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Logical Domination And Creative Submission?

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A creative writer always speaks and writes about the freedom of creative people. Here's my attempt to highlight the value of creative people


Sometimes I get nightmares of highly scientific people solving terrific
equations, having their left brain as big as melon and right brain having a size of a lemon.
As if the right brain is just a piece of shit attached by the side of a left brain.
In this society of logical domination and creative submission, creative people are considered brainless.

The Logical World of the Left-Brainers

Imagine if the world continues to be under logical domination!
After a few years, only the larger melon-sized left brain will be covered with the helmet while riding a bike. Nobody will give a fuck about the right brain.
People will forget that it even exists. They will search for the foods only to enhance logical thinking and operations.
Keywords will be "Logical, Mathematics, Equations and so on". If you ever make use of " Heart, Emotions, Creativity and so on"
your website will be the one with the lowest traffic, likes, shares, views, and comments. Your Business will go flop.
I hope that we don't get to live in such a crazy world full of logical, mechanical, and monotonous robots ever.

A Doctor Holding the Left and the Right Brain.

A Doctor Holding the Left and the Right Brain.

Disadvantages of the Left-Brainers

There are a few Disadvantages of the left-brain-centered dorks. I would like to address a couple of them, here:

1. They are too much into the number game

Such people relate everything in terms of numbers.
Due to which they count the moments in life and fail to experience life in each moment.

2. They blame that the right-brainers are not punctual

One of my favorite quotes made by me is " Punctuality sucks when the chattering mind makes more noise than the ticking clock". It makes no sense to blame the heart for not being Punctual. It's your chattering mind.

When I say something against the number game that doesn't mean you should not be punctual or never make use of a clock.

All I wanna say is that you must allow yourself to express your creative freedom sprouting out from the right brain. And it should be boundless of any logical overdose. So, don't let your arse stick to the logical constraints like a stubborn stink.

Origin of Left-Brain-Centered-Society

The foundation of this nasty infection starts from our childhood right at our homes,
schools, and yes the "coaching classes" too. The brainless fools ( brainless fools - creative heads) carry seeds of creative freedom to sow them in the land of imagination.

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The dream of this magical land is sabotaged by the logical heads as
they snatch those seeds from the hands of these fools and crush them.
That's when the children begin to look at everything quite logically. They repress their creativity to get severely indulged in curricular activities. That's what the school and most of society expect and accept.

Logical Heads

Logical Heads

An Example of Left-Brainer Domination

Once I heard a conversation between a boy and his relative. At some event, he met his uncle after a long while. The typical first question asked by the well-educated, highly prestigious, and left-brained centered narcissist to the boy was, "what do you do?"
Anxious about the logical world, the boy replied: "I Dance."
His Uncle said, "That's good, but what is the main thing you do? I m asking about the career."

Now the boy was already going through an identity crisis and hadn't learned by then how not to give a damn about society and follow his passion. He trembled as he replied again. He said, "that's the career, I Dance."

Then after that, the uncle had a long conversation with the boy. I left the scenario but I can certainly imagine what's the uncle's huge essay to the boy was about. About how it's difficult to survive as an Artist, fear of getting broke, how to fit into the logical world, how to get employed at a decent job and let the horrible bosses lick his ass without a complaint, how dancing isn't his purpose and he should shake his arse only to entertain his twisted peeps at the family functions and blah blah blah!

What the hell is wrong with you Uncle?
I had a nightmare that night, where I saw the same uncle stripping, pole dancing, twerking, and spanking his bottom at the same event.
So my point is that the world-famous dancers/ choreographers made great careers and this son of a logical head is considering this kinda careers very inferior.

Both Brains are Equally Important for any Nation's Progress

Both Brains are Equally Important for any Nation's Progress

The Ultimate Balance

Folks, I ain't against the left-brainers. A joint venture of Logically intelligent people
and Creative Artists can do wonders for Mankind.
We have evidence from the Renaissance period where both brainers made an equal contribution to mankind.

Scientists like Nicolaus Copernicus, Galileo Galilei, Johannes Kepler, and more, and the Artists like Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Raphael, and more have made a tremendous contribution in shaping humanity.
The great men like Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo were the all-rounders who made use of both brains very efficiently.

Ultimately there's a need for a balance. Neuroscience has already shown that everybody makes use of both sides of the brain when performing any task. Also, Einstein has said: The greatest scientists are artists as well.
For the perfect balance in society, both logic and creativity must be equally rewarded without any prejudices.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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