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"Let's Go to the Sea"

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"Let's go to the sea"


"Let's go to the sea"

We always say "let's go to the sea" when stressed. We find peace and we tend to forget our problems and divert ourselves from negativity, it has also a very nice view kinda healing view. It must be the magic of nature but actually it was more than that.

• By the sea, we are enough. By looking at the width of the sea, you'll forget that you have standards to meet. That for once, you don't need to be a perfect student, daughter, son, employee, mother, lover or whatever the world demands. There's no need to compete because we already accepted that the sea is greater than us. That what we have is our bare existence which is enough.
• By the sea, we are humbled. Humility is not thinking less of ourselves but thinking of ourselves less. Here, we are reminded that we are not the center of everyone's attention. That our actions, no matter how perfect or not, regardless of the weight we give to it will not change the sea as it is or the world for that matter.
• By the sea, we are at peace. Maybe being at peace means knowing that there is something greater than us. It is an art of surrendering and acknowledging that we do not have absolute control.

"Let's go to the sea" is a call for a journey to our inner selves. Not to escape, but to remember. He invites us to be by the sea. He is there. He is God who makes us enough, humble and at peace.

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