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Lesson Plan in English VI-Finding the Main Idea (Explicit or Implied)

A teacher teaching the explicit and implicit main ideas


I. Objectives

a. Tell the big idea/key concept implied in each paragraph of the selection read

b. Write the main idea of a paragraph read that is explicit or implied

c. Keep oneself healthy

II. Subject Matter

A. Focus Skill

Telling the Big Idea/Key Concept

B. Materials

Activity cards, charts, pictures, photocopy of the story

C. Reference

* PELC III.4.1

* Lesson Guide in English 6, p. 294- 300

* Enriching Reading Skills 6, p. 93-94

* Reading Power Work text 6, p. 126-127

D. Value Focus: Keeping Fit

III. Instructional Strategies

A. Preparatory Activities

1. Review/Drill

Read each sentence carefully. Then encircle the word or phrase that helps you understand the meaning of the underlined word.

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1. Writing quickly, I scribbled a note and left it on the kitchen table.

2. Food is one requisite for life and air is another requirement.

3. He added the invaluable painting to his collection of priceless works of art.

4. No expedition has thrilled so many people as the journey to the moon.

5. They labored long and hard, often working twelve hours a day.

2. Motivation

Show pictures of two different families. Ask: To what kind of family do you belong? How do you maintain harmony and happiness in your family.

3. Unlocking of Difficulties

Use the key to break the code. Write the words on the blanks provided. The definition of each word is shown as a clue.



26 25 24 23 22 21 20 19 18 17 16 15 14


13 12 11 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1

_______1.26-8-8-2-14-25-15-22 - to put together

_______2. 20-22-13-22-9-26-7-12-9 - a machine which produces electricity

_______3. 8-18-20-19-7 - something worth seeing

_______4. 21-18-7-7-22-8-7 - in the best of health

_______5. 6-13-19-22-26-15-7-19-2 - out of shape

B. Development of Lesson

1. Setting the standard in reading the story silently.

2. Motive question: How did the family combine fun and exercise?

3. Reading of the selection

-Answering the motive question

4. Comprehension check-up

A. Call on the pupils to answer the questions:

a. What activity do people find more fun than exercise?

b. Why do we have to exercise?

c. Can you also combine fun and exercise like what the family did in the selection? How?

d. Do you agree that it is better to exercise in group rather than just by yourself? Why?

B. Work with your partner and analyze each paragraph in the selection. Answer the questions that follow by writing your answer on the word web provided.

a. Examine each paragraph. Write the sentence which you think tells about the paragraph.

b. Do all the paragraphs have the topic sentence that tells the whole message of the writer?

c. What is the big idea behind the whole paragraph?

5. Generalization

How do we tell the main idea or key concept of a paragraph?

A. Post –Activity

1. Application

Group Activity: Provide activity sheets for each group containing passages/selections. Let them write the main idea found in each paragraph.

2. Enrichment

Let the pupils write a BIO-POEM that is to be shared to the class. Then they will tell what their poem is all about.


My name is____________________

My hobby is ___________________

I do it ________________________

In the _________________________

It makes me ____________________.

3. Values Integration

How can we keep ourselves healthy?

IV. Evaluation

Read and understand each paragraph. Tell its main idea/key concept by choosing the letter of the correct answer.

1. Studying your lessons everyday is a good habit. This helps you get good grade. You also gain the admiration of your classmates when you get high test result. Developing good study habits is quite easy if you do it regularly.

a. You have to develop good study habit.

b. Studying lessons everyday is a good habit.

c. Test results are often high if you have good study habit.

2. Preparing lesson plans for four or more subjects is quite a task for the teacher. But they have to do it so they will be guided in their teaching. They serve as the teacher’s bible so they are focused on the specific lessons which have to be imparted to the students.

a. Teachers find it hard to prepare lesson plan.

b. Lesson plans are the teacher’s bible.

c. Lesson planning is one of the tasks of teacher.

3. When looking for the main idea, all you have to do is find the most important concept that you tells you what the paragraph is all about. The main idea can either be explicit or implied. When the main idea is found in the paragraph itself, it is explicit. It is implied when you have to read between the.

a. It is relatively easy to find the main idea of a paragraph.

b. A main idea can either be explicit or implied, just read between the lines.

c. Giving the main idea involves finding the key concept which can either be explicit or implied.

4. Bullying is one of the most common reasons why some students fear going to school. No one deserves to be bullied. Students go to school to study, not to be hurt emotionally or physically by a classmate. Bullies have to be reported to the teacher or school authorities.

a. No one deserves to the bullied.

b. Bullying is one of the most common reason s why students fear school.

c. Bullies have to be reported to school authorities.

5. There are almost always alternative medicines for every disease. It is a person’s prerogative if he or she will use them. Modern medicine is a good choice too. The thing is, one has to be careful when choosing what type of medicine to use. Their safety should be given utmost consideration.

a. It is a person’s prerogative to use either alternative or modern medicine.

b. The safety of any medicine should be given the utmost consideration.

c. Alternative medicine is better than modern medicine.

V. Assignment

Copy a five-paragraph selection from any reading material. Write the main idea below each paragraph.

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