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Learning from the Perspectives of Parents who Have Children with Special Education Needs

Every experience is a lesson in life that we need to remember.

Every experience is a lesson in life that we need to remember.

Becoming a parent is considered as a step in one's life and a transitional stage involving growth and change. This means that one is bound by certain obligations, such as caring for the child and ensuring that the needs of the child are adequately met. Likewise, this comes with obligations such as the duty to make the required decisions to make sure that the child's well-being is ensured. On the other side, most parents do not realize that their child has a disability until the child is born. It has been stated that the perspective of parents is impaired when they learn that their child has a disability.

All children need love, motivation and guidance. For children with disabilities, such positive reinforcement will help ensure that they emerge with a good sense of self-esteem, trust, and willingness to keep going even though things are difficult. They are making them realize like they are not alone, and someone's able to show how much they love them. They are the ones who are able to risk everything because, in the very first place, they accept that they really are part of their lives. They are the parents of children with disabilities.

The term disability refers to a diverse group of persons representing a wide variety of conditions and experiences, with people with disabilities frequently facing common obstacles to full participation in social services and organizations, including child care. Parenting children with disabilities needs a high level of awareness and access to information, resources and services.

Parents of children with disabilities have had a variety of stress experiences. However, they have recounted the importance of their coping mechanisms, including their spiritual values, encouragement and optimism in raising their children with disabilities. There are schools provide support groups for parents and facilitated by the staff of the school. They need to know like they are not alone.

Keeping a child with disabilities at home creates many challenges and tensions for all members of the family to varying degrees. Parents of children with disabilities have had difficulties in caring for their children, both socially, culturally and financially, particularly in the country's current health situation. The educational system is affected by this pandemic. This gives rise to a new normal system of education in the world.

Department of Education (DepEd) performs a report on the preferred learning modality for parents of learners with special education needs (LSEN). Based on the results, most parents chose modular distance learning approaches. The schools have the written modules of the learners in this way. These modules shall be distributed to the parents on a specified schedule. During the distribution process, parents are instructed to strictly follow the health and safety guidelines of COVID-19. After a week, parents are expected to return the modules to the school; the parents are given another collection of modules.

The new normal education system is a challenge for parents, particularly those who have learners with special education needs. There are several occasions in which they face difficulties in inspiring and persuading their children to focus on the given tasks of the week. In reality, parents ought to contact their teachers to motivate them to focus on the tasks assigned to them. Others want to see their friends and their teachers. There are situations that are not feasible due to the COVID-19 crisis. With these experience, they also ask the teachers to make a routine call or video call to ensure that their children go to work on their tasks.

Parents play a major role in the study of their children in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic. Typically, they act as facilitators of learning. They are supposed to be teachers of their own children at home. They are responsible for illustrating the content of the lessons, overseeing the activities of their children and tracking their success in every field of learning. These are some of the new roles that parents assume in a new normal. However, these tasks are very difficult to fulfill, particularly for children with special educational needs. As a matter of fact, parents need to be driven by how to do these things with their children. Indeed, the new normal education system is not intended for parents who lack the desire and ability to educate their own children. But parents cannot be prevented from offering what is best for their children. In reality, they are using all their resources to meet the demands of the COVID-19 pandemic in the new normal education system. Parents never quit finding answers to these problems to help their children learn lessons.