard because of the fear of rejection. You may lie to people but never yourself. To live is free so is being yourself.

10.) Choose what makes you happy

Some choose their dream degree, some were forced, some quit school and pursue their dream profession while some chose their passion rather than their college course. People’s judgement are always present no matter what you did nor what you choose. Success means choosing a job where you can earn and learn at the same time. There are many doors to open, never let society dictate you to open only one. Choose the doors which will make you happy.

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