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Best Reading Technique-Accelerated Reader/Reading (AR) or Books.

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Jyoti was a PTA member or rather a counselor and put forth ideas of teaching students in some beneficial ways or applying different methods.

Books and Accelerated Reading with quizzes on Computers


Should Home Schooling adapt Accelerated Reading

  • Reading the books aloud by the child student and at the same time, mentoring of the parent teacher, can definitely help to improve the child’s diction. It also helps in proper pronunciation as well as proper construction of sentences with correct grammar. This type of use of Books in Homeschooling helps the student child to understand the concept and makes him/her easy to understand the subject. Since, a child starts talking, he is very curious about various things, always eager to ask questions. Hence, the child student, too learns best under discussions because questions and their clarifications can be answered in a particular discussion and a particular topic. Parent teachers must conduct reading sessions every day in Homeschooling for their child students progress in studies. After which they can conduct discussion sessions. Books may be considered as an interactive resource as the subject contained in the books can always be discussed during lessons. Questions, Discussion, Analysis, Conclusions all help to gain insights on various subjects. For instance, a casual reading, on subjects like Drama and Literature, where plays are enacted, enable learning to be a fun and at the same time, a less stressful act. No doubt, Books definitely can increase a student child’s knowledge as it has numerous factual information that he/she can achieve from it.
  • In this, modern age, the computer has proved a boon to the society. The use of computers has helped to improve and transform not only formal education but also learning on different levels of life and thus considered as the best thing, that has helped take learning to the top level. In homeschooling setup, Computer based learning can be one of the effective method. But lack of personal attention, mentoring and support, for a computer based home school setup can be a major downside. Some students perform better, under the supervision of a parent or a tutor. The internet is considered as an information infrastructure where any subject data is widely spread and updated on a regular basis. Computers have vast information available to use according to requirements of the parent teacher and also the child student. Various audio video resources add to the accessibility. Games are an important part of every child, but computers must also be utilized for learning. Computer games are not bad for your children especially if these games are integrated with knowledge oriented features that makes learning both fun, interesting and interactive. Computers and the internet has truly experienced a profound revolution, in the education area. Books have static information, but the information in Computers is all time updated. Younger generation are very much drawn to electronic gadgets and learn the medium at a pretty faster pace.Thus, allowing computers to boost their education life. If you opt books or computers or both for your child’s homeschooling education, is all your choice. What is important is how the subject or the information gathering should be done effectively and the base of interest on the part of child student.
  • An Accelerated Reader or Reading, can prove effective in homeschooling. There are reading incentives or
    points giving websites like:
    Book Adventure
    Reading Rewards
    Quiz Wik
    These websites give confidence in the student and a liking towards reading.
    A trademark program, an Accelerated Reader (AR), where students are awarded with points for reading
    a book and scoring well on a quiz that book. Parents can purchase quizzes and check their child student AR.
    Now, is AR really worth?
    Is AR a requirement?
    Are the reading logs in AR useful?
    Do AR points inspire children to develop a liking towards reading?All such questions arise in the mind of concerned parents who are really worried about their child-student, diction, grammar, linguistic and reading skills in common.
    Homeschooling for parent student:
    Being a responsible parent is very much on every parents mind these days, especially, related to education. Thus, a
    parent is also a student who should find helpful tips from websites, articles, television shows and videos, books and
    computers, which aim to alert parents to potential dangers their children may face and also enhance their
    homeschooling skills.
    The concerned parent always wonders, But, what is my kid reading?
    But some parents also adopt an attitude, 'At least my child is reading! '
    Responsible parent teacher needs to ask themselves: But do I really want them reading that yet? For example, Is it appropriate for 8 year old to read what an Adult child reads?
    The fastest growing market in publishing is the Adult/Young book market! As children grow older, their reading skills improve and of course, if a vast world of books is available to them. This, of course, isn't a nasty thing.
    But, unfortunately, this is not the case, always, as a child’s imagination depending on their age is far more vibrant and an unseen, unclear line crosses between what is real and imagination. They are more effected by what they read and
    emulate, the book characters in real life– both in their behavior and their attitude. So, monitoring what video games
    he/she plays and what your child watches on television or websites he/she visits, is wholly up to you to make sure that
    they are too young or they aren’t ready. Makes you wish you had an additional set of eyes, right?

Convenient use of Computer by Parent-teacher and child-student.


Advantages and Disadvantages of Accelerated readings.

Advantages of Accelerated readings (AR) :-

1) Helps teachers to monitor their students readings.

2) Children can become better readers.

3) Quizzes and tests helps children to be competitive and active.

4) Concentration is improved.

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Disadvantages of Accelerated readings (AR) :-

1) Only 7 to 9 grades are required to do this reading. This specific grades make the students loose interest in reading or dislike the reading.

2) Quizzes and tests increase anxiety in students.

3) Diction cannot be improved.

4) It's boring and thus children loose interest easily.

Accelerated Reading - A trademarked reading program.

Parent teacher mentoring in homeschooling.

Accelerated Reading Importance.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2021 Jyoti

Better options for Reading: Books or Accelerated Reader/Reading?

Jyoti (author) from India on August 20, 2021:

Accelerated Reading is a technique where quizzes and their results effects the child, as Competition exits. Instead, some changes should be made taking this point of view.

Also, all grades from 1 to 9 should participate. It should not be limited to 7 to 9 grades.

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